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7 Best Telegram Alternatives for Secure Messaging | 2024

Telegram is one of the popular messaging apps with 550+ million active users. It has undoubtedly easily made it to the list of the top 10 active social media networks in the world. Although Telegram has maintained its popularity, it still needs improvement in all areas. So you should know about some Telegram alternatives.

While Telegram offers many convenient features, some drawbacks can keep you from using it. It can be challenging to find if you download any file in this app. There are some apps like telegram which can satisfy you more.

I have already researched some Telegram alternatives, and after long research, I have compiled the 7 best alternatives. I recommend reading about everything that can give you a better experience.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application that was founded in March 2013. Initially, it was available for IOS and Android, but later, users could use it on their desktop devices. Since its inception, it has had some setbacks due to which customers needed to show interest. In addition, many people use it to send large files as opposed to other apps conveniently. 

In Telegram, you can freely manage a group of 200,000 members. Since its launch in 2013, it had 50 lakh users by 2015, which grew to 500 million in the next 5 years. There is no doubt that Telegram occupies a massive place in the market, but it lacks some aspects that any other platform can fill. That’s why you should know about its options.

Telegram alternatives_Group chat with poll
Telegram Group chat with poll

Why Do You Need a Telegram Alternative?

You may have a profound question about why you should look for alternatives to Telegram despite its popularity. It’s true that Telegram may only sometimes be the best because it also has some drawbacks. However, the reasons why for looking for alternatives are mentioned below.

  • Business conversations inconveniences: Business needs to send and receive instant messages. But sometimes, the app needs to be opened to receive telegram messages.
  • Lacks voice message option: This is inconvenient for those who prefer to send voice messages as there is no such option.
  • Can’t send multiple files: Telegram allows you to send multiple files simultaneously. Each time you have to pick and send one.
  • All messages are not encrypted: All messages sent through Telegram are not encrypted. Only messages sent through secret chat are encrypted.

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Top Telegram Alternatives: #2023

Now it’s time to learn more about your top Telegram options. I will tell you about my selected top messaging apps at this stage. Perhaps here is what you are looking for. Either one will undoubtedly help you avoid some of the pitfalls of Telegram.

1. Viber

A great alternative to the Telegram app is Viber which is used for free secure calling and chatting. With just an internet connection, you can communicate at any distance by sending audio and video calls, group chats & calls, stickers, and GIFs. Moreover, it is compatible with mobile & desktop. 

One of the main features of this app is that it allows the user to contact landline and mobile numbers around the world. But if you want to create a huge group chat, your expectations will probably not be met here, as Viber only allows a group chat of 1000 people. 

Viber features and pricing

PriceFree (5.99 USD for 60 countries in Viber out – 7 days free trial)
Calls & chattingYes (It’s free for audio and video chatting)
Device compatibilityMobile and desktop.
Viber Features
Viber Features

2. Signal

Signal is known to users as a simple messaging app. Most users appreciate its clean interface. Also, unlike Telegram, Signal can meet your instant messaging needs. As a free option, it offers several important features such as chatting, making video and audio calls, sending images and video files, and sharing your current location with other users. It is also one of the most secure apps designed with adequate security features for privacy-conscious people

Unlike Telegram, its main advantage is that all conversations are encrypted by default, so it is not possible for anyone to track one’s conversation. Moreover, Signal itself cannot read any user’s messages. No Signal access is required when you want to communicate with others from your Signal account, just type in the number and start a conversation.

Signal features and pricing

PriceIt’s completely free to use.
Calls & chattingYes (It’s free for audio and video chatting)
Device compatibilityAndroid, iPhones, Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux. (Not compatible with some IOS, Android, and Windows versions.) 
Signal Desktop Interface
Signal Desktop Interface

3. Skype

Skype is a notable alternative which is mainly known as a calling app. As of 2021, the estimated number of Skype users worldwide was 35.2 million, which will reach billions by 2024. Skype has several unique features compared to Telegram, although it is not entirely free. Its free version has some features that will meet most of your needs. 

