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7 Amazing Vrbo Alternatives For Vacation Rentals | 2024

While Vrbo has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the short-term rental market with over 2 million properties across 190 countries, it’s not always the go-to option for everyone. Some users find themselves seeking alternatives to Vrbo due to certain limitations.

While Vrbo’s global reach is impressive, some users believe its competitors offer certain advantages that make them a preferable choice. If you’re on the fence about which platform to use for your next vacation rental, this article is tailor-made for you.

Dive into our curated list of rental platforms that, in some aspects, might offer a more suitable option than Vrbo. Discover the platform that aligns perfectly with your needs right here.

What is Vrbo?

Vrbo, an acronym for ‘Vacation Rental By Owner,’ is an online marketplace connecting travelers with homeowners who wish to rent out their properties for short-term stays. Established in 1995, it has since become a preferred platform for many looking for unique and homely accommodations.

Unlike traditional hotel stays, Vrbo offers travelers the chance to experience their destination like a local, living in fully-furnished homes equipped with everyday amenities such as kitchens and laundry facilities. This can particularly appeal to those who value comfort and the feeling of being at home while traveling.

After its inception, Vrbo transitioned to being a significant part of the Expedia Group’s HomeAway brand. In 2020, a strategic decision saw the merging of both brands, streamlining their presence on a unified platform.

For many, Vrbo has become synonymous with memorable travel experiences in far-flung locales, providing a more personal and intimate setting than a generic hotel room. Yet, for those who might find challenges with Vrbo, rest assured there’s a plethora of alternative vacation rental platforms to explore.


  • Vrbo provides a wide range of vacation rental options in different parts of the globe, ranging from comfortable apartments to lavish villas.
  • Numerous Vrbo accommodations are furnished with essential household features like a kitchen, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi at no extra cost, making it a perfect choice for families or larger groups.
  • Vrbo allows guests to communicate directly with the property owners, which can facilitate a hassle-free booking experience and resolve any inquiries or issues.


  • Vrbo accommodations may not be easily accessible in certain isolated areas.
  • As Vrbo properties are managed and owned by different individuals, there might be variations in the standard of properties and the quality of service rendered.

Vrbo Pricing And Features:

Cost$4.99 annual subscription.
Fee5% commission + 3% processing fee for the hosts. (5% for travelers)
The number of listings2 million
Listings typeHomes and apartments
Best forgroup rentals.
RefundYes, for reasonable cause.
Trustpilot reviews4.3/5

Why Do You Need a Vrbo Alternative?

While Vrbo is quite helpful, it does have some drawbacks. You want to save your time and money by investing in the right place. Then find out what Vrbo needs to include in the section below.

  • Not suitable for single-room rental: Vrbo is good for those who travel in groups and want to rent a house. There is no single-room option here. So if you are looking for a single room, you must move to another site like VRBO.
  • Not a vast selection: If you compare Vrbo to Airbnb, Vrbo needs to include some basic listings. Airbnb, on the other hand, offers many listings that give you a large selection.
  • A pricy fee for guest service: Although Vrbo offers affordable rentals, it charges a high fee for guest service. Vrbo’s competitors charge low to no fees in comparison.
  • The tax burden for hosts: Owners are responsible for calculating and paying taxes for properties listed on Vrbo. So if you are a host, you must perform some complex duties perfectly.

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The 7 Best Vrbo Alternatives In 2023

Here is the shortlist of the best Vrbo alternatives available at the moment

1. Agoda

2. Booking.com

3. Airbnb

4. Tripadvisor Rentals 

5. Sonder


7. Hotels.com

1. Agoda

Agoda is an excellent alternative to Vrbo, founded in 2005. Although it has been in the industry for a shorter time than Vrbo, it is still a popular platform, especially in Asia. Agoda has more than 2 million properties listed in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. 

So you can get a lot of visibility on it. Agoda has a lot of customers, even in the United States. Expect to find more listings than Vrbo because Vrbo only offers 2 million listings, while Agoda has more listings. Also, like Vrbo, it is not limited to home and apartment listings.

Agoda Pricing And Features:

CostStart from $8 as the nightly rate. 
Fee3-5% fee
Number of listingsMore than 2 million
Listings typeHotels, homes, single rooms, apartments, airport transfers, and flights.
Best forHaving more listings and low fees.
Trustpilot reviews1.7/5
vrbo alternatives_Agoda Work Environment
Photo: Agoda

2. Booking.com

Booking.com is the best option for choosing a vacation rental among many listings because it offers more than Vrbo. Booking.com has more than 400 million monthly visitors, more than its competitors. Moreover, you will find other listings, including hotels, hostels, and resorts, on Booking.com. 

