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7 Zwift Alternatives You Won’t Believe Exist! | 2024

Those who love indoor cycling will undoubtedly love Zwift, as it has become popular with cyclists since its launch. It currently has millions of users and offers more than 1000 structured workouts. But some excellent Zwift alternatives in 2023 can give you a better experience.

Zwift is undoubtedly an excellent choice for virtual cycling, but it has some aspects that users don’t enjoy. That’s why they search for some alternatives to this app. Some of Zwift’s top alternatives will undoubtedly give you a better experience.

In this article, I will present some selected top Zwift alternatives. Hopefully, there’s a choice hidden here that you’ll find better than Zwift.

What is Zwift?

Zwift is an online training program and cycling game with a popular platform for riding in the virtual world with over a million users. It also enhances the cycling efficiency of the rider. On Zwift, you can compete virtually with thousands of riders and join any race. It is perfect for those who prefer cycling in a gaming environment. 

Moreover, it enhances the personal riding experience of any rider.  It is a great option, especially for those who want to cycle while avoiding the traffic and dangerous conditions outside. But if you don’t like the gaming interface, you should look for other options.

Zwift Pricing

  • Platform: Apple TV, iOS, Windows, Android, macOS 
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Virtual racing, structured workouts, social riding, solo, and training.
  • Cost: 14.99 USD/mo
  • Free trial: 7 days period
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Why Do You Need a Zwift Alternative?

There are plenty of questions about why you should explore Zwift alternatives. However, Zwift can provide some disadvantages as one platform is only considered the best for some. Below are some reasons why you should consider Zwift alternatives.

  • Lacks a realistic environment: When you cycle indoors using the Zwift platform, there is no real road; instead, it allows you to cycle in a gaming environment.
  • Not offer a free version: Zwift is not convenient for those who expect a free version because it does not provide a free version.
  • Not suitable for maintaining fitness: There are apps that will allow you to get fit enough to compete with other riders. Zwift is not convenient in this case.

7 Zwift Alternative : Our Top Pics in 2023

Now is the time to learn about the top Zwift alternatives. As mentioned earlier, I have already found some top platforms that are significantly better than Zwift in terms of various features. But you must read the details of each one to know which one you should choose.


RGT Cycling is one of the market’s many free apps for indoor cycling. It has a vast library of workouts and several virtual routes from which users can choose any one. Also, this app has some features that set it apart from other cycling apps. If you want to enjoy Magic Roads in addition to its available roads, you can send it a GPX file that will generate a virtual road for you as fast as possible. 

Another feature that sets it apart from Zwift is that you must switch to a paid subscription after a set period of time to use Zwift, but RGT lets you use a free version with some limited features.

RGT Cycling features and pricing

RGT Cycling offers some excellent features, which are mentioned below:

  • Platform: iOS, Apple TV, Android
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Virtual with reality, unique models, custom virtual courses, and structured workouts.
  • Cost: Free (Premium: 14.99 USD/mo and 10.75 USD/year)

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Want to enjoy more real-world routes? Of course, you should opt for the FulGaz indoor cycling app instead of Zwift, which has more high-definition POV videos. FulGaz has more than 1500 natural routes in more than 40 countries that provide a real experience to the rider. Those who want to go against the gaming environment can undoubtedly like it. 

Those who want to experience riding on the beautiful roads of the world through indoor cycling with high-definition video can thank this app. But if you’re looking to improve performance, FulGaz is not for you as it doesn’t include a system to motivate riders while riding, but you can easily compete with others.

FULGAZ features and pricing

  • Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, Apple TV
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Training, video routes
  • Cost: 12.99 USD/mo, 108.99 USD annual billing.
  • Free trial: 14 days period
FulGaz Pricing
FulGaz Pricing

3. TrainerRoad

While TrainerRoad is an excellent alternative to Zwift, you must consider your needs before choosing it. It is mainly suitable for fitness-conscious people and, therefore, not for those who want to experience cycling in the natural or virtual world. The app’s main objective is to make the rider efficient enough to participate in the vigorous competition and maintain fitness. 

Here you can’t see any road or hill on your device screen. Instead, it displays the primary data of your paddling. However, TrainerRoad may be best for those who want to avoid gamification and improve internal motivation. Moreover, in terms of ease of use, TrainerRoad is undoubtedly better than Zwift, as its interface is relatively straightforward and understandable.

