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9 Masterclass Alternatives To Level Up Your Skills | 2024

The masterclass is a renowned online learning medium through which anyone can learn different skills and techniques from experts, which offers 180+ classes across a huge number of categories, especially from celebrities who are experts in acting, cooking, novel writing, photography, etc.

But, as different people have different tastes, sometimes it seems inappropriate to you. Then you need to consider masterclass alternatives. Because some of them can offer you more benefits and suitability according to your needs and budgets.

Read this article properly, I will show you some of the best masterclass alternatives determined by many users. Hopefully, understanding them will help you choose the correct one.

What is MasterClass?

The masterclass is an innovative learning platform in which famous faces conduct classes in different courses virtually. Think about grabbing tennis lessons from Sarana Williams, learning novel writing techniques from James Patterson, gathering acting skills by Natalie Portman, taking photography tips from Annie Leibovitz, etc which are offered to the students by

This San Francisco-based online education platform was founded by David Rogier in 2014 and is getting increasingly prominent daily. Now they are successfully offering more than 2500 learning videos across 11 disciplines. 

Pros Of The Masterclass: 

  • The masterclass is mainly annually billed, but you can pay monthly.
  • Offers VIP instructors. 
  • The learning system is entertaining. 
  • They conduct life-changing content. 
  • Offers detailed workbooks. 
  • Well produced. 
  • Fast-growing course list.
  • The video quality is top-notch. 
  • User-friendly app.


  • They don’t give any certificates to users. 
  • You can’t download lessons in individual plans. 
  • Hard to gauge for beginners.

Masterclass Pricing And Fees

Masterclass packages start from $180 per year called the basic or individual plan. They deliver only 3 types of annual membership offers for users up to cost $276 and monthly $23 on average-

  • Individual – $180 for a year ($15 per month on average)
  • Duo – yearly $240 ($20 per month)
  • Family – one year cost of $276 (average $23 per month)
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans (Photo Source: Masterclass)

Why Do You Need a MasterClass Alternative?

Okay, thinking about online classes you will surely consider masterclass. But this section is developing day by day, and Competition Getting higher and higher. 

Though masterclass is well known and good enough, sometimes it fails to provide the utmost benefits to the users. Then the name masterclass alternatives come.

No free trial

One of the major imperfections of the masterclass is they don’t propose any free trial to the learners. You can’t try out their courses without paying. 

On the other hand, most of the masterclass alternatives have a free trial opportunity and some of them have many free courses too. Technically for this issue, students are considering masterclass alternatives.

Sharing a plan is hard

In the masterclass, sharing their plans is quite hard compared to other online learning platforms. 

Limited courses 

The course list of this prominent learning platform is too narrow, I think. Additionally, their teaching sectors are also short. If you want to learn about creative things, masterclass can’t deliver you the best courses. Also, for people who are desiring self-development courses or lifelong learning, the masterclass is not suitable for them may be.

Top Masterclass Alternatives:

Okay, this time to about my picked 9 best masterclass alternatives in detailed words. I researched them and selected them because users also using them now widely. So read this section attentively and select the best one for you.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning is American based one of the biggest online learning providers. Successfully teaching since 1995, this open-source platform now offers 14000+ classes in 30+ categories. 

They deliver users top-quality content in the business, creative, and technology sectors. More than 27 million people around the world use LinkedIn and are obtaining lessons from professionals.

Unlike masterclass, LinkedIn provides one month of free trials which helps a user to determine whether is it suitable or not for him. Also giving certificates after completing the course makes them better alternatives to the masterclass.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing

After one month of using it for free, you need to pay a subscription fee if you want to continue with it. 

They propose 2 types of plans in which a monthly subscription cost $29.99 and yearly costs $19.99 per month.

Best forProfessionals
PayMonthly subscription

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2. Mindvalley

Vishen Lakhiani started Mindvalley to support individual spiritual development and lifelong learning. This e-learning platform has 12 billion students in 80 different countries. 

The Mind Valley curriculum centered around unlocking the full potential of your body and mind and sprint, finding success at work improving relationships and performance, and sharing individual talents with the world. 

Offering learning opportunities in special niches make them unique from the masterclass. Recently they started courses in the field of entrepreneurship alongside their other courses on mind, body, social, and living.

Mindvalley pricing and fees

This unique course provider seems a little bit expensive to the students. But they provide you an opportunity to test their courses according to your choice for 10 days just for $1.

Cost around $199 to $499, Mindvalley plans are-

  • Monthly $99
  • Yearly $499 (about $41 per month)
Best forMental ability
PayMonthly, annually
Mindvalley Pricing And Fees
Mindvalley Pricing And Fees (Photo Source: Mindvalley)

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3. Udemy

Are you thinking about learning numerous courses at an affordable price? Udemy is appropriate for you. This popular e-learning platform offers a wide range of courses in over 65 languages.

This all-around learning provider started their journey in 2009 and now they have a family of over 50 million users. You can purchase individual courses on this platform which is a serious drawback of the masterclass.

Udemy pricing and fees

  • The pricing structure is quite different in Udemy courses. Course instructor usually decides if the course is chargeable or free. If they think, they can make their courses for free to the users. 
  • So Udemy provides you with both free and paid courses. Paid courses started from $19.99. You can purchase courses when they give a discount but you can study that later on.
Free coursesMore than 500. 
Best forPeople who are looking for an extensive course
Udemy global community Sep 2022
Udemy global community Sep 2022 (Photo Credit: Udemy)

4. Skillshare

From my point of view, skillshare is a very tough competitor to the masterclass. This online learning stage are offering a variety of courses in different subjects including business, technology, design and so many more.

