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Exploring the Best Coursera Alternatives for Online Learning | 2024

A popular way for college and university students to take online courses is Coursera, which offers many essential courses for free. Partnered with 275+ universities and companies worldwide to make basic subjects accessible to people, including various learning. But sometimes, the Coursera alternatives may be equally important to you.

I hope you are okay with me because, like Coursera, I have researched other options and realized that Coursera might only sometimes be the best. Some options offer more features and benefits depending on your needs.

In this article, I will explain some of the top Coursera alternatives recognized by many users. After knowing about them, you can decide on the right one.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an e-learning platform where people take many courses for education and career advancement, with more than 5,400 courses. Established in 2012, this company has become popular among learners quickly because you can complete courses at the world’s top and most reputed universities from the comfort of your home. 

Coursera has 16 online degrees and offers various certificates over 400 courses. It has a wide range of courses on essential topics for adult education and is even available in dozens of languages so that students worldwide can take these courses.

Offer an enormous catalog of courses.In free courses, there is no certificate available
You can learn everywhere.MasterTrack programs are so expensive. 
Partnered with some top educational institutions worldwide.
No fee is required to audit.
Free courses for individuals.
Coursera Pros and Cons

Coursera fees and pricing

Coursera charges different prices based on different course durations, considering the convenience and needs of the learner.

  • Guided Projects: 1 to 2 hours, starting at 9.99 USD.
  • Courses: 4 to 12 hours, starting at free.
  • Specializations: 1 to 3 months, starting at 39 USD/month.
  • Professional: 1 to 6 months, starting at 39 USD/month.
  • MasterTrack: 4 to 7 months, starting at 2,000 USD/month.
  • Degrees: 2 to 4 years, starting at 9,000 USD/month.
Coursera Alternatives
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (Photo Source: Coursera)

Why Do You Need a Coursera Alternative?

Coursera is the best for those who want professional development and prefer higher academic learning. However, in Coursera, most of the quality course is paid for. Let’s see why you need a Coursera Alternative

Coursera does not offer an extended free trial

Generally, e-learners prefer to learn freely for a more extended period of time. Coursera will be out of your choice as it offers few features and does not provide any certificates for free courses. You will get what you want from here only if you are prepared to spend more.

Lacks fun and creative topics

Many prefer fun and creative subjects for which no courses are available on Coursera. So those who are interested in learning these subjects online must look for some other platform. Some top platforms will provide lots of learning on these topics.

No coding course is available

Nowadays, those who want to gain complete knowledge about coding express their interest in online practicals and online courses. But considering the popularity of Coursera, if you want to acquire pure knowledge about coding in it, it will be wrong because it will not be suitable for coding focusers.

Top Coursera Alternatives:

I have already researched a few Coursera alternatives and listed the top ones. Now is the time to learn about them. Read the following section carefully, as it will help you make the right decision.

1. edX

Coursera’s closest competitor is edX which, like Coursera, focuses on professional training. But the main difference between them is that edX has many courses available for natural sciences and humanities. 

edX has 3500+ courses, and more than 5 million students take various courses on this platform daily. Also, edx is a Coursera alternative for those who want to get many classes for free.

edX fee and pricing

edX has different price plans. Although expensive, you should go for the paid plan considering the features.

  • For Groups: $349 per year for teams and smaller organizations.
  • For Enterprise: This plan offers custom prices.
Free courses2000 
Best forManagement and Computer science 
PayVaries for courses
edx vision
edx vision (Photo Source: eDX)

2. LinkedIn Learning

Another great Coursera alternative is LinkedIn Learning which provides more than Coursera. However, like Coursera, it has free and paid options, so many may think they are the same. But to acquire better professional abilities to perform well in your workplace, you must choose this option. 

This platform covers technology, business, and creativity. The most exciting thing is that if you want more courses, this is the right place, as you will find more than 20,500 courses here.

LinkedIn Learning fees and pricing

It offers 2 plans for students, but you can check any plan first with a free trial.

  • 20 USD/month and 10 USD/year.

You will get a reminder 7 days before the end of the free trial.

Best forProfessionals
PayMonthly subscription

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3. Udemy

Udemy has been praised by many users as a top alternative to Coursera. Also, I always recommend using Udemy for anyone looking for a trusted platform with tons of courses. Do you know what feature sets it apart from Coursera? This platform is mainly for those who are looking for something fun and want to learn something different. 

But here you will find enough helpful courses for professional development as well. It has more than 204,000 courses available in 12 categories. That is why many have called it an all-around e-learning platform.

Udemy pricing

Udemy offers several plans to suit learners’ budgets, including some free courses. Have a quick look at udemy pricing.

