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Top 7 Chegg Alternatives – Which is Best for You? | 2024

Chegg is unrivaled in popularity and prominence when it comes to providing students with access to study materials, online coaching, and textbook rentals. However, not everyone finds its prices reasonable or its offerings comprehensive. Fortunately, there are numerous cheaper and equally effective Chegg alternatives available.

This article discusses some excellent alternatives to Chegg that can help you find the one that best suits your needs. Each service will be evaluated based on its features, cost, accessibility, and user feedback. Everything you need to succeed in school is included, from books to online tutoring to homework help to textbook rentals.

If you’re seeking an alternative to Chegg, this article can help you narrow down your choices.

What Is Chegg?

The American startup Chegg offers homework help, tutoring, and textbook rentals to high school and college students online. In order to assist students to save time, money, and effort, Chegg offers a variety of services tailored to their needs.

Chegg is a business that helps students with a variety of academic needs. Chegg’s offerings include 

  • Virtual textbook rentals, 
  • Homework help, 
  • online tutoring, 
  • Understanding the topic via a breakdown of the lesson
  • Scholarship and internship matching, 
  • Providing study materials, including flashcards
  • Exam prep and problem practicing and more.

Chegg, which has been around since 2005 and now boasts over 8.2 million subscribers, is one of the most popular educational service providers in the United States. Chegg has been recognized for its social impact and sustainability efforts to make education more affordable and accessible.

chegg alternatives
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Chegg Pricing and Features

  • Chegg costs $19.95/month for a study pack
  • Textbook rental services for $14.95/month
  • Different exam prep available for different fee
  • Chegg writing services are also available
  • Online tutoring and math solver is available too on specific fee

Why Do You Need a Chegg Alternative?

There are a few scenarios in which you would be better off with a Chegg alternative. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to choose an alternative to Chegg based on your own requirements and preferences.

  1. Price: With various services needed, the cost of Chegg can add up quickly. Some advantages of competitors include lower costs or more adaptable payment schedules.
  1. Limited availability: It is possible that Chegg’s services will not be made available outside of the United States. Such substitutes may reach a wider audience or provide material that is better appropriate to the target region.
  1. Quality: Chegg provides a plethora of study tools and services, however, the quality of those tools and services may vary. Other options may offer more expertly curated content or higher-grade resources for a given topic.
  1. Ethics: By offering solutions to students’ homework questions, Chegg has been accused of encouraging academic dishonesty. Some alternatives may have more stringent academic integrity requirements and may not offer direct solutions to homework queries.
  1. User experience: The user experience on Chegg isn’t always consistent due to the platform’s occasional slowness or complexity. A more intuitive interface or superior mobile app could be two reasons to consider an alternate solution.

The Best Chegg Alternatives

Below I will provide a list of what I consider to be strong alternatives to Chegg. Before making a final choice, it’s smart to weigh your options and learn from the experiences of others. If you’re looking for alternatives to Chegg, here are seven that you should think about using instead.

1. Course Hero

If you’re looking for an alternative to Chegg, I highly recommend checking out Course Hero, which gives you access to a plethora of learning materials like textbook answers, tutor Q&A, and course-specific tutorials. In addition, it has tools for students to work together on projects through online tutoring and file sharing. To be more specific, it is great for 

  • Study materials sharing and
  • Online tutoring assistance

When compared to Chegg, the subscription levels offered by Course Hero are more cost-effective. Several users have also complained about difficulties canceling accounts and being billed, suggesting that its offerings fall short of those of Chegg. In sum, Course Hero is an excellent option for students seeking low-cost educational support and tutoring.

CourseHero Pricing and Features

  • Monthly $39.99 per month for asking a maximum of 10 questions
  • Quarterly $19.95 per month for asking a maximum of 20 questions
  • Annually $9.95 per month for asking a maximum of 40 questions
  • 24/7 homework help is available

2. Quizlet

If you are a student seeking a complete flashcard and study tool, Quizlet is a fantastic alternative to Chegg. The platform allows users to create their own study sets in addition to accessing those made by other users and teachers. Quizlet offers a variety of games and interactive study aids to ensure that students are actively engaged in the learning process. It’s similar to Chegg in terms of- 

  • The topic breakdown for easy understanding
  • Exam prep via engaging flashcards 

However, Quizlet does not provide tutoring or textbook rentals, thus its offerings may be limited in comparison to those of Chegg. In general, Quizlet is a great option for students seeking a reliable flashcard and study tool platform.