Skillshare is an online learning community that has classes taught by experts that teach things like entrepreneurship, business, freelance, writing, video editing graphics design, filmmaking, marketing, digital art, content creation, etc. This medium is for its creative courses and offers more than 35000 courses.

Skillshare supplies top-class content to its users and more than 12 million people all around the world are getting service from it. You can download their videos and watch them offline if you have a skillshare subscription.

Skillshare Pricing And Fees

You can trial skillshare courses for free for up to 30 days. Then you need to pay if you choose to get lessons from it. Their plans are-

  • Monthly- $14 per month for premium courses. 
  • Yearly- $99 for the premium package.
Free coursesNot specified
Best forCreative people

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5. Coursera

If an academic student looking for the best study-related courses, then Coursera will be at the top of his list surely. Providing academic content makes them unique and appropriate among students though they have also other courses like skills, careers, languages, hobbies, and so on.

Targeting to provide high-quality education among academic students, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera in 2012. Today, they have about 92 million users all around the world. 

Dissimilar masterclass, Coursera prefers teaching through a partnership with renowned Universities and industry professionals over celebrities. They partnered with more than 250 universities and providing currently have over 7000 courses and degree programs.

Coursera Pricing And Fees

Offering many courses free of cost makes Coursera more popular with students. However, they don’t give any certificates to free users. Their paid plans- 

  • Guided projects: starts at $9.99
  • Specialization and Professional: $39.99/month 
  • Plus subscription: $399 per year 
  • Full degrees: starts at $9000
Free coursesMost of the courses  
Best forAcademic students 
PayVaries for courses
Coursera Alternatives
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

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6. Khan Academy

Okay, suit a masterclass alternative for school-going students and teachers? Khan Academy is the best option for them. They are sharing outstanding courses and content for children focusing mainly on STEM subjects. 

Targeting to hand over top-class education to everyone, Salman khan founded this academy in 2008. You can able to get all of their courses fully free at cost. Also, it does not even need any registration too. Hence, they are one of the best alternatives for the masterclass.

Khan Academy Pricing And Fees


Best forSchool students and teachers 

7. Udacity

In the aspects of tech enthusiasts, Udacity is the better masterclass alternative. For people who are interested in learning artificial intelligence (AI), web development, programming, machine learning, cyber security, science, cloud computing, etc tech related courses, I would like to recommend Udacity to them surely. 

Today’s world is getting up to date very rapidly. AI or these types of tech-related updates play a crucial role in making the world easier. And becoming experts in those sectors can help you for getting higher-class job opportunities. Hence, Udacity is needed for you may be.

This widespread online learning platform offers you those very beneficial courses partnering with so many big names like Google, Intel, Microsoft, AWS, etc. Though their courses are expensive in some cases, they can satisfy you fully.

Udacity Pricing And Fees

  • Nano degree cost: $399 per month. 
  • Four-month course cost: $1356. 

Refund: 2 days refund policy.

Free courses200+
Best forTech learners
Udacity Review: Is Udacity worth it in 2022? (Nanodegree)

8. CreativeLive

So, which masterclass alternative is preferable to creative professionals alongside Skillshare? It is Creativelive which even sometimes better than Skillshare. 

Creativelive is an American-based online learning platform that operates with aiming at creative persons all around the world. They have numerous courses and workshops on the sectors such as self-improvement, photography, videography, business, craft & maker, design, and more. 

Like masterclass, they offer you high-quality content available on mobile and online. They conduct live classes and now they have 10 million+ users, over 700 worldwide instructors, and more than 2000 classes. Their courses are quite practical and they don’t allow crowd-uploaded courses.

CreativeLive Pricing And Fees

In comparison with Masterclass, Creativelive is more expensive though they have some free course offers for you. You can test their courses before paying through free trials. 

  • Individual courses: Start from $29 up to $199. 
  • Monthly creator pass subscription:  $39 per month. 
  • Annual creator pass subscription: $149 (monthly $12.42)
Best forCreative professionals 
PayVaries for courses
CreativeLive fees and pricing
CreativeLive fees and pricing (Photo Credit: CreativeLive)

9. Shaw Academy – UpSkillist Now

Like Creativelive this Irish company is providing over 100 courses to creative people in various subjects such as photography, mobile photography, social media marketing, video editing, digital marketing, graphic design, creative writing, business, finance, and so on

This global online learning outlet is designed to assist users to develop skills by serving them two pre-recorded videos every week.  Also, they organized weekly assignments or quiz games through which students can test their abilities and understandings.

Shaw Academy Pricing And Fees

  • Free trial: one month. 
  • Monthly subscription: $49.99 per month 
Best forCreative people
Shaw Academy User Management
UpSkillist User Management (Photo Source: UpSkillist)

Final Words

Yes, masterclass can be the best partner for you, but masterclass is eligible to offer you all varieties of courses whatever you want for sure. And then masterclass alternatives are the considered option for you. 

All the other masterclass alternatives have unique qualities and benefits as I mentioned above. I hope you read this article properly and got a clear concept to choose what is the best option for you to learn online.

You may also want to check out my list of best Coursera alternatives and pluralsight alternatives to grow your productivity and increase your skills.

Therefore if you like the article please share it with your friends or community, or if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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