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The Top 7 Bitly Alternatives for Shortening URLs | 2024

To avoid the clutter of long links, it is the best idea to shorten them, and hence there are many link shortener tools in the market. No doubt you know about Bitly, one of the top link-shortening tools providing quality services to 5.7 million users worldwide. But it’s also a good idea to check out some Bitly alternatives if you’re looking for something better.

Although Bitly offers many benefits in URL shortening, it may lack some features. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out a suitable platform. But you should know about the top few options that meet your demands, budget, and link security.

I have put together some Bitly alternatives that meet the needs of different users. Hopefully, you’ll find a platform with the features you’re looking for from this list of mine. So read about each tool’s detail carefully, which will be mentioned in the below sections.

What is Bitly?

Launched in 2008, Bitly is one of the most popular and widely used URL shorteners. With it, you can shorten tons of links for free, and no account is required. Moreover, Bitly guarantees the security of customers’ links, so they are not subjected to third-party tampering.

That’s why it’s encrypted with HTTPS, where every user-generated URL is entirely secure. Apart from link shortening, Bitly offers other features, such as you can analyze your links to see how they interact. In addition, Bitly has the opportunity to know from which device the link has been clicked.

In this case, the marketers can easily understand their progress. Bitly offers both free and paid services. A free account is enough to create short links from long links and manage them. But you can use the premium version for brand link creation and management.

Bitly Pricing and Features

Cost8 USD/mo to 199 USD/mo.
Best forSmall to more prominent brands.
Free versionYes.
Platform supportedWindows, IOS, and Android.
Free trial30 days.
Bitly Pricing and Features
Bitly Pricing and Features (Photo Credit: Bitly )

Why do You Need a Bitly Alternative?

You will learn about some Bitly alternatives in this article but have you thought about why you need a Bitly alternative? There are pitfalls to using Bitly that you’ll probably want to avoid. Learn about its drawbacks below, which come as advantages over other options.

Generated links are not editable: One of the downsides of Bitly is that it lets you create many shortened URLs but doesn’t let you edit them. So the link, once created, is no longer editable.

Bitly links are not always acceptable: Links created on Bitly are used for marketing purposes on various social media platforms, but some platforms do not accept them. Maybe, an alternative could solve this problem.

Delays showing link results: You may have to wait a few months to see the results of Bitly-generated links. So there is no way to know instant results though it comes with analytics features.

Top Bitly Alternatives

If you’re tired of using Bitly constantly, check out some alternatives. Below I will present my list of the top seven options. Moreover, they are appreciated by users due to various features.

1. TinyURL

TinyURL is one of the oldest link shorteners, launched in 2002. It has successfully served the purpose of many website owners and users. It is the most straightforward tool, especially for those who are at the beginner level. TinyURL is a free tool for users as it comes with a free version. 

One of the main advantages of TinyURL over Bitly is that the links shortened with it never expire, meaning they will be available and active forever. This is an excellent option for website owners and marketers who want links to be fixed in the future when using other tools.

TinyURL Pricing and Features

Cost9.99 USD/mo and 99.00 USD/mo
Best forShortening links permanently.
Free versionYes.
Platform supportedIOS, Android, and desktop platforms. 
Free trialYes/ API limit 600
TinyURL Pricing and Features
TinyURL Pricing and Features (Photo Credit: TinyURL)

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2. Rebrandly 

Rebrandly is an ideal platform, unlike Bitly, to survive in the sea of digital competition. It has more than 1.3 million subscribers worldwide. Not only is a link shortening the end, but Rebrandly offers more than enough to meet your large needs making easily memorable links. One of the inconveniences to Bitly users is that it only allows editing links once created. 

In Rebrandly, you can edit the created links as needed. Even the features you get on its free plan will meet your small business needs. But paid plans have more for users. Moreover, here your links are completely safe, as there is no possibility of a third party reaching them.

