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7 Goodreads Alternatives: Expand Your Reading Horizons | 2024

Goodreads is a beacon for book aficionados globally, boasting an impressive user base of over 125 million people. These readers converge on the platform to indulge in their favorite books, unearth new literary gems, and maintain personal reading records. However, the vast world of online book platforms means there are several noteworthy Goodreads alternatives to consider.

While Goodreads is undeniably packed with features tailored to enhance the reading experience, it hasn’t been without its controversies. Some users have expressed dissatisfaction, leading them to seek out platforms that might provide a more tailored or user-friendly experience.

In light of this, this article aims to shed light on top alternatives to Goodreads. We will delve deep into what these platforms bring to the table and explore whether their features can indeed rival or even surpass those offered by Goodreads.

What Is Goodreads?

Launched in 2007, Goodreads is a top local free online community for people and authors. Here readers read their favorite writer’s books and give reviews on them. Goodreads has a huge database of billions of books. So based on the particular books you’ve finished reading, recommendations are also made on what you should read next. 

Goodreads features something highly satisfying that provides a great reading experience to the user with most requirements met. You can even follow your friends and stay updated with what they are reading. Goodreads is one of the best places to find and read any book at home. 

You can also participate in a quiz competition to test your reading experience. To get started, go to the Goodreads official website, sign up, and search for the book you usually want to read. Also, people can list the books that have already been read. It allows them to create an exciting library along with reading books.

Goodreads Website
Goodreads Website

Goodreads cost and features

CostIt’s free.
Free trialN/A.
Number of books3.5 billion books.
Best forRecommending books for readers’ preferences.

Why Do You Need A Goodreads Alternative?

There should be enough arguments to consider Goodreads alternatives. You may want to try another platform for no reason. However, Goodreads has some downsides, and knowing about them will help you find a better option.

  • Not included new features: Goodreads has been launched for several years, but over time it has not included enough features, which is unsatisfactory to many users.
  • Outdated design: Goodreads still has an obsolete format, while its competitors constantly update their interface and are available with an attractive look.
  • Classic review system: Nowadays, people like to share their thoughts and appreciation differently after reading a book online. But Goodreads still maintains the same review system that they don’t change.
  • The app may crash: Although Goodreads offers an app, users are not satisfied with it as they complain that it is still full of bugs and crashes frequently.

7 Goodreads Alternatives In 2023

Now is the time to learn about the Goodreads alternatives you’ve been eagerly waiting for. I hope you read about each option, as it will help you decide on the right platform. Also, you will understand which one will suit your needs and preferences.

1. LibraryThing

For those seeking a free alternative to Goodreads, LibraryThing emerges as a standout choice. Touted as the ultimate haven for bibliophiles, it caters to a diverse audience, including readers, authors, publishers, and even libraries.

While you can immerse yourself in the world of books via the LibraryThing app, it’s also conveniently accessible through its website, ensuring effortless entry for all users.

What’s worth noting is that, although LibraryThing once charged its users, it has since removed this fee, making the platform entirely free. With a robust community of nearly 2.8 million book enthusiasts, it promises a rich experience, allowing members to craft an enviable library of titles. The icing on the cake? LibraryThing is multi-lingual, catering to users across 15 different languages.

LibraryThing cost and features

CostNo cost.
Free trialN/A.
Number of books155 million books.
Best forA collection of early-released books.

2. The StoryGraph

Enter The StoryGraph, a platform reminiscent of Goodreads, where readers can dive into books, share their ratings, and interact with a community of fellow bibliophiles. But what sets The StoryGraph apart in this crowded literary landscape?

For those weary of the rigid review guidelines on Goodreads, The StoryGraph emerges as a breath of fresh air, boasting a suite of diverse features tailored for more nuanced reviewing. This platform introduces dynamic interactions, as seen with its more responsive troll mechanisms, ensuring readers have a voice and can engage more meaningfully.