  • Enterprise: 12.99 USD and 199.99 USD.
  • Team: 360 USD/user per year.
Free coursesMore than 500. 
Best forthose Who are looking for a comprehensive course portfolio
Udemy pricing

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4. Skillshare

Skillshare is a popular, affordable Coursera alternative that has been praised for offering elementary classes on a variety of topics. Its specialty is that it covers educational institutions’ subjects, prioritizes other sectors, and designs its courses accordingly. 

It is an excellent platform for those who like to learn practically or hands-on. You can access thousands of classes just by signing up for free. Skillshare also offers several premium classes that you can access for a monthly or annual fee. 

Skillshare fee and pricing

You can start your learning process on Skillshare with a 7-day free trial, but then you must pay to continue with the premium courses.

  • Premium plan: 2.00 USD/month and 24.00 USD/year
Free coursesNot specified
Best forenjoying hands-on projects

5. Alison

Do you spend time searching for a Coursera alternative free? Then stop your search because Alison is known by many learners as a free online course platform. Launched in 2007, this platform currently has over 25 million learners who have developed themselves with various courses. 

There are over 6500 courses for essential subjects, including English, languages, IT, business, management, sales & marketing, and personal development. Alison is more convenient than other course providers, including Coursera, because it has certificates available with free courses.

Alison’s fees and pricing

Alison is entirely free, so there is no need to pay for the premium option after a free trial. It provides learning opportunities by converting theory into practice.

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6. Udacity

Do you like to learn about technology? Then Udacity can be your top choice to help you overcome your digital talent gaps. It is similar to Coursera as an expensive alternative, but Udacity offers good value for money. The courses of Udacity are enough to participate with the strength of the professional workspace. 

For those generally interested in learning AI, programming, web development, cyber security, cloud computing, science, business management, etc. Udacity is an excellent place to work as an alternative to Coursera. Coursera lacks technical content.

Udacity Pricing

Udacity offers two pricing options for its customers with a 2-day refund policy.

  • Premium plan: 399 USD/month, 275 USD upfront. 

1,197 USD for 3 months of courses.

Free courses200 free courses
Best forAll tech learners
Udacity Pricing

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7. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is one of the top Coursera alternatives that offers users over 180 thousand resources. Those who are interested enough to acquire soft skills can join this platform. Besides, there are many other things, including compliance training, leadership, business, and management. 

At Skillsoft, you can start with a free trial and then move on to a paid subscription to continue. Books and video access to various courses are also provided so that students can get a complete education in the prescribed subject. 

Skillsoft Pricing

You don’t have to spend anything for an entry-level skillsoft course. You can continue for 1 month through 30 days free trial. Next, you need to go to a paid option. 

Free coursesNo free course is available
Best foracquiring soft skills
Skillsoft Pricing

8. MasterClass

Launched in 2015, the MasterClass e-learning platform has become an important alternative to course providers like Coursera. MasterClass launched over 150 MasterClasses in 11 categories for talent acquisition of students, which received global appreciation.

It helps the students to acquire some talent which can also take them to Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. I recommend this platform to those who like cinematic learning and other skills.

MasterClass fee and pricing

MasterClass offers three student plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • 2 Individuals: 15 USD/month, annual billing.
  • 2 Duo: 20 USD/month, yearly billing.
  • 2 Family: 23 USD/month, yearly billing.
Free coursesNo free course is available
Best forAcquiring practical knowledge
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans
Masterclass Monthly Pricing Plans (Photo Source: Masterclass)

9. Pluralsight

If you’re looking for another Coursera course provider with technology features, Pluralsight may be a good choice. You have previously heard about Udacity, initially launched for IT professionals and developers. 

Pluralsight Skills also helps learners acquire various IT-related skills. It is famous for many subjects as there are more than 7,000 courses on about 1500 subjects here. However, it has yet to have the opportunity to access any free courses.

Pluralsight Skills fee and pricing

You can enjoy a free trial of 10 days – 200 minutes on Pluralsight. After the free trial, you must go to a paid subscription.

  • Individual plan: 105 USD/year for the Standard package and 159 USD/year for the Premium package.
  • Business plan: 33.25 USD/month to 64.91 USD/month.
  • Flow: 38 USD/month and 50 USD/month.
Free courseNo free course
Best forIT professionals
pluralsight alternatives_Pluralsight Pricing & Features 
Pluralsight Pricing_Photo Credit: Pluralsight

Final Words

At the beginning of the last part, I would like to thank you as you have already spent valuable time learning about the top Coursera alternatives. From the discussion, Coursera, though famous, is one of many options that can give you 100% satisfaction with e-learning.  You may also want to check out my list of the best MasterClass alternatives and Pluralsight alternatives to grow your skills and productivity.

Why don’t you try them when there are better options? Even free course providers will provide you with courses on some valuable topics. If you have thoroughly read the e-learning platforms mentioned in the article, then any of them will meet your preferences and needs.

Therefore, If you like the article please share it with your friends, and comment below what you liked. Or if you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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