Quizlet Pricing and Features

  • Quizlet Plus comes at $7.99/per month
  • Free version available with limited features
  • Optimized for interactive learning activities
Quizlet Pricing and Features
Quizlet Pricing and Features

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3. Studypool

As one of the similar apps to Chegg, Studypool provides high school and college students with online tutoring, homework help, and study materials. This website connects users with a pool of qualified instructors who can assist with homework in a variety of areas. Users of Studypool can acquire the best possible rate for their tutoring requirements by posting questions and receiving bids from numerous tutors. Studypool rates as par with Chegg in terms of-

  • Homework help
  • Question-answer session from experts

In contrast to Chegg, Studypool’s offerings aren’t always as thorough, and it sometimes costs more. Studypool is a great option for students seeking online tutoring and assignment help.

Studypool Pricing and Features

  • Fee applicable for each question answered by the expert tutors
  • About 20 million plus documents available to get information
  • You can choose a tutor on an hourly basis also

4. Bartleby

Bartleby is a service similar to Chegg that helps high school and college students with 

  • Homework by providing them with answers to textbook questions,
  • Expert advice on writing assignments. 
  • Academic support to students

It has a writing hub with built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers, and it hosts a massive collection of resources curated by industry experts. 

The subscription levels on Bartleby are less than those on Chegg, and they also have a free trial. Some users have also complained about technical difficulties and a lack of features compared to Chegg. Bartleby, all things considered, is a great option for students seeking low-cost educational materials and professional writing aid.

Bartleby Pricing and Features

  • Subscription fee: $10 per month for 30 questions
  • One-on-one learning session is also available
  • Got some extra features like a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and citation generator

5. Khan Academy

When looking for free, high-quality apps like Chegg, go no further than Khan Academy. Anything from mathematics and science to the arts and the social sciences may be found on its platform in the form of video lessons, practice problems, and interactive quizzes. It’s compared with Chegg as it provides-

  • Free online lessons
  • Assisting in understanding the difficult lessons
  • Exam Prep

Khan Academy has content in a variety of languages and is curated by professionals in their respective fields. Khan Academy, on the other hand, does not provide tutoring or textbook rentals, thus it may not be as all-encompassing as Chegg. If you’re seeking for free educational tools to augment your schooling, Khan Academy is a great option.

Khan Academy Pricing and Features

  • Absolutely free 
  • Huge resources of videos, articles, and quizzes for students on different subjects
  • Available in a variety of languages

If you are interested in Khan Academy you can check an honest review of Khan Academy bellow

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To get online tutoring and homework help for students in grades K-12 and beyond, is an excellent Chegg alternative. This website connects users with a pool of qualified instructors who can assist with homework in a variety of areas. The similar services of like Chegg are-

  • Homework help
  • Online tutoring
  • Examp prep also provides services such as reviewing essays and preparing for standardized tests. Yet,’s prices are sometimes higher than those of competitors, and its accessibility may be restricted in some areas. If you’re a K-12 student seeking online tutoring and homework help, is a great option. Pricing and Features

  • $39.99 Per Month for expert one-on-one tutoring
  • Option to choose tutor as per their profile
  • 24/7 available in USA states

7. TutorBin

TutorBin is a site like Chegg that provides online tutoring, homework help, and study tools to K-12 and higher education students. Test preparation, essay writing, and other academic tasks are just some of the many areas in which its platform’s network of qualified teachers can assist. Its services are like-

  • Exam prep and study tools providing
  • Online tutoring
  • Homework help

As an added bonus, TutorBin provides a money-back guarantee if you’re not delighted with their services. TutorBin’s services, while convenient, may fall short of the mark when compared to those of competitors, and it may cost more than competing options. In conclusion, TutorBin is a reliable option for students seeking online tutoring and homework assistance.

Tutorbin Pricing and Features

  • Personalized one-on-one live video sessions are available
  • 24/7 and worldwide accessible platform
  • Fees vary on the subject complexity, deadline, etc

Bottom Line

Chegg is a widely-used website where students can access study materials and connect with online tutors. However, there are cheaper Chegg alternatives that offer similar features. 

For instance, Quizlet is ideal for flashcards and interactive study aids, while Course Hero provides study resources and tutoring services. Bartleby is useful for textbook solutions and writing assistance, and and TutorBin offer online tutoring and homework help. 

To select the best Chegg replacement for you, it’s important to consider your individual requirements and preferences. Therefore, it’s essential to explore all available options.

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