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9 Skillshare Alternatives For Learning New Skills | 2024

Skillshare, the online learning platform for creators is growing rapidly and has developed thousands of classes in technology, design, and business which are top-notch. They are serving more than 12 million students with the utmost benefits. 

More than 8000 teachers can assist you with this renowned online learning platform. You can trust skillshare easily as it serves users with more knowledgeable, organized, and professional presentations.

So, is skillshare appropriate and worthy for everyone? Not for everyone, I think. Then, skillshare alternatives are needed to know as they can also serve you effectively.  And today I am going to explain some of the best skillshare alternatives which will direct you to choose the best-suited one.

What is skillshare 

A decade has passed successfully after launching skillshare in 2010 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong. This is a famous online learning platform which is offering 35000+ classes to users and they have a wide number of learners throughout the world.

The idea behind skillshare is to teach its members thousands of new useful skills that can be implemented in real life: you can learn photo and video editing, foreign languages, or take a tea brewing class, – all from the comfort of your home.

Pros of skillshare 

  • Over 30,000 courses
  • One month of the free trial
  • By referring your friend, you can enjoy one month of additional free trials. 
  • More than 2,145 free classes are available
  • Wide variety of course topics 
  • Their learning method is Project-based learning
  • Affordable surely 
  • Discounts are offered by them very often 
  • highly engaged community

Cons of it:

  • Only available in English 
  • Only annual fee systems are available
  • Less academic subjects are included 
  • College degree programs are not available 

Skillshare fees and pricing

Getting a free trial and testing an online learning platform is one of the most effective ways for a student to choose the best one for him. 

Almost all the students like this way because they especially look for the best value for money learning medium. Free trials help them to justify skillshare and therefore pick them over any e-learning platform.

After getting one month of free trials, you then need to pay them if you wanna get lessons from them. Their plans are-

  • Monthly subscription: Need $32 for a month
  • Annual subscription: total needs $168, and monthly $14 which is more than 50% off of a month in comparison to the monthly subscription.  

Why Do You Need a Skillshare Alternative?

So, it is a big question, why does anyone need to regard skillshare alternatives? Okay, the competition in the online learning platform is massive and increasing day by day. They are trying to offer even better facilities for users. 

As well as a platform can’t satisfy all kinds of students. So, it is essential to know all the other platforms for nominating a better one as your companion.

Their courses are short

Their classes are 20-60 minutes on average and they are pre-recorded. Also, classes are broken into short segments. This is a huge bonus for many students. But anyone who wants to learn skills deeply, may not prefer crash courses. 

It can be a big consideration for a student. Sometimes courses feel a bit too short for him. I wish their courses were longer enough as needed.

The quality can vary

Many of their courses are so tremendous and decent enough, as well as some of their courses need to improve as they are not well arranged and not good at all. 

Courses’ qualities vary largely here. But reviews of the courses are demonstrated by the skillshare authority therefore it can be a way to pick the best-reviewed and top courses from them.

No certification

It is one of their major drawbacks. People normally seek a certificate for their future betterment. Hence, skillshare is standing behind others.

Best Skillshare Alternatives:

1. LinkedIn Learning

One of the biggest online learning platforms, commonly known as Lynda, started its journey in 1995 in America. 

LinkedIn is established to aim at students who are looking to improve their skills and serve them with a big amount of courses. They are now offering more than 14000 courses in 30+ categories with 30 days of free trials. About 27 million people are using them throughout the world and getting help. 

Giving certificates after ending the courses, an enormous amount of courses, free trials, better teaching methods, and instructors make this open-source platform considerable to the users.

LinkedIn Learning fees and pricing

Two types of plans they have-

  • Monthly subscription: cost $29.99 per month 
  • Annual: costs $19.99 per month.

With one month of free trials. Selecting the annual option is better as it costs almost half in comparison to the monthly subscription. 

Best forProfessionals
PayMonthly subscription

2. Udemy

Skillshare operates its teaching through only English, while Udemy teaches its courses in over 65 languages. This online learning platform was introduced just a year before skillshare was invented and now they have more than 50 million users family around the world.

If a student is thinking of getting a wide variety of courses at an affordable price, Udemy seems to be perfect for him. They are sharing knowledge through 204000+ courses in 12 categories and are famous for their low-price range. This all-rounder knowledge provider supports students in both personal and professional development.

Udemy fees and pricing

Here students can get both free and paid courses. But this is settled by the course instructors. They can conduct their courses free of cost or can set a price for them, totally depends on them.

  • Individual course: pricing between $11.99 to $199.99 
  • Personal plan:  $26.99 per month which provides unlimited access to more than 6000 of their famous courses.
Free coursesMore than 500. 
Best forPeople who are looking for an extensive course
Udemy global community Sep 2022
Udemy global community Sep 2022 (Photo Credit: Udemy)

3. CreativeLive

Practically similar to skillshare, Creativelive is an American-based online teaching platform that is focused on supporting creative professionals. More than 10 million users are taking their lessons around the world from 7000+ qualified instructors. 

people who are looking to enhance their skills in the sector of photography, videography, self-improvement, design, business, craft & maker, and so on, Creativelive is for them. Students are getting High-quality content and practical courses through it and they are even better than skillshare in many cases.

