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7 Best Grubhub Alternatives For Local Food Delivery | 2024

People around the world are very dependent on food delivery platforms to get the necessary meals and snacks to their places. As of 2020, more than 31 million people have chosen Grubhub as their favorite food delivery service, and the number of users is still growing. But there are some other options in the market that you can compare Grubhub with. So, learn about the top Grubhub alternatives in this article.

While Grubhub is known as the best on-demand food delivery service, it may not be for everyone. In this case, it is a better idea to try other options. You do not have to spend more time searching for top alternatives to Grubhub because I’ve already made a short list that I spent a long time choosing. 

Hopefully, you can determine which replacement might be the right choice for you.

What Is Grubhub?

Grubhub is a well-known prepared food ordering and delivery company founded in 2004. This service is available in 3,000+ cities in America and includes 300,000+ restaurants. Grubhub’s user base grew significantly from 2011 to 2020. It had 8.8 million users in 2019 but has grown incredibly in 2020. So guess how popular it is with users in 2023.

Since Grubhub includes many restaurants on its website and mobile app, customers can easily access their favorite restaurants. People can order using the app but do not need to contact the restaurant. A delivery person will pick up the item from the restaurant and deliver it to you within the specified time.

Grubhub fee and features

FeesStart at 10%.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
Availability4,000 cities 50 U.S. states
Minimum order10 USD
Free deliveryFor 12USD+ orders.
SpecialtyIncludes lots of restaurants 
Grubhub fee and features
Grubhub Pricing and Features
Grubhub Pricing and Features

Why Do You Need A Grubhub Alternative?

Despite its many useful features, Grubhub has some aspects that users may find unsatisfying. So if you want to choose a Grubhub alternative, it probably won’t go wrong.

  • It can be confusing at times: Users can sometimes fall behind in order. For this, they often have to start from the first step. This can be quite time-consuming.
  • Have to pay more: People may have to pay more for the ordered food. This includes shipping and service fees. Besides, the delivery person may also be tipped.
  • Delayed Delivery: Grubhub sometimes delivers meals late due to road traffic or other reasons. So for a hungry person, Grubhub’s delivery method can be frustrating.
  • Hits the food quality: Even though Grubhub works with reputable restaurants, sometimes you need to complain about the food quality as it has a record of being soggy or cold.

7 Best Grubhub Alternatives

There is no dearth of Grubhub alternatives in the market, so it can be challenging to choose the right one. However, since I have collected a few, you do not have to waste too much time; you should attend to my collections. 

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is one of the top local food delivery apps and a great alternative to Grubhub. DoorDash’s services are not only limited to food item delivery but are also extended to grocery items delivery. DoorDash connects 300,000+ restaurants and grocery stores across Australia, Canada, and the US. 

So it’s easy to get the delivery of food and groceries you need from your nearby and preferred restaurants or stores. Especially those who expect fresh and hot-prepared food can rely on DoorDash instead of Grubhub because it will deliver your order to your door as fast as possible while maintaining the level of food quality. 

DoorDash fee and features

FeesStart at 0.60 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
AvailabilityOver 7000 cities across US, Canada, and Australia.
Minimum orderN/A
Free deliveryFor the first order.
SpecialtyAvailable in more cities.
DoorDash fee and features
DoorDash Pricing and Features_doordash alternatives
DoorDash Pricing and Features

2. Seamless

For those who prefer more recent internet food delivery services that are more reliable, I’ve listed Seamless, which has been around since 1999. Now You might be curious how it differs from Grubhub will attract users the most. If you are bothered by the extra fees, this alternative to Grubhub is undoubtedly the best option. 

With a monthly subscription, you may also save money on delivery fees. Subscribe at a fixed monthly cost and enjoy free delivery throughout the month. Many prefer it mainly as a cost-effective option. 

Seamless fee and features

The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
AvailabilityMore than 600 cities.
Minimum order12 USD
Free deliveryYes, for a monthly subscription.
SpecialtyNo need to pay an extra fee.
Seamless fee and features

3. Uber Eats

A reputable platform for flexible food delivery is Uber Eats. Its primary benefit over Grubhub is that people in 24 countries can use the service to order food on the go from their preferred restaurants. Moreover, another nice feature it includes is that you can use your own delivery crews.