Though The StoryGraph may have a smaller database compared to its more renowned counterpart, its commitment to a richer, more user-centric experience promises a lot. For many, it isn’t merely an alternative to Goodreads; it’s an upgrade.

The StoryGraph cost and features

Cost4.99 USD/month.
Free trial30 days.
Number of booksNot specified.
Best forMore review options.
StoryGraph Cost
StoryGraph Cost

3. Libib

The third option on my list is Libib, which is more than just a simple library. Not only books, but you can also place your favorite video games, movies, and music in the catalog. Track unlimited what you read. So, what is the most exciting aspect of it? Well, you can exchange messages with other readers here. 

Libib is available for mobile and computers. Therefore people can easily manage their library while on the way. Libib is not entirely free, but it offers a free plan allowing you to catalog up to 5,000 items for free. Moreover, you can do more in the paid plan. It’s more than Goodreads.

Libib cost and features

Cost9.00 USD/month.
Free trialN/A
Number of booksUp to 100,000 items.
Best forMessaging and free plan.

4. BookSloth

BookSloth is another top alternative to Goodreads that allows readers to find out books on demand and connect with other people. When you operate the BookSloth app, you will find its interface quite simple as it looks like Instagram and performs like other social sites. 

In the BookSloth app, you can enjoy all the features for free, although it still lacks some basic features. Besides, you can purchase any book of your choice from here. However, with BookSloth, people will have a slightly different experience than Goodreads, which is enjoyable.

BookSloth cost and features

CostMonthly fee.
Free trialN/A.
Number of booksN/A.
Best forEasy to use.

5. NetGalley

NetGalley can be ideal if you want additional features to provide reviews, including reading favorite books. In addition, those who wish to search for books by a specific publisher will find an extensive list of publications arranged alphabetically. 

NetGalley is a great Goodreads alternative for you as an avid reader, especially for first-timers who want to experience reading books online. 

NetGalley has included valuable features to make it much easier for new readers to find their favorite books. You can rate the book five stars and leave a comment which will be helpful for other readers.

NetGalley Website
NetGalley Website

NetGalley cost and features

CostNo cost.
Free trialN/A.
Number of books12,637 books.
Best forReviewing books.

6. Likewise

Want to share your feeling with someone while you read? Likewise can be considered an excellent alternative to Goodreads. Here people can share their reading experience with other readers. As a free platform, it offers readers a superb selection of books. Here are some helpful suggestions for new books to read. 

If you feel more comfortable with a more personalized platform than Goodreads, you can switch to Likewise. It is designed to meet book and media lovers’ needs, with separate sections for movies, podcasts, and TV shows.

Likewise cost and features

CostIt’s free!
Free trialN/A.
Number of books87 books.
Best forSharing reading experiences.

7. Readerly

The last option on my list is Readerly, an app that gives readers access to their favorite books. It also offers a list of which books are currently at the top. It is well known that Amazon significantly influences Goodreads, leading to some users expressing dissatisfaction with using the platform. 

Readerly challenges this growing influence of Amazon and ensures that readers get a better experience because it is independent. Moreover, its book recommendations are much better than Goodreads. So you can expect to have a great reading experience with Readerly.

Readerly cost and features

Cost2.99 USD/month.
Free trialN/A.
Number of booksNot specified
Best forDiscovering unique books.

Final Thought

I appreciate your patience in navigating this comprehensive discussion. While a multitude of readers find solace in Goodreads, it’s natural to have reservations. Turning to Goodreads alternatives can be the bridge over those uncertainties and moments of discontent. If you’ve grown weary of Goodreads’ traditional layout and offerings, rest assured, there’s a plethora of equally delightful alternatives awaiting you.

The platforms highlighted earlier stand shoulder to shoulder with Goodreads in terms of prominence, each bringing its distinct flair, as you’ve discerned. Feel empowered to select one that resonates with your tastes and share your discovery with fellow book enthusiasts.

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