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Compare 7 Turo Alternatives for Affordable Rental Cars | 2024

Turo has become more popular over the past few years as one of the largest car-sharing marketplaces in the world. Its service is available for 7,500+ cities in the US, Canada, and the UK. But sometimes, people may want something different. Therefore it can be a good idea to know about some Turo alternatives.

Turo has considerable popularity in the car-sharing marketplace. But you might be surprised that Turo has a few more options. Some of these services have been around longer than Turo. Among similar options, you may look for a replacement for Turo if you are already a user of it.

To get a different experience, I searched for similar ones to Turo and put together a few based on their features and benefits. If you want to try another option, then learn about those options from this article.

What is Turo?

Turo is a renowned peer-to-peer car rental service provider founded in 2010. You can compare it to Airbnb because Turo car owners host and rent out their vehicles. Turo is considered a suitable and affordable option when people want to travel outside the city, and their car is out of service

It has an app that makes booking the required car easier from anywhere. If you’re questioning its credibility, Turo has over 24.9K reviews on powerful review platforms like Trustpilot, most of which are positive. As a tenant, you must download the app on your Android or iPhone device. 

After successful download and installation, you can rent a car to reach the destination. You can also contact local car owners. The company takes 15-40% of the total rent from the hosts. But it depends on the coverage plan used by the hosts.

Turo Cost and Features

Cost12 USD to 250 USD/day.
Fee18% to 100% depending on the trip price.
Rental durationDaily
Vehicle typesTrucks, Vans, Classics, Cars, Electric vehicles, Sport and others. 
Locations availableUS, Canada, and UK.
SpecialtyAffordable car rental service.
turo alternatives_Turo by the Numbers
Turo by the Numbers (Photo Credit: Turo)

Why do You Need a Turo Alternative?

Turo alternatives can give you a better travel experience. Despite Turo being one of the best on the list, it needs to include more features or benefits. However, now you know the consistent reasons to look for a Turo alternative.

  • Not enough Availability: Although Turo operates its service in hundreds of thousands of locations, there are few rental options in remote areas. In addition, Turo has no service in some regions. 
  • Not available for offroad use: Turo’s car rental service can be frustrating for those who want to reach a destination using offroad. Because you will not get any car rental for offroad use in it.
  • Car rental delay: To rent a car on Turo, you must contact the owner. Meeting the owner and getting the keys can cause considerable delay in reaching your destination.
  • Commercial rental companies: Some commercial car rental companies have debuted as hosts on Turo who buy cheap cars and rent them here. Turo does not include insurance for these commercial companies.
  • Does not offer unlimited mileage: Turo has limited mileage. It provides low mileage to avoid high-speed incidents. So Turo is unsuitable for those who want to cover long distances in less time.

Top Turo Alternatives

You may be lucky to find another site like Turo when Turo’s features displease you. As I said earlier that there are tons of alternatives to Turo. So now I am going to tell you about them. Hopefully, this includes a platform that will give you a great experience.

1. Zipcar

An excellent Turo alternative for short-term rental is Zipcar. It is a membership-based car-sharing service that has been running for over 15 years. This is basically an American company that reaches cities and colleges quickly to get customers to their destinations faster. It once faced stiff competition from Lyft and Uber

If you rent a car to reach smaller destinations, you can always get a car from Zipcar. Since it is membership-based, you can have a monthly package that will keep you away from small expenses for a while. 

Zipcar Cost and Features

Cost9 USD/mo and 90 USD/year
Rental duration1 hour, 3 hours, One day, Two days
Car typesCar, SUV, Luxury
Locations AvailableUS, Canada, UK, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Iceland, and more.
SpecialtyFor easy access to smaller destinations.
Zipcar Cost and Features
Zipcar Cost and Features (Photo Credit: Zipcar)

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2. Uber Rent

Uber Rent has been ranked among the top local rideshare companies in a short period. It has more than 100 million monthly users. Besides, people from 69 countries of the world are enjoying its services. Unlike Turo, Uber offers unlimited mileage.

The service is available in 10,000+ cities than Turo and residents of major cities in selected countries. You may think of it like Turo, just with more convenience. One of the main advantages of using Uber is that you can rent a car at any time. 

