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7 Cost-Effective Pluralsight Alternatives (Free & Paid) | 2024

Pluralsight is renowned as a technology-centric online learning and workforce development platform. Its primary goal is to enhance your skills in various futuristic tech areas. However, it might not fully satisfy all learners, hence the importance of being informed about the top Pluralsight alternatives.

While Pluralsight excels in empowering both individuals and businesses, there are other platforms that might offer an even more enriching experience. Thus, acquainting yourself with these alternatives is crucial.

I’ve invested considerable time in researching and compiling a list of the best options available. In this article, I’ll delve deep into each, assisting you in making an informed decision.

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight, as previously noted, is an e-learning platform established in 2004. It began its journey not as an online platform but as a training company. However, in 2007, the company pivoted to online training, subsequently gaining significant traction.

This platform empowers individuals to advance their careers by acquiring technology-centric skills. Boasting a vast library of over 7,000 courses, the content is delivered by an impressive roster of more than 1,500 expert instructors. It serves both businesses and individual learners.

For individual learners, Pluralsight offers two distinct course plans. Additionally, with a free account, users can tap into over 200 free skill assessments. The platform’s core focus areas include Cloud Computing, Software Development, Cyber Security, and various other fintech subjects.

Pluralsight Pricing & Features 

Free course200+ free course access for a free account.
CostThe individual starts at 19 USD/mo, the team starts at 33.25 USD/mo, Core 38 USD/mo, and 50 USD/mo.
Free trial10 days free trial.
Best forAcquiring technology-based skills.
Pluralsight Pricing & Features 


  • Excellent Android and IOS app
  • Free trial
  • Question and answer with subject matter experts
  • A variety of plans are available
  • Team-level reporting and user analytics
  • Professional experts led the courses.
pluralsight alternatives_Pluralsight Pricing & Features 
Pluralsight Pricing_Photo Credit: Pluralsight

Why Do You Need a Pluralsight Alternative?

Pluralsight is an excellent platform for individuals and companies working in technology who want to become more efficient. Its primary purpose is to create a better workforce to overcome the strong pressures in the workplace. But here are some reasons you should avoid going through with it.

  • It focuses mainly on technology: This platform is unsuitable for those who try to learn something beyond technology as it primarily focuses on the Information Technology sector.
  • Not ideal for beginners: It mainly focuses on advanced technology and has designed all courses accordingly. Therefore it might be challenging to understand when you are new to this platform.
  • Ideal for professionals only: This platform is for those with technical knowledge who want to improve it. Hence, adapting to these courses with an expert may only be possible.
  • Limited courses in a free account: Even if you have a free account, it will offer courses with limited access. So for advanced learning, you must go for a paid plan.

Top Pluralsight alternatives

Now it is time to learn about your top Pluralsight alternatives. I mentioned above that I researched and put together some options. Now, these options will be explained in detail. Hopefully, you can find a learning platform that suits your desired subject.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an outstanding platform for people who want to enjoy many courses about technology, business management, marketing strategy, and creativity. At the end of the course, it gives the learners a certificate in a trusted name that many people don’t know about Pluralsight. 

Its offering includes many courses of choice, but you can spend less than thousands of $ on them. Moreover, the courses are ideal for new learners, whereas Pluralsight lacks courses for beginners. It has a library of 20,600+ courses to make you proficient in various subjects.

LinkedIn Pricing and Features 

Free course1000 hours courses with a free certificate
CostStarting at 19.99 USD/mo or 29.99 USD/mo.
Free trial30 days free trial
Best forLearning the desired subject.


  • Smartphone apps are available.
  • Tons of different types of courses are available.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Beginner and budget-friendly.
  • Certificates available.

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2. MasterClass

In MasterClass, you can enjoy classes with more than 150 specialized instructors who want to share their practical knowledge, education, and experience with learners. So when you desire to get ideas from experts on different topics, you must choose this platform. 

The platform offers over 2,500 video classes in 11 categories and is undoubtedly a perfect alternative to Pluralsight. Pluralsight offers advanced courses, but when you need to get celebrity classes, you can not get the courses on the subjects of your choice. 

MasterClass Pricing and Features 

Free CourseNo free classes are available
CostStarting at 15 USD/mo
Free-trialNo free trial, but a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Best forNew learners.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Affordable for beginners.
  • Industries expert VIP Instructors
  • Excellent Android and IOS apps are available.
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans (Photo Source: Masterclass)

3. Udemy

If you are searching for an e-learning platform with many courses on several subjects, then choose Udemy. Besides, this is the only platform that offers tons of courses to learn about desired things. Here you can find more than 155,000 courses. Besides, more than 54 million learners are connected to this excellent platform and have completed various courses. 

