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7 Best TaskRabbit Alternatives for Home Services | 2024

In case you ever need help around the house with things like cleaning, handyman tasks, or furniture assembly, TaskRabbit is a great way to find local workers in your area to do it for you. It’s possible that not everyone can use TaskRabbit or is happy with the results. Here’s where some viable alternatives to TaskRabbit come in handy.

Numerous options exist for securing a service of this nature, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I’ll assist you in selecting the best platform for your home service needs by analyzing requirements like accessibility, cost, happiness safeguard, and ease of use.

This article will look at some of the best TaskRabbit alternatives in 2023, specifically with regard to home service. The services listed here are great alternatives to TaskRabbit for both one-time jobs and ongoing needs.

What Is TaskRabbit?

Whether you need help cleaning your house, putting together some furniture, relocating, or fixing a broken appliance, TaskRabbit can assist you in connecting with a reliable freelancer in your area. The website functions as a virtual job board where employers can list available positions and local independent contractors can submit bids to fill them. 

The goal of TaskRabbit is to facilitate the connection between customers who need assistance with a certain activity and local freelancers who are looking for work in that area. The current user base exceeds 1.5 million, there are over 140,000 Taskers, and the company employs over 1000 people.

TaskRabbit Pricings and Features

  • The platform fee is about 15% of the overall price
  • Available in the whole of the USA and some prominent European countries
  • Every home service you can think of is available.
TaskRabbit Pricings_taskrabbit alternatives
TaskRabbit Pricings (Photo By TaskRabbit)

Why Do You Need a TaskRabbit Alternative?

There are benefits and drawbacks to using each platform.  TaskRabbit also has limitations in some usage scenarios. Here are some important reasons to think about the alternatives that are available.

Cost: Due to the fact that its services are not free, TaskRabbit contributes to an increase in the overall cost of getting work done. Some alternatives may provide the same features at a lesser price, while others may use a pricing structure that is more flexible and suited to your needs.

Availability: TaskRabbit may not be accessible in your area because of the company’s limited geographic reach. It’s limited to just 50 locations in four countries (the US, UK, Canada, and, as of quite lately, France). Possible advantages of alternatives include greater accessibility to local assistance for completing tasks.

Service Offerings: There are some services that TaskRabbit might not provide, such as gardening and pet care. There can be a bigger variety of services offered at alternatives, making it simpler to get the assistance you require.

User Experience: When it comes to customer service, quality assurance, and overall usability, TaskRabbit might not be up to par. Possible alternatives may provide a more satisfying experience all around, making it simpler to get aid with activities and have faith in the outcomes.

The Best TaskRabbit Alternatives

Although TaskRabbit is widely used, there are other platforms to consider. You can use whatever medium you like. I will discuss a few alternatives, highlighting both their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a well-known online marketplace that helps people find local service providers for a wide range of needs, such as cleaning, organizing, and repairs around the house. This TaskRabbit alternative offers more services than TaskRabbit, such as home improvement, event planning, and cleaning. 

Thumbtack is a simple platform for locating and hiring local service providers. In addition to its useful features, the platform has excellent customer support, which makes it simple to get answers to any questions or resolve any problems. 

Thumbtack, on the other hand, may cost more than TaskRabbit because it typically charges for its aid. When compared to TaskRabbit, Thumbtack is a more dependable and user-friendly option due to its expanded catalog of services and simple and direct interface.

Thumbtack Pricings and Features

  • A 15% platform fee above all tasker fees
  • Provide approximately 400 services
  • Available in every state of the USA
Thumbtack_Thumbtack App Icon
Thumbtack App (Photo By Thumbtack)

2. Handy

Handy, a site like TaskRabbit, is an online marketplace where customers can hire professionals to perform tasks around their homes, such as cleaning, handyman work, and furniture arrangement. 

Using Handy, homeowners can quickly and easily connect with service providers in their area. Moreover, it offers a quality assurance guarantee to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction. Handy, on the other hand, may cost more than TaskRabbit because of the premium prices it sets. 

Furthermore, Handy only serves a select number of cities at the moment, therefore it might not be accessible in your location. In comparison to TaskRabbit, Handy is a safer and more practical option because it guarantees service quality and has a straightforward interface for booking domestic help.

Handy Pricing and Features

  • Hourly competitive pricing based on work, about $35/hour
  • Available in most cities across the UK & North America
  • option to schedule services in advance or on-demand

3. Angi

ANGI is another TaskRabbit alternative that provides an app for domestic helpers to provide services like housekeeping, repair, and maintenance. Since it only serves a select number of cities, it might not be accessible in your area. ANGI is a platform that streamlines the process of locating and reserving domestic service providers. 

The platform’s services come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you know your project will be finished to your liking. ANGI’s low prices make it a viable alternative to TaskRabbit. When compared to TaskRabbit, ANGI is a safe and convenient option because it guarantees customer satisfaction, has lower prices and is easier to use.