Uber Rent Cost and Features

CostStarting at $260/week.
Rental durationDaily
Car typesX Corolla, Alien, Exeo Premio, Toyota, Probox cars.
Locations availableare France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Canada, and many other countries.
Specialty24/7 car rental.

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3. Kyte

Kyte has not been established in the car rental market for long, but it has quickly made its way to the top. It has an app available for Android and IOS. But this service was only available in San Francisco, but it has yet to be expanded. 

But the company owner plans to expand it to more cities. Although it is new, the app has been downloaded 200 times by customers so far, and it already has a lot of users. Also, a Kyte customer can get a full refund if they give 48 hours advance notice. 

Kyte Cost and Features

Cost9.50 USD to 70 USD.
Fee25 USD cancellation fee
Rental duration3, 6, and 12 months.
Car typesSUVs, economy, and sedans.
Locations availableUS
SpecialtyFlexible car rental on demand. 

4. Lyft Rentals

Do you search for a rental service that offers unlimited mileage? Then you might like the Lyft Rentals service because it’s one of the Turo alternatives that offer unlimited mileage. One of the main differences between Lyft Rentals and Turo is that it offers free add-ons for a better rental experience. 

Lyft differs from other rental service platforms in that when a customer rents a vehicle, it must be returned to the correct location after use. Here you can take a wonderful trip with the world’s largest model cars. However, it is similar in general to Turo despite its essential differences. 

Lyft Rentals
Photo: Lyft Rentals

Lyft Rentals Cost and Features

Cost39 USD/day, 219 USD to 479 USD/week.
Fee50.00 USD for customers’ inaccuracy.
Rental durationHourly or Daily.
Car typesEconomy, Luxury, Extra seats, Assisted.
Locations availableSan Francisco bay area, Seattle, San Diego, etc.
SpecialtyUnlimited mileage and no fee in general.

5. HyreCar

Which is the best Turo alternative for long-term rental? Definitely HyreCar. Established in 2014, this company is convenient for those who want to rent a car for an extended period. It is also a good option for drivers who drive on hire as it includes insurance to cover various unforeseen accidents. 

When it rents its vehicles to drivers, the drivers are asked if they can work on platforms like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, if they can work properly for these companies, then the company rents them. Its purpose is to make some additional income by working with other companies.

HyreCar Cost and Features

Cost30 to 50 USD/day and around 1000 USD/mo.
Rental durationWeekly or Monthly
Car typesCars, SUVs, Minivans, Trucks.
Locations availableUS Only
SpecialtyLong-period car rental.
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6. Getaround

Getaround is one of the leading alternatives to Turo, with more than 6 million users. It provides car rental service for short term or long term. The main difference between Turo and Getaround is that it allows you to rent a car for any period. But it also has limited mileage, which is about 200 miles. 

Users can browse vehicles using either Getaround’s website or app. Users consider it an excellent and convenient alternative to Turo, as you can complete all the formalities through the app, so you don’t have to meet the owner. 

Getaround Cost and Features

Cost5 to 8 USD/hour.
Rental durationHourly
Car typesCars, Vans, Trucks.
Locations availablein US metropolitan areas and others. 
SpecialtyContactless key exchange.

7. GIG Car Share

So, I’ve reached the end of my list. It’s about GIG Car Share, which started its journey in 2017. If you want the most vehicle options, GIG Car Share can give you that, as it lets you choose from a list of over 1,000 vehicles. One of its best features is that you can reserve a car up to 30 minutes before departure. 

Also, other platforms may charge additional fees when you are a bit late. In this case, GIG Car Share is quite convenient as it doesn’t matter if it is a bit late in usage. Users will find its service available at the roadside anytime. 

GIG Car Share Cost and Features

Cost0.45 USDmile.
Rental durationSingle day, 1 week, or 14 days.
Car typesToyota Prius Hybrid and Chevy Bolt.
Locations availableSan Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Sacramento.
SpecialtyAffordable travel.

Final Verdict

While Turo is a better option for reaching destinations affordably, there are other substitutes you can always rely on. There are plenty of Turo alternatives that offer almost the same service. But only some are ahead of Turo in terms of convenience. I have discussed them above.

While Turo is affordable, it offers limited mileage in most cases, meaning there is no chance of reaching long-distance destinations quickly. It basically depends on you what kind of services you are looking for. 

Undoubtedly you have the right to get a good service. Hopefully, any of these top 7 options will suit your preferences.

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