So when you are interested in various subjects, this can be your perfect choice. Besides another feature, it supports more than 14 languages, making its courses easy for many people to understand.

Udemy global community Sep 2022
Udemy Global Community Sep 2022 (Photo Credit: Udemy)

Udemy features and pricing

Free courseStarts at 9.99 USD/mo, 360 USD/year for the Team. 
CostStarts at 9.99 USD/mo, 360 USD/year for Team. 
Free trial5 days 
Best forthose Who want to learn individual courses. 


  • Mobile apps available
  • Well-organized courses
  • Affordable for anyone.
  • Huge free courses library
  • Refund Policy 30-day
  • Certificate available

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4. A Cloud Guru

Although an expensive platform, A Cloud Guru is an excellent alternative to Pluralsight. Its system is slightly different from other platforms; it has created a particular school to teach the world’s top local professionals and has trained more than one and a half million people. 

You can even participate in exercises and quizzes with others. Undoubtedly, this platform is the best for enhancing students’ skills. Besides, those who do different courses here can also discuss with each other through the forum. 

A Cloud Guru Pricing and Features

Free courseN/A
CostStarting at 348 USD/year to 588 USD/year.
Free trial7 days
Best forAcquiring high skills on different topics.


  • Android and iOS Mobile apps are available
  • API Access
  • Dedicated Business Support
  • Quizzes available
  • Certificate available
  • Expert instructors in their field.

5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most famous online learning platforms, which has received a lot of appreciation from students for providing the best quality courses. Offers the best quality courses to keep you ahead in your career. Coursera partners with top local universities in the country. 

The certificates offered by Coursera have considerable value. It provides certificates to learners according to different degrees. Besides, you can get free access to many courses on this platform. These courses can be viewed offline as well as online. 

Coursera Pricing and features

Free course2584 free courses
CostStarting at 39.00 USD/mo
Free trial7 days
Best forAcquiring high-quality education. 


  • High-quality courses
  • An in-depth discussion on the subject.
  • Android and iOS Mobile apps are available
  • Industries specialist instructors
  • Valuable certificate available 
  • Free courses are available upon applying for financial aid.

6. Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is a perfect platform for those who want to acquire digital skills. The classes here are accompanied by live hands-on projects so that you can sharpen your skills. Those who try to go further in their career can get the necessary knowledge and apply it in real life at no extra cost. 

It can be a good platform for beginners as everything is taught here in live classes. Moreover, Cloud Academy is straightforward to use. You can challenge others using Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud accounts here. 

Cloud Academy Pricing and features

Free courseN/A
Cost39 USD/mo, 27 USD/year.
Free trial7 days
Best forHaving quality digital skills.


  • High-quality cloud computing courses
  • Android and iOS Mobile apps are available
  • Learning Coach
  • Free Consultation
  • Certificate available
Cloud Academy Pricing and features
Cloud Academy Pricing (Photo Credit: Cloud Academy)

7. Udacity

Udacity only offers a few courses because it maintains the quality of its existing courses. Although you have limited choices here, offering quality classes helps you prepare for business and tech-relevant careers. Udacity has a few Nanodegrees that can cost you a bit more. This is also a platform for those searching for free courses. 

Although the course numbers on Udacity are fewer, many learners have completed various courses and gotten certificates. So, when you are more focused on your career with technology, Udacity’s courses will undoubtedly be helpful.

Udacity Pricing and features

Free courseYes, 189 courses are free.
Cost399 USD/mo
Free trial30 days
Best forDigital learners.


  • High-quality programming and computer science courses
  • Android and iOS Mobile apps are available
  • Career Services
  • Certificate available
  • Free Courses available 
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Final Thought

The discussion above should provide clarity on the necessity of exploring Pluralsight alternatives. While Pluralsight stands out for advanced technological courses, it’s beneficial to know other viable options.

I’ve thoroughly researched and outlined the best alternatives in the preceding sections. This should assist you in identifying courses tailored to your needs and settling on an appropriate platform.

Moreover, I trust that this article will guide you toward the prime Pluralsight alternatives to boost your productivity. You might also be interested in my recommendations for the best Coursera and MasterClass alternatives to enhance your professional growth.

If you found this article valuable, I’d appreciate it if you could share it with your network. For any queries or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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