Angi Pricings and Features

  • The platform fee is zero but taskers’ prices vary
  • screening of workers is available
  • Happyness guarantee for pro services

4. Upshift 

Upshift is a service site like TaskRabbit that helps people find on-demand help with things like housekeeping, repairs, and grocery shopping. Due to the limited number of cities in which it operates, availability may vary. Upshift is a platform that streamlines the process of locating and employing local workers. 

The platform’s services come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you know your project will be finished to your taste. The services of Upshift, on the other hand, maybe more pricy than those of TaskRabbit. As an alternative to TaskRabbit, Upshift is a safe and easy option thanks to its quality guarantee and simplistic interface for on-demand work.

Upshift Pricings and Features

  • No Set-Up Cost primarily
  • Option to select local independent contractors
  • Available in most of the cities of the USA
Upshift Areas of Expertise
Upshift Areas of Expertise (Photo By Upshift)

5. Porch

Porch is an alternative to TaskRabbit that provides a marketplace for home services like maid service, handyman jobs, and lawn care. Availability is not guaranteed due to its limited scope of operations and scope of coverage. 

Porch is an easy-to-use website that connects homeowners with service providers in their area who can help with a variety of household tasks. 

To ensure that you are completely happy with the work that is done for you, the platform offers a satisfaction guarantee. In comparison to TaskRabbit, Porch’s rates are much more reasonable. When compared to TaskRabbit, Porch is a more dependable and hassle-free option for home services due to its quality guarantee, affordable rates, and clear and simple interface.

Porch Pricing and Features

  • Porch membership of about $260-$360 annually
  • Great for lead generation
  • Available only in US cities

6. Wonolo

Wonolo is a site like TaskRabbit that allows for communication between businesses and a pool of workers for on-demand services like warehouse and event stocking, same-day delivery, and general labor. Wonolo service prices can change based on the complexity, location, and duration of the job. 

With Wonolo, companies can easily find and book the right workers for their projects, and they can manage these projects on demand. Businesses can trust Wonolo because of its simple interface, a wide selection of available services, and affordable rates in comparison to more conventional staffing solutions.

In addition, Wonolo conducts background checks on its workers to assure that companies have access to trustworthy employees. Wonolo is a versatile and affordable option for businesses in need of temporary or permanent employees.

Wonolo Pricings and Features

A 45% service fee of the job budget

Available in most cities in the USA

It customizes services for businesses

7. Jobble 

When businesses need help with things like event staffing, warehouse management, or on-demand labor, they can turn to the Jobble platform. Jobble’s rates might change based on the complexity, location, and duration of a given job. 

With Jobble, businesses have an accessible platform for finding and scheduling the right workers for their projects, as well as the freedom to manage these resources on demand. 

Organizations may locate the personnel they need quickly and at a lower cost than with conventional staffing agencies. Jobble is an adaptable and user-friendly platform that helps organizations identify and book people for a wide range of tasks, such as event staffing, warehouse management, and on-demand work.

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Jobble Pricings and Features

  • 39% of the Hourly Rate on each job
  • Available globally
  • Option to have real-time reporting and tracking

Honorable Mention: Apps Like TaskRabbit

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Similar to TaskRabbit, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) allows users to outsource simple tasks to a large pool of people around the world for a small fee. 

It is widely used for a wide variety of administrative and analytical projects, including data entry, content moderation, and image labeling. Because of its low price, MTurk can be a viable alternative to services like TaskRabbit. 

Finding the help you need is a breeze thanks to the platform’s large pool of workers and user-friendliness. Because the workers in MTurk are not physically present, it may not be the best option for tasks that necessitate specialized skills or direct interaction. 

MTurk is a cheaper alternative to TaskRabbit that lets businesses and individuals outsource small tasks to a global workforce.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Pricings and Features

  • 20% of the payment to workers
  • Ability to manage and monitor tasks in real-time
  • Available globally

2. Rover

A meeting place for pet owners and nearby pet sitters or dog walkers. Rover is an online marketplace for pet-care services like dog walking, pet sitting, and dog boarding. There may be variations in accessibility due to the small number of cities in which it operates. 

Rover is a convenient platform for locating and hiring trustworthy pet sitters in your area. In addition to providing excellent pet care, the platform ensures your satisfaction with its services. A more cost-effective option to TaskRabbit for pet-related jobs is Rover, which is well-known for its low prices. 

Rover is a trustworthy and easy substitute for TaskRabbit because it guarantees your satisfaction, has reasonable rates, and is simple to use.

Rover Pricing and Features

  • Pet-related services are especially
  • Available in all of the USA
  • Screening of workers to ensure the reliability of workers

Bottom Line

Even though TaskRabbit has become a household name, it is not your only choice when it comes to finding help around the house. Numerous alternate options exist, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks that provide access to comparable services. Thumbtack, Handy, ANGI, Upshift, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Porch, and Rover are some of TaskRabbit’s most credible competitors. 

Services like cleaning, handyman work, furniture assembly, and more are all available through these marketplaces. 

To find the most suitable alternatives to TaskRabbit, think about factors like accessibility, cost, satisfaction guarantee, and ease of use. This is how you can find the best TaskRabbit alternatives in 2023 for your home service needs.

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