TrainerRoad features and pricing

  • Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, macOS
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Motivation, interval training, and training plans
  • Cost: 19.95 USD/mo and 189 USD/year
  • Free trial: No free trial. 30 days money-back guarantee.
TrainerRoad Pricing
TrainerRoad Pricing

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4. Bkool

Although BKool is a virtual cycling app, it makes the virtual environment opaque. So you will definitely get a realistic experience while cycling. It has a lot of routes from which you can choose the route of your choice, but if you don’t have a route of your choice, you can upload your own. It provides entirely virtual roads, but they are designed most realistically. 

Besides, it is affordable compared to other indoor cycling platforms, which have monthly plans. BKool offers many courses that have made indoor cycling training easier for many. With video classes, you can easily reach your goals.

Bkool features and pricing

  • Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, macOS
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Routes, virtual racing, training, and courses, 
  • Cost: 10.00 USD/mo and 100 USD/year
  • Free trial: 30 days period.


Do you want to participate in virtual races? Be sure to choose Rouvy. Here riders can enjoy over 4000 structured workouts. It offers customers more than any other indoor training app, including Zwift. It creates a fusion of reality with the virtual. This allows people to enjoy roaming in a much more real world, even virtual. 

Since there are plenty of workouts, it can also help increase your fitness. There is no doubt that Rouvy is an excellent racing app, but some have negative feedback about it because its racing system needs to be updated. Also can compete with others and get a great experience in your cycling.

Rouvy features and pricing

  • Platform: Apple TV, iOS, Windows, Android, macOS 
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: Reality routes, video routes, training
  • Cost: 16.00 USD/mo and 12.80 USD/year
  • Free trial: 14 days period.
Rouvy Pricing
Rouvy Pricing

6. Kinomap

Want to enjoy real riding with more routes? Kinomap can be a better choice as opposed to Zwift. There are videos of different terrains of the world. You can have an excellent riding experience by watching videos on the screen. I recommend this platform as the best for those who want to blend in with the natural environment at the time of indoor cycling. 

Moreover, it is simple to use. After downloading it to your device, complete the necessary setup and start training. Another exciting feature is that you can upload videos of your outdoor adventure. But this platform has a disadvantage because it is only available for Android and IOS.

Kinomap features and pricing

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Device compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Initial features: training, video routes, several functionalities
  • Cost: Free (Premium: 12.79 USD/mo, 95.99 USD/year, and 286.00 USD lifetime.
  • Free trial: 14 days period.

7. Tacx Training

Tacx Training is a good option for normal rides. You can go to a race against your friends. It also allows users to create their workouts. The custom workout you create is synced to all device users, and all your friends join it. The app includes 3D GPS workouts; you can stream and enjoy over 250 real-life films. 

Here you will find all the live opponents that will give you an authentic riding experience at home. Unlike Zwift, it offers affordable plans. However, Tacx Training is a good option for getting different backgrounds when Zwift’s gamification annoys you.

Tacx Training features and pricing

  • Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, macOS
  • Device compatibility: Only in Tacx smart trainers
  • Initial features: Real-life videos, training
  • Cost: Free (Premium: 10.66 USD/mo, 106.65 USD/year.
  • Free trial: N/A.

Final Thought

With so many Zwift alternatives available, you should stick to something other than Zwift. While Zwift is a popular indoor cycling app, some drawbacks will draw you in against others. Above I have discussed 7 options, and hopefully, you will know about each one in detail. If you want to meet thousands of cyclists through virtual riding, use Zwift. 

But if you want a lot of routes and workouts, you can choose one of the other options. Just because Zwift is popular doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone. It is a good idea to research a few options, although it is time-consuming. However, for your convenience, we have mentioned the top prospects in this article. Now you can make a better choice.

FAQs On Alternative To Zwift

Can I use Zwift offline?

No, Zwift requires an active internet connection to work, and it cannot be used offline. Zwift is an online virtual cycling platform that streams the virtual world, graphics, and other features to your device in real time, and it requires a stable internet connection to maintain this connection.

If you experience a temporary loss of internet connection during a Zwift session, the app will continue running in “offline mode,” and you’ll be able to finish your ride, but you won’t be able to interact with other riders, see other riders on the road, or save your ride data to Zwift servers.

Is Zwift available on Android?

Is there a free alternative to Zwift?

What can I use instead of Zwift?

Is Rouvy harder than Zwift?

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