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7 Best DataCamp alternatives for Online Learning | 2024

DataCamp, the today’s digital learning platform for individuals who are seeking knowledge of data science, data literacy, programming coding, machine learning, and many more digital skills.

More than 180 countries are connected with Datacamp and 10+ million Learners are regularly attending their 350+ courses. They are empowering creative learners and offer plenty of unique courses. 

Though they are unique they aren’t able to satisfy all the learners out there. And this is where people seek Datacamp alternatives. So, I’m here to introduce you to the most prominent alternatives to Data Camp which will help you to select the best-suited platform for you.

What is DataCamp  

DataCamp is a digital learning website that helps learners to build data knowledge in their own homes. DataCamp has a variety of non-coding essentials such as BI tools and data science, programming, and machine learning. 

On 10th December 2020, Jonathon Cornelissen launched this website intending to introduce people to data skills. DataCamp provides you with top-notch data learning experiences, also data skill service to track success and offers personalized suggestions, interactive courses by skilled mentors, and most importantly offers real-world projects.

Pros of DataCamp 

  •  Highly engaged community
  • Courses for both beginners and intermediate learners 
  • More than 260 skilled instructors from data science teach the students 
  • Clear Pricing for each Plan
  • Focus on interactive learning,

Cons of it:

  • Only available in English 
  • Courses are a bit more expensive than regular ones
  • Non-academic subjects are taught 
  • Only focusing on data knowledge and technology 

DataCamp fees and pricing

DataCamp has 3 different pricing plans for Its subscription model.

  •  Basic Plan (the free account)
  •  Premium Plan ( monthly or yearly)  

DataCamp for Business

DataCamp Business has  2 types of plans. It’s either the Teams or the Enterprise.

  • Team Plan: $12.42 per month. (with a minimum of 2 users or more)
  • Enterprise Plan: The price is customized depending on your business needs. 
DataCamp alternatives_DataCamp fees and pricing
DataCamp fees and pricing (Photo Credit: DataCamp )

Why Do You Need a DataCamp Alternative?

Why does anyone need to regard Datacamp alternatives? Okay, the demand for online learning sites is huge and the sectors are increasing day by day. Everyone is trying to provide even better features than others. 

That’s why it is better to know a site like DataCamp for selecting the best for you. 

Lengthy courses

Their classes are 2/3 hours long and the total courses are on average 14-24 hours. Also, they have pre-recorded courses that are hard to concentrate on.

Also, classes are not divided into segments so it’s difficult to understand for beginners. 

It can be a big problem for a student. as the classes can feel a bit too boring and lengthy. 

No academic courses are available 

DataCamp does not offer any courses for school-going and college students. And they don’t have sufficient college degree subjects. 

As there are a huge number of students in this category who are seeking online skills and learning, DataCamp can’t satisfy this big portion of users because they mostly have data technology courses. 

Expire certification

DataCamps’ major drawback is that their certificates need to be renewed. People normally want a certificate for their lifetime use. Hence, DataCamp has an expired certification system.

Top DataCamp Alternatives:

1. LinkedIn Learning

First of all let’s talk about the biggest online learning platform, usually known as Lynda, which started its first journey in 1995 in the United States of America. 

The goal of LinkedIn is to serve those students who are seeking knowledge and skills online. LinkedIn presents them with a huge number of online courses. 

At present they have more than 14000 courses running in their 30+ sectors. Most of them have 30 days of free trial benefits. The interesting fact is that now about 27 million members are using this platform throughout the world and attaining knowledge and skills. 

They give certificates after every course and have an enormous amount of courses, 30 days of free trials, comfortable teaching methods, and skilled mentors making LinkedIn learning a favorite to the users.

LinkedIn Learning fees and pricing

  • Monthly subscription:  $29.99 per month 
  • Annual:  $19.99 per month.
Best forProfessionals
PayMonthly subscription

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2. Mindvalley

Mindvalley was first established by Vishen Lakhiani to support people with spiritual development and real-time learning. Today this famous online platform has more than 12 billion students from 80 different countries. 

The curriculum of MindValley is structured to unlock the full potential of your body, mind, and spirit. That helps you to find success at your workplace by improving your performance and skill and also sharing people’s talents with the world. 