Another primary reason to choose this platform as a host or property owner is its commissions are much higher than Vrbo. It is a suitable platform for experienced hosts. But it can be overwhelming for new property owners. 

Booking.com Pricing And Features:

CostStart at $530
Fee15% for hosts.
The number of listings28 million
Listings typeHotels, hostels, homes, apartments
Best forA vast listings
Trustpilot reviews1.7/5
Photo: booking.com

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is well known as a peer-to-peer online marketplace and is even popular in the vacation rental industry. Also, consider Airbnb to find an affordable vacation rental to avoid costly hotel rent that strains your pocket while visiting famous tourist destinations. 

Even here, you can find hosts according to your interest. For example, if you are interested in tennis, you can book a stay at a former tennis player’s home. Also, the most exciting thing is that the hosts on Airbnb offer a lot of modern conveniences to the customers.

Airbnb Pricing And Features:

Cost$499 yearly subscription.
Feearound 14%
Number of listingsMore than 7 million.
Listings typePrivate rooms, shared rooms, apartments, homes, and hotel rooms.
Best forRenting in specific locales.
RefundYes, according to the criteria. 
Trustpilot reviews1.6/5

4. Tripadvisor Rentals 

Tripadvisor Rentals lets you find accommodations near your location. According to “The Guardian”, about 456 million people use TripAdvisor listings to plan or evaluate their travel every month. It has an excellent app that you can use to search and book places. 

You can also filter all your searches through the app. You can also get an idea about the local transport to the designated place. Although it offers fewer listings than other Vrbo alternatives, it’s still useful enough for those traveling to new places.

Tripadvisor Rentals Pricing And Features:

Cost$499 annual subscription. 
FeeUp to 16%
Number of listings830,000
Listings typeHomes, and apartments
Best forFinding nearby accommodation.
Trustpilot reviews3.9/5
tripadvisor website
Photo: Tripadvisor

5. Sonder

Do you want to get the experience and convenience of a hotel stay at a cost-effective price during your long trip? Then I recommend moving to the Sonder platform. Like Airbnb, it is an excellent VRBO alternative that offers all the amenities at a limited cost. Here you will find houses or apartments, big or small. 

When you use any of its properties, you’ll feel like it’s all yours, meaning there’s almost everything to use in your way. Besides, the Sonder app handles everything quite efficiently because you don’t need to contact the owner when booking an apartment. 

Sonder Pricing And Features:

Cost$49 monthly subscription 
FeeMinimum $0.08 per transaction.
The number of listingsMore than 6000.
Listings typeHomes, apartments, and short-term rentals.
Best forRenting a private apartment.
Trustpilot reviews1.2/5


Among the other Vrbo alternatives, FlipKey is also known for charging higher customer fees. You can find FlipKey-supplied vacation homes anywhere in the world. However, this platform may not be as convenient for those on a personal journey. 

Feel free to switch to FlipKey, especially when traveling in a group and having a solo environment is not that important. FlipKey only provides a partial home environment, but it’s perfect for group travel and enjoyment.

FlipKey Pricing And Features:

Fee3 – 16%
Number of listings830,000
Listings typeHouse, apartment, studio, hotel apartment, cottage, and so more. 
Best forA vast range of rental options.
RefundYes, but restricted.
Trustpilot reviews2.1/5
Alternatives To VRBO And AirBNB For Your Vacation Rental

7. Hotels.com

Are you considering booking a hotel on a travel break? Then you can choose Hotels.com as a Vrbo alternative. It allows you to connect with hotels near your location instantly. You can use this app on both your Android and IOS devices. Hotels.com was founded in 1991 and has provided customers with leading lodging bookings for years. 

But not only hotels, you can also find other accommodation listings here. Moreover, it offers more opportunities to customers than other Alternatives to VRBO. For booking, you just download the Hotels.com app on your mobile and manage all the activities.

Hotels.com Pricing And Features:

CostStart at $110.
Fee10% and 20%.
The number of listingsMore than 325,000.
Listings typeApartments, hotels, and more. 
Best forHuge earnings for hotel stays.
Trustpilot reviews1.3/5

Final Thoughts on Vrbo and Beyond

Vrbo has long held a prominent position in the vacation rental landscape, offering countless travelers memorable experiences and unique stays. However, no platform is without its challenges, and some users have noted areas where Vrbo might fall short.

With this in mind, I’ve curated a selection of alternative platforms, aiming to match varied preferences, budgets, and needs. Exploring these options could lead you to discover a platform that aligns more closely with your requirements, whether you’re a guest or a host. Dive in and find the platform that’s just right for you.

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