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The 9 Best Indeed Alternatives for Job Hunting | 2024

Job hunting can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. It can be difficult to choose the best job-hunting website among the many that exist. Of course, there are many other great options besides Indeed, even if it is one of the most popular and largest job-hunting sites.

There is a job search platform for everyone, whether you are a skilled worker looking for your next career choice or an employer looking for top talent. I’ve got you covered with everything from niche marketplaces like Toptal and Hubstaff Talent to massive job directories like Monster and Google for Jobs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at nine alternatives to Indeed that are just as useful for finding work. If you’re looking for an alternative to Indeed for your job hunt, read on.

What Is Indeed?

Indeed is a website and mobile app that helps people find employment opportunities from multiple sources, such as major job boards and individual corporate career websites. The company’s origin dates to 2004, and it is based in Austin, TX. In order to apply for jobs posted on the site, users must first create a profile, to which they can then upload their resumes. 

Indeed is also a place where businesses may advertise open positions and look for qualified applicants. About 300 million people visit it every month, making it a central hub for people looking for work.

Indeed Pricing and Features

  • Free for job hunters
  • Many jobs to browse 
  • Payscale and business evaluations are included
  • Direct communication through the platform
Indeed Alternatives_ Indeed Website
Indeed Job Searching Interface

Why Do You Need an Indeed Alternative?

You may be wondering why you should look at another site like Indeed since it is such an excellent platform for getting jobs. Indeed, it’s possible that this is the most widely-chosen choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. These are, however, some of the most common reasons why people look for viable alternatives to Indeed.

  1. Competition: Indeed is one of the most popular job search engines, so it’s not surprising that employers face challenges getting their ads noticed amid the site’s numerous other available positions and employees also face the same issue while seeking the job.
  1. Reach: Although Indeed has a sizable user base, it may not be the best channel to reach a niche demographic.
  1. Features: Additional features are available on other job search websites that are not present on Indeed. These capabilities include access to resume databases and more sophisticated search tools.
  1. Preference: Personal taste or prior experience may lead some job-seekers and employers to favor one job-search website or app over another.

In sum, there are many factors to take into account when deciding whether or not to stick with Indeed, including price, competition, reach, features, and even personal preference.

7 Best Indeed Alternatives In 2023

If you’re looking for alternatives to Indeed, I’ve produced a shortlist of some of the best options. Here are 9 great options to consider if you’re not satisfied with Indeed.

1. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn’s job search engine is user-friendly, and the site itself is a solid place to make connections. My favorite feature of LinkedIn Jobs is the sheer quantity of available positions in every corner of the globe. It’s a convenient way to keep up with the state of the sector and uncover new job openings.

The search features on LinkedIn Jobs are second to none, making it a wonderful resource for employers looking to hire the best and brightest. Among its many features, Jobs stands out as one of the most comprehensive and effective. 

Its layout is attractive and user-friendly, and it contains numerous helpful features. It’s a great alternative to Indeed since it streamlines the decision-making process for employers and job-seekers alike, prioritizes matching top candidates with open positions, and uses a rigorous internal screening procedure to find the best candidates.

Linkedin Pricing and Features

  • Free to apply
  • Excellent for networking
  • Contacting managers and recruiters is simple.
  • Easy to brag about previous employment.
  • LinkedIn Premium for $29.99/month for more features

2. ZipRecruiter

Like Indeed, ZipRecruiter is a job board with the goal of helping companies find qualified candidates for available positions. As soon as the job posting goes up, the AI matching system begins contacting potential candidates that fit your criteria so that they can apply. 

It has one of the biggest job networks in the globe, increasing your chances of finding qualified candidates.

ZipRecruiter is a cost-effective solution for hiring managers since it allows them to advertise open positions and collect resumes online in one great spot. While this feature can be quite helpful, some users have complained that they are receiving job alerts that do not match their criteria. 

ZipRecruiter is a great alternative for both job-seekers and employers when it comes to filling open positions and recruiting new staff.

ZipRecruiter Pricing and Features

  • Applicant tracking systems integration
  • Resume database available for future recruitment
  • One-click applications for most jobs
ZipRecruiter Website Interface_indeed alternatives
ZipRecruiter Website Interface

3. Glassdoor 

A lot of people prefer using Glassdoor as an Indeed alternative when looking for a job or an employer. Glassdoor is a website that lists jobs, but it also provides information about companies and their cultures through ratings and reviews written by current and past employees. 

Job-seekers who want to learn more about potential employers might utilize this to their advantage. Both the search functionality and the overall layout of the platform are intuitive and easy to use. 

Nonetheless, some users have complained that Glassdoor has fewer job ads than competing sites. Glassdoor provides employers with capabilities like viewing applicant information and tracking the success of their job advertisements at cheap prices. Overall, Glassdoor is a fantastic resource for job seekers seeking in-depth data on potential employers, and employers who want to attract a highly engaged community.

Glassdoor Pricing and Features

  • Cost-free for those in the job market
  • Salary and employer data are visible.
  • Numerous company employee reviews
Glassdoor vs Indeed | Which is best for Jobseekers?

4. Fiverr

When it comes to finding freelance or contract work, Fiverr offers a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous Indeed because it is a site like Indeed. Freelancers and businesses in need of various services, such as graphic design, writing, and programming, are brought together through this website. 

