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7 Life360 Alternatives That Will Keep Your Family Safe | 2024

Tracking essential family members or children without hiring a spy is difficult. So, a location tracking app is essential. As a great family locator app, Life360 has been providing tools to locate and contact loved ones for years. But there are some better Life360 alternatives on the market that you can try.

Life360 gives you enough convenience to track your family or friends. Moreover, it has more than 32 million users worldwide as of 31 million in 2021. But you should also try a Life360 alternative because each platform has several unique features that set it apart.

However, as you want to know about some alternatives to Life360, I have already researched and put together some alternatives. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for in it, as I’ll discuss each in detail here.

What is Life360?

Life360 is an app that allows you to track the location of your friends or family and deliver alerts to them through chat. Besides, it alerts you where your loved ones are coming and going. At the same time, you can quickly know the location of any family member by tapping on their picture to navigate. 

It has gained immense popularity within a short period since its launch in 2008. Primarily parents use it to track and monitor the location of children. Also, they do not monitor their children, they can also control their babies. 

You can use this particular app completely free, but the features will be limited. But the premium version has a lot of benefits for you. But sometimes, you may only be happy with some of its hype when you need to find a site like Life360.

Life360 Pricing and Features

Price4.99 USD/mo
Best forTracking kids’ location.
Free versionAvailable
Device compatibilityiPhone and Android 
Free trial7 days.
Life360 Pricing and Features
Life360 Pricing and Features (Photo Credit: Life360)

Why do You Need a Life360 Alternative?

Why should you be looking for a Life360 alternative? Knowing about the safety and location of loved ones should let you know what essential features you are missing in Life360. Some other option has been designed with this feature.

  • No more monitoring features: With the Life360 app, you get no other features except tracking, monitoring, and driving stats. But other apps in the market can offer more.
  • It only works on phones: Those who use iPhones or android can use this app. But if you are a tablet user, then it will not be easy for you to use it as it is not available on tablets.
  • Not works with older OS versions: Although the app is available for android and IOS, you cannot use it on older versions. For this, an Apple phone must be version 13 or up, and an android 8 and up.
  • Support team unavailability: You may wait to get Life360 support immediately when you need any help related to the app. The unavailability of a support team is considered one of the disadvantages of using the app.

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Top 7 Life360 Alternatives

It is not reasonable to always rely on Life360 when there is a possibility of something better. Now I will tell you about Apps like Life360 that I have researched and found. Judging by the various features, any of these will meet your preference. 

1. Find My Kids

The first Life360 alternative on my list is Find My Kids, which is one of the most popular kids’ GPS trackers. Many parents use this helpful app for the safety and control of their children. It allows tracking the child’s location, monitoring what is happening around them, and sending them an alert as needed. 

So those who need an app with some essential features at an affordable cost can switch to Find My Kids. Find My Kids You can activate the microphone on your child’s phone so that you can hear their activities when they are far away

Find My Kid’s Pricing and Features

Price2.99 USD/mo and 16.99 USD/mo.
Best forChild safety and parental controls.
Free versionAvailable
Device compatibilityIOS and Android versions.
Free trial7 days

2. Glympse

Another site like Life360 is Glympse, where you can share locations with your loved ones for free, but only temporarily. One of the main advantages of the app is that it only needs to be installed on your phone; it does not need to be on the phone of the person you are sharing the location with

Unlike Life360, it offers some added benefits, as here you get a view of your loved one’s location and activities. Moreover, the app is straightforward as it does not require registration. Share location and communicate with family, friends, and those you’ve just met. 

Glympse Pricing and Features

PriceIt’s free to use.
Best forFree tracking of real-time locations.
Free versionYes
Device compatibilityAndroid, IOS, and Blackberry.
Free trial90 days.

3. FamiSafe 

FamiSafe is one of the many trusted life360 alternatives in the market. Where life360 has limited features, FamiSafe also provides other essential features. In this case, you will get access to your target’s phone and know about his activities quickly. Also, you can block any unnecessary apps on the phone in your hands. 

This app is popular among parents because it allows them to control their kids’ devices remotely. FamiSafe may seem quite expensive to you compared to other options on my list, but its premium features are more than enough to meet your more significant needs. 

FamiSafe Pricing and Features

Price10.99 USD/mo and 60.99 USD/year.
Best forMonitoring and restricting kids’ activities.
Free versionNo, only a trial version is available.
Device compatibilityiOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Kindle Fire.
Free trialfor 3 days.
FamiSafe Pricing and Features
FamiSafe Pricing and Features (Photo Credit: FamiSafe)

4. FollowMee

FollowMee is an affordable site like Life360 that allows you to track and monitor a family’s location. One of its main advantages is that you can use it without installing apps, although FollowMee has an excellent app. Apart from iOS and Android, the platform is also designed for Windows. 

Although the app misses some features, it is still quite good compared to Life360. But FollowMee not only works as a family tracker app but also plays an influential role in tracking the activities of employees in different offices. 

FollowMee Pricing and Features

Price9.99 USD/year.
Best forEnsuring the safety of user data.
Free versionN/A
Device compatibilityWindows, iOS, and Android. 
Free trialN/A

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5. Google Maps

Are you looking for a free Life360 alternative that is also extremely easy to use? Google Maps is the option used to track live locations. It has a lot of users worldwide. Here you can share your location and also stop sharing. You can even share your location with someone who doesn’t have a Google account with just a few steps. 

Any competent device user can easily use Google Maps without getting used to it. Also, in Google Maps, you can create a link that people can click to see your location, and you can also know their location.

Google Maps Pricing and Features

PriceStarts at 2.00 USD/mo.
Best forNavigating a place free of cost.
Free versionAvailable.
Device compatibilityiOS, Android, iPad, Windows.
Free trial90 days.

6. GeoZilla

GeoZilla is one of the most comprehensive Life360 alternatives that let you know your family’s location and activities. You can also send them a warning message. It will look a lot like Life360 but offers more than Life360. Its main feature is that you can do private messaging and even share photos. 

Moreover, it is very easy to know whether your loved one is in danger or has met with an accident in this GeoZilla app. At the same time, this app will also give you peace of mind because its GPS tracker is always working.

GeoZilla Pricing and Features

PriceStarts at 2.99 USD/week.
Best forGetting alerts for several situations.
Free versionAvailable.
Device compatibilityiPhones and Android for specific versions. 
Free trial3 days
Google Maps, Find My Friends and Life360: Which Tracking App Works Best? | WSJ

7. Family360

The last option on my list is Family360 which gives you more than other apps like Life360. In the app, you can create several groups with people you want to communicate with. Then you can contact almost everyone simultaneously and track their location. 

Unlike Life360, it offers some modern features and benefits. Moreover, the Family360 app will instantly inform you about family members’ movement. Although it is not as popular as other options in the market, it is no less than a reliable location-sharing app.

Family360 Pricing and Features

Price7.99 USD/mo to 24.99 USD/mo.
Best forTracking the driving speed of others.
Free versionAvailable
Device compatibilityiOS and Android.
Free trial21 days.

Ending Thought

Every location tracker app has advantages and disadvantages, but it is essential to consider the benefits you are looking for and the drawbacks you want to avoid. Although Life360 does an excellent job of tracking family locations, it does have some drawbacks. Perhaps life360 alternatives will help to avoid those disadvantages.

Try any of the above-mentioned Alternatives to Life360 as per your needs, convenience, and budget. Some free options will meet your more minor needs. There are also apps with pro features for more significant needs. So you can save time searching for a suitable platform.

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