CreativeLive fees and pricing

Some of the courses on Creativelive are offered free of cost in some cases. Their paid plans are-

  • Monthly creator pass subscription: requires $39 monthly. 
  • Annual creator pass subscription: total cost of $149 (monthly $12.42)
  • Individual courses: ranging between $29 to $199. 
Best forCreative People
PayVaries for courses

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4. Edx

If you desire to take lessons from well-renowned and respectable institutions, Edx can offer you this possibility and it’s a good medium to start your journey. This is a different type of online learning media which are providing high-quality content and some free courses. 

In 2012, Edx was founded in the collaboration with MIT and Harvard aiming to increase education for everyone and everywhere. Now they are sharing partnerships with so many famous universities and institutions like Havard, MIT, Berkeley, Microsoft, Google, and so on. 

More than 3500 courses across 30 topics are served by Edx in 11 different languages. You can audit their content and get lessons also for free without certification.

Edx fees and pricing 

Paid courses are expensive, but most of the courses are free in edX. Certificates are provided for paid courses. Their plans- 

  • Individual courses: Start from $50
  • For groups: yearly need $349
Free coursesMost of the courses
Best forManagement and Computer science students 
PayFree and vary for courses

5. Alison

Thinking of a skillshare alternative that delivers you free courses as well as certificates? Alison is the name here. This Irish online education platform has been successfully teaching its courses since 2007. 

More than 25 million people are getting lessons from Alison in the section of languages, business, IT, sales & marketing, management, personal development, and so on. 

Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online (Alison) was introduced on 21 April 2007 in Galway, Ireland. They are offering 4000+ courses and giving a certificate in free courses makes them remarkable and outstanding among others.

Alison fees and pricing

Alison is completely free. Just enjoy all their courses free of cost. 

Free coursesAll 
Alison Free Diploma and Certificate ( Free Online courses with Free Certificate )

6. Udacity

Which skillshare alternative is for tech enthusiasts? It is Udacity I want to say. If you wanna learn about web development, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cyber security, science, programming, and cloud computing you can select Udacity as your best partner.

Sharing cooperations with so many big titles like Intel, Google, Microsoft AWS, and so on, Udacity is delivering tech enthusiasts very very beneficial courses. They are serving you as today’s most alarming topics and can make you a prominent technician. 

Udacity fees and pricing 

They are expensive in comparison to some cases though their courses are top-notch. Udacity offers 2 days refund policy to users also. Their plans-

  • Nano degree cost: $399 per month. 
  • Four-month course cost $1356. 
Free courses200+
Best forTech learners especially 
PayPer course

7. Skillsoft

Since 1998, Skillsoft has supported thousands of students through soft skill knowledge providing. Good learning experience, quality content, practical knowledge, and so on are good features students are getting from Skillsoft.

Students who are seeking to gather soft skills can choose this platform. And here they also provide leadership, business, management, etc knowledge to users. You can take their free trial and then if you are satisfied with them, you need to pay to get a complete education.

Skillsoft fees and pricing 

  • 30 days free trials available. 
  • Need not spend anything on entry-level courses. 
  • Paid courses range from $10 to $2500 depending on course quality.
Free coursesNo free course
Best foracquiring soft skills

8. Masterclass

Wondering if you are getting your lessons from your favorite celebrities or favorite faces? It is possible if you choose masterclass as your companion of learning. David Roger founded masterclass in 2014.

This is one of the most innovative e-learning platforms which offers high-quality video classes in different categories and most of the courses are detailed and well-organized. Now, this medium provides about 2500 videos in 11 disciplines.

Through masterclass, you can take photography lessons from Annie Leibovitz, take acting skills from Natalie Portman, learn tennis from Serena Williams, and so on. Those VIP instructors can provide you with your life-changing top-class content.  

Masterclass fees and pricing 

Three types of annually billed membership are offered by the time-

  • Individual: $180 for a year ($15 per month on average)
  • No offline viewing
  • Watch only one device at a time
  • Duo: yearly $240 ($20 per month)
  • Offline viewing
  • 2 devices at a time
  • Family: one year cost of $276 (average $23 per month)
  • Up to six devices 
Free coursesNo free courses 
Best forPeople who aim for practical knowledge
PaySubscription, annually
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans (Photo Source: Masterclass)

9. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a tech-based famous online learning platform that was established aiming at creative people. Similar to Udacity and other technology-oriented virtual teaching providers, they are mainly operating their courses for tech enthusiasts. 

More than 7000 courses across 1500 subjects are conducted by Pluralsight with some of the many famous courses. You can get complete IT-related knowledge if you join them. And you can get free access for some days here.

Pluralsight Skills fee and pricing

  • Individual plan: $105/year for the Standard package and $159/year for the Premium package.
  • Business plan: Monthly requires $33.25 to $64.91
  • Flow: $38 and $50 are needed for a month.
Free courseNo free course
Best forIT professionals
pluralsight alternatives_Pluralsight Pricing & Features 
Pluralsight Pricing_Photo Credit: Pluralsight

Final Words

Though skillshare is prominent, they have some limitations and can’t serve you full of satisfaction all day.

Peeking for better options in all cases of life is better and trying to determine the best one is a wise decision. So why don’t you pursue promising options for learning purposes? Check all the skillshare alternatives properly, hence you can get the best one for you.

I hope this article will help you to find the best Skillshare Substitute, You may also want to take a look at my best Coursera alternatives and Masterclass Alternatives list.

If you liked this article please comment and let me know, Or if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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