Rebrandly Pricing and Features

Cost24 USD/mo to 417 USD/mo and custom price.
Best forCreating and editing links.
Free versionYes.
Platform supportediPhone, iPad, Android, and Desktop. 
Free trialN/A


If you are looking for a more advanced Bitly alternative with full features, look at BL.INK as it is one of the most important platforms on my list with other features, including link shortening. Although it is expensive compared to Bitly, it has good features and benefits. 

Besides, you can also know which visitors from which location have interacted with your link. However, for those who are concerned about budget, BL.INK may not be the right choice as it previously offered a free version, but currently, they do not have a free version. 

BL.INK Pricing and Features

Cost48 USD/mo to 599 USD/mo and custom price.
Best forHaving more features and advantages.
Free versionN/A
Platform supportedWeb, Android, iPhone, and iPad.
Free trial21 days.
BL.INK Pricing and Features
BL.INK Pricing and Features


Another great Bitly alternative is which has a lot of users. Here you can shorten long links that never expire, and users do not need to create an account. But more to come because you can get more benefits after registering on the platform. It also offers a free version where you can shorten a limited number of links. 

However, free users can check link performance, and unlike Bitly, it allows you to edit links. Additionally, always takes security into account, so your links are completely safe here. There is no possibility of these going to any third party. Besides, users consider the software a cost-effective option as its plans are pretty budget-friendly. Pricing and Features

Cost25 USD/mo to 149 USD/mo.
Best forCreating branded short links.
Free versionYes.
Platform supportedWindows, IOS, and Android.
Free trialN/A

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5. Short URL

If you are looking for a simple and fast tool to shorten long links on social media sites, then you can try ShortURL, which will work well against Bitly. ShortURL will adequately handle the long links of social media and any other site. Also, you will know how many clicks the short link created on it has received.

Users can fulfill small needs in the free version, but for large needs can go for paid subscription. A paid subscription is quite pocket friendly. In addition, there will be a sharing option on the page where the link is created, so you can directly share the link on social sites from there.

ShortURL Pricing and Features

Cost14 USD/mo.
Best forFast and simple URL shortening.
Free versionYes.
Platform supportedAndroid, Tablets, and Desktop.
Free trialN/A

6. T2M 

Do you love to analyze the links you build? Then T2M can be preferred as it provides users with a statistics-rich dashboard. Its dashboard contains the details of the links created, and the user can know how his links have been interacted with. Furthermore, links always stay active. 

Besides, sharing them from the short link page is an option. Here you can create unlimited links for free but must go for the paid version to enjoy their premium features. However, T2M offers quite affordable packages. So you can choose any plan within your budget.

T2M Pricing and Features

Cost5 USD/mo to 89.99 USD/mo and custom price. 
Best forCreating and tracking links regularly.
Free versionN/A
Platform supportedAndroid, iPhone, and Windows.
Free trial15 days.
The Best Link Shortener Tools & Bitly Alternatives

7. T.LY

The last option on my list is T.LY which is known as one of the most popular link management services. While Bitly offers some limited features, T.LY offers other essential features, including link shortening. It is compatible with any browser. Once the link is created, you can share it on social pages with just one click.

Moreover, it is pretty affordable. While the free version has limited features, the paid plans will quickly meet the user’s budget. But here, the number of monthly short link creations is quite limited such as a maximum of 10,000 link shortening opportunities per month. 

T.LY Pricing and Features

Cost5 USD/mo to 50 USD/mo.
Best forCreating, tracking, managing, and sharing URLs. 
Free versionYes.
Platform supportedSaaS, iPhone, and Android.
Free trial5 days.

Final Opinion

You already know about several top Bitly alternatives. These will help you choose the right platform for your business and marketing needs. Businesses have different budgets and needs, so cheap and expensive options are discussed here. 

No problem if you want to stick to Bitly. I mentioned earlier that despite Bitly being quite popular, it lacks some essential features that you can find in other tools. Hopefully, any of the above-mentioned options will best suit your needs as opposed to Bitly.

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