Many believe that Uber Eats may be more expensive than other options. It is not wrong, but you can enjoy various offers with coupon codes almost yearly. Uber Eats offers discounts to customers at various events, and even new customers get a discount on their first order. 

Uber Eats fee and features

FeesStart at 2 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
AvailabilityOver 500 cities from 24 countries.
Minimum order10 USD
Free deliveryYes for over 15 USD orders.
SpecialtyAvailable in more countries.
Uber Eats fee and features
uber eats alternative
Uber Eats Website

4. Instacart

Can you survive on fast food alone? No, you also need grocery items, and keeping them close at hand, Instacart can be an ideal choice for you. It partners with nearly 40,000 local stores, so getting groceries items wherever you want is easy. You won’t believe what more it offers to customers. 

Here you will find more than 500 million products in various catalogs that will suffice to meet your daily needs. You can continue with Instacart for one monthly subscription fee and no additional costs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to contact the grocery supplier. 

Instacart alternatives
Instacart Website

Instacart fee and features

FeesStart at 3.99 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
AvailabilityOver 5,500 cities in US and Canada.
Minimum order10 USD.
Free deliveryYes, for the first order.
SpecialtyExtensive grocery store list.
Instacart fee and features

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5. Caviar

Caviar can undoubtedly be on your wish list as a cost-effective alternative to ready meals. It always demands lower customer service fees and guarantees fresh food delivery in the fastest time. It uses real-time GPS tracking to reach customers quickly while maintaining food quality.

Moreover, unlike other platforms, Caviar not only focuses on fast food but picks up and delivers other items. There is no need to interact with the restaurant; just checkout and place your order. Within the allotted time, Caviar can bring the chosen item to your door.

The Caviar fee and features

Feesare 1.99 USD.
Subscription costN/A
Availability28 cities in the US. 
The minimum orderDepends on the restaurant.
Free deliveryYes, for the first order.
SpecialtyReal-time GPS tracking.
The Caviar fee and features

6. Postmates

Before you choose Postmates as a replacement for Grubhub, you might want to look at a statistic from April 2021, when it was the most popular food delivery service in the US. However, it is still quite popular because, as a user, you can expect to have almost everything at your doorstep 24/7. 

The distinction with Grubhub is that besides food products, you can also get items like clothing and gadgets through Postmates. It started in 2010 with various product delivery services originally to meet the huge demand of customers. Also, Postmates offers various discounts when you can use it more affordably.

Postmates fee and features

FeesStart at 1.99 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
Availability3,500+ US cities.
Minimum orderN/A
Free deliveryYes, for over 12 USD orders.
SpecialtyExtensive reach with 24/7 deliveries.
Postmates fee and features
Postmates Pricing and Features
Postmates Pricing and Features

7. ChowNow

The last option on my list is ChowNow which started in 2011 as an online service that delivers food. Are you aware of why users love it so much? ChowNow has been providing delivery services to customers for years without any hidden fees. 

Although ChowNow is not accessible in many cities, it provides reliable services for delivering food in certain areas. It is expected to cover more areas in the future. I think ChowNow is perfect for those who want to avoid paying fees other than food payments.

ChowNow fee and features

FeesDeffers by restaurants.
Subscription costN/A
AvailabilityOver 18 US cities and regions.
Minimum orderIt varies.
Free deliveryN/A
SpecialtyRequires no hidden fees.
ChowNow fee and features


There is no denying that Grubhub meal delivery service has proven to be quite popular, but it might not be the best option for everyone all the time. Even some features may disappoint you a bit. Perhaps the solution lies in Grubhub alternatives. For some who want to avoid extra fees, Grubhub is definitely not for them.

I hope, you have read the discussion about each Grubhub alternative I have listed and now know which one will be convenient for you. So when you have some good multiple substitutes, why stick with just one when all its features don’t suit your needs?

FAQs On Alternatives To Grubhub 

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