Skype also works well for community meetings. That’s why most users use this software for secure messaging and instant meetings for business needs. Also, you can record any important meeting if necessary. While Telegram has a lot of advantages, it lacks some of the advantages that Skype carries.

Skype features and pricing 

PriceIt’s free for another Skype call (Calls to domestic or international numbers incur a charge.) 
Call & chattingYes (It’s free for audio and video chatting with other features)
Device compatibilityiPhone, Android, and Windows 10.

4. WeChat

WeChat is a free calling and messaging app that is an alternative to Telegram. With it, you can communicate with friends and family hassle-free. It was initially designed for Windows but later made available on other platforms. Besides, a unique aspect of this is that you can discover new friends from here. 

On WeChat, you can do group chats, private messaging, multimedia sharing, and more. It works as a messaging platform, and you can also take it as a great social media. This lightweight software is easy to install and set up and has a straightforward interface. 

WeChat features and pricing

PriceFree to download and use
Call & chattingYes (It’s completely free)
Device compatibilityiOS, Windows, Android, and macOS.

5. Slack

Slack is well-known as an expensive alternative. Slack is a Telegram alternative for conversations needed to manage office tasks. It also works as a chatting platform and forum, such as where users used to discuss various topics through threads. But it is not entirely free software. 

So when you are on the free version, you have to live with limited features. But its upgraded version has lots of features and benefits for you. However, if you’re looking for an excellent alternative to free apps, Slack is definitely worth considering.

Slack Pricing

PriceThere is a free version with some paid plans
Call & chattingNot available
Device compatibilityiOS, Mac, Android, and PC.
Slack Pricing and Features
Slack Pricing

6. Google Meet

A great platform for video conferencing is Google Meet which is used by many for professional reasons. A suitable option for businesses of all sizes that cater to large meetings. A link is provided to those who join the discussion, and they join the meeting by clicking on this link. 

However, you must get permission from the host to enter the central meeting. Up to 30 users can join per meeting in the free version. But if you want to meet with more people, it is better to go for the upgraded version.

Google Meet features and pricing

PriceThere is a free version. Starting at 6.00 USD/mo.
Call & chattingBest for a business meeting
Device compatibilityiOS 14 and above + Android 5.0 and above.
Google Meet vs. Microsoft Teams: Best Teaching App for

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7. Microsoft Teams

The last option on my list is Microsoft Teams which is mostly used for video conferencing. It allows multiple people to perform official work efficiently at the same time. Apart from video conferences, you can also communicate through text messages, voice chat, and video chat. 

It has a free version that comes with several features. These features are sufficient for any small business. But for larger businesses, it is a good idea to go for the upgraded plan. Also, the free version needs some security features.

Microsoft Teams features and pricing

PriceFree version available (premium starting at 4.00 USD/mo)
Call & chattingYes, it’s free.
Device compatibilityLinux, iOS, Windows, macOS,  and Android.

Ending Thought

If you want online conversations with the desired features, you must get the right platform. Telegram is a great messaging app, but it lacks some features. Besides, it is not as good as a private option. That’s why you need to know about some Telegram alternatives.

Personal and business need something more secure, so I have discussed some top apps like telegram in detail. Here you will find both free and paid options. But almost every app has a free version that can meet your basic needs.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best apps like telegram. Whether you are looking for improved usability or more privacy. There are plenty of options to choose from, Try out new alternatives, you might find them interesting. You also may also check my list of best Coursera alternatives and zwift alternatives to grow your productivity.

If you find this article helpful please comment and let me know. if you have any questions or concerns. don’t hesitate to reach out.

FAQs on Telegram Alternatives

How can I open Telegram on my PC?

Is Signal safer than Telegram?

What are some best alternatives to Telegram?

Here are the best apps like Telegram available.

  1. Viber
  2. Signal
  3. Skype
  4. WeChat
  5. Slack
  6. Google Meet
  7. Microsoft Teams

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Which is cheaper, Viber or Skype?


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