As they offer learning practices in different niches, it makes them more special than Datacamp.

Mindvalley pricing and fees

Mindvalley may seem a bit expensive but if you compare their service it looks fine. And they also allow you to try any course that you like for 1 dollar for 10 days. 

 Mindvalley’s plans are-

  • Monthly Subscriptions:  $99 per month 
  • Yearly subscription:  $499 per year which is $41 per month. It’s more profitable than monthly. 
Best forMental ability
PayMonthly, annually

3. Udemy

Here comes the most awaited platform to discuss which offers courses in over 65 languages. Just talking about Udemy which was introduced not long ago but now they have 50+ million members around the world.

If you are looking for a huge amount of courses with lots of varieties at an affordable price, Udemy is perfect for you. They are spreading skills and knowledge through their 204000+ courses which are under 12+ categories.  

Udemy fees and pricing

You can get both free and paid versions of courses here. 

  • Individual pricing: $11.99 to $199.99 
  • Personal plan:  $26.99 per month.
Free coursesMore than 500. 
Best forPeople who are looking for an extensive course
Udemy global community Sep 2022
Udemy global community Sep 2022 (Photo Credit: Udemy)

4. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular websites that offer the most unique and accurate knowledge to students who are trying to develop their skills, careers, languages, hobbies, and so on.

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera intending to provide high-quality knowledge to students. They started the journey in 2012 and today, they have over 92 million subscribers.  

Coursera also has partnerships with a couple of renowned Universities and professionals. They are involved with 250+ universities and currently offer more than 7000 courses and short time degree programs.

Coursera Pricing And Fees

They offer many free educational programs and courses that make Coursera more popular with students. Though there are no certificates for the free users. 

  • Guided projects: starting $9.99
  • Specialization and Professional: $39.99 per month 
  • Plus subscription: $399 / year 
  • Full degrees: starting price  $9000
Free coursesMost of the courses  
Best forAcademic students 
PayVaries for courses
Coursera Alternatives
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

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5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a perfect option for those who are school students and want to learn some extra skills. They have extraordinary courses which especially focus on children or school students and  STEM subjects.

They have a target to provide top-class education for everyone. And with this view, Salman khan established this platform in 2008. The interesting fact is you can get all the courses free. Also, they don’t demand any registration.

Khan Academy Pricing And Fees

Free for all

Best forSchool students and teachers 

5. CreativeLive

Focusing on the professionals and improving their creative skills this American- based online learning website Creativelive was established. 

Creativelive has more than 7000 skilled mentors and more than 10M subscribers. 

If you are interested in videography, photography, design, self-improvement, craft makers, design, business, entrepreneurs, and so on, Creativelive is the best for you.

CreativeLive fees and pricing

Creativelive has a few free courses. The paid offerings are-

  • Monthly creator pass subscription:  $39 per month. 
  • Annual creator pass subscription:  $149/ year (monthly $12.42)
  • Individual courses: $29 to $199 per course. 
Best forCreative People
PayVaries for courses
CreativeLive fees and pricing
CreativeLive fees and pricing (Photo Credit: CreativeLive)

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7. Udacity

Are you a tech enthusiast? If You Want to learn about digital security, web development, machine learning,  artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, programming, creative science, and cloud computing Udacity will be your best buddy.

However, Udacity is now Sharing cooperations with Intel, Microsoft AWS, Google, and so on. Udacity is offering tech enthusiasts the most effective courses. They provide the alarming topics of the era and are determined to build you as a prominent technician. 

Udacity fees and pricing 

Udacity has a unique offer of 2 days refund policy. And Their plans are-

  • Nano degree: $399/ month. 
  • Four-month course: $1356 total
Free courses200+
Best forTech learners especially 
PayPer course

Final Words

Datacamp is a well-known and prominent learning but nothing can bring you total perfection. They may have flaws that can make alternatives a bit of a priority. But seeking the best is human nature and why not do that when you are investing your time and money?

That’s why I suggested some prominent Datacamp alternatives as a replacement to make your learning experience advanced.

I hope this article will help you to find the best Datacamp Substitute, You may also want to take a look at my best Coursera alternatives and Masterclass Alternatives list.

If you liked this article please comment and let me know, Or if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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