The procedure for posting and obtaining gigs on Fiverr is simple and intuitive. Furthermore, the platform’s advanced search features make it easy for users to locate work that is a good fit for their unique set of abilities and interests. 

On the other hand, some users have complained about the platform’s expensive prices and stiff competition for available jobs. 

Using Fiverr, businesses can quickly and affordably connect with talented freelancers for a variety of short-term tasks. If you’re a freelancer or an employer looking to hire freelancers, Fiverr is a fantastic alternative.

Fiverr Pricing and Features

  1. A service fee of 20% on top of the hourly rate
  2. Secure payment system
  3. Ability to communicate with the employee
  4. Option to review  and rate the clients
Fiverr (Photo By Fiverr)

5. Upwork

For those in the gig economy, Indeed’s main competitor, Upwork, is a viable alternative. Everything from content creation and design to coding and support is available on the site. 

The search functionality on Upwork is powerful, and the platform’s user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to find employment that fits their unique set of talents and interests. 

In addition, Upwork has convenient extras like a timer, project management tools, and a safe payment gateway. Some users have complained about the platform’s expensive prices and fierce competition for gigs. 

Upwork provides businesses with a streamlined and inexpensive way to find qualified freelancers for temporary jobs. In general, Upwork is a fantastic platform for both freelancers and businesses to find temporary or contract workers.

Upwork Pricing and Features

  1. 20% service fee
  2. “Upwork Business” subscription for more features 
  3. Ability to communicate with the employee
Upwork Freelancer Service Fees
Upwork Freelancer Service Fees (Photo Credit: Upwork)

6. Hubstaff Talent

As an alternative to Indeed, Hubstaff Talent is a great platform for both gig workers and companies looking to hire them. Those in search of remote work or in need of remote employees will find the platform to be an excellent option. 

Jobs that fit a user’s unique set of talents and interests can be easily located thanks to the platform’s intuitive design and powerful search capabilities. Time tracking and other project management tools are also available through Hubstaff Talent. 

However, there have been reports from some customers that the site does not feature as many job openings as competing services. 

Hubstaff Talent provides an affordable platform where businesses can connect with qualified remote workers for temporary and permanent positions. For remote workers in a variety of sectors, Hubstaff Talent is a terrific solution for both freelancers and companies.

Hubstaff Pricing and Features

  1. 10% service fee 
  2. Secure payment and invoicing
  3. Direct communication with employee

7. Google for Jobs

Both job-seekers and hiring managers will find Google for Jobs to be a useful alternative to Indeed. As a result of the platform’s integration with Google’s search engine, it’s simple to uncover employment opportunities that meet your needs. 

Thanks to the intuitive design and precise search results, individuals have a greater shot at locating suitable employment opportunities. 

Google for Jobs also works with third-party job-search sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to provide users with the most relevant results. Google for Jobs is an easy and inexpensive approach for businesses to connect with a big pool of potential employees. 

In conclusion, Google for Jobs is a fantastic choice for both job seekers and businesses in need of a robust yet simple job search solution.

Google for Jobs Pricing and Features

  1. A free service
  2. The job can be filterable by job seekers
  3. Easiest one, is no need to open an account

8. Monster

While Indeed is popular among job seekers and hiring managers, Monster has been around for a while as an alternative. The site has been operating for quite some time and holds a sizable job database, giving users a great deal of flexibility in their search for employment. With a simple design and powerful search options, it’s simple to uncover employment opportunities that meet your needs. 

In addition to posting resumes and receiving job alerts, Monster provides numerous other services that can help job seekers. 

Monster’s pricing and services are very reasonable for businesses, and they provide useful tools like posting jobs and receiving resumes online. To sum up, Monster is a solid choice for both job seekers and hiring managers in need of a robust and well-established job search platform.

Monster Pricing and Features

  • Free for job hunters
  • Can apply without an account for some jobs
  • Jobs for beginners to experts

9. Toptal 

In contrast to Indeed, Toptal caters specifically to highly competent freelancers and companies looking to hire them. The service is geared toward introducing leading businesses to highly skilled programmers, designers, and financial specialists. 

Only the top 3 percent of applicants are accepted thanks to the platform’s stringent screening procedure and clear user interface. For businesses in need of highly skilled workers, this presents a fantastic opportunity. 

toptal alternatives_Talent Applications Received
Talent Applications Received (Photo Credit: Toptal)

Toptal provides freelancers with introductions to prestigious companies and lucrative work. The platform might not be ideal for all independent contractors due to its high entry barrier and its limited number of available positions. As a whole, Toptal is a fantastic platform for businesses and highly qualified freelancers to connect and find exciting, high-paying work in specialized sectors.

Toptal Pricing and Features

  • No recruiting or termination fees
  • 24/7 support
  • Difficult to get in the top 3%.

Bottom Line

In sum, there are numerous excellent Indeed alternatives that are well worth considering. There is a wide range of options for online job boards, from niche sites like Toptal and Hubstaff Talent to more generalized ones like Monster and Google for Jobs. 

The freelance marketplaces Upwork and Fiverr provide businesses with a low-cost and time-efficient means to hire contract workers, while the job search websites LinkedIn Job Search and ZipRecruiter give job-seekers access to numerous opportunities. 

Which alternative to Indeed is best for you will rely on your individual circumstances, but with such many excellent choices out there, you’re bound to find the service that’s just right for you and your professional development.

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