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The 7 Best Instacart Alternatives For Grocery Shopping | 2024

Are you too busy to go out and do the necessary shopping? No worries, Instacart is considered a convenient tool to get the necessary items at home without going to the grocery store. However, some Instacart alternatives can also earn your trust for such purchases.

Apart from Instacart, other competitors in the market are providing services to save people time and effort. Moreover, each platform has its unique features. So if you want to use any other option besides Instacart, it can give you a different experience.

In this article, I will talk about some of the best grocery apps like Instacart. Read it carefully; maybe the replacement you’re looking for is right here.

What Is Instacart?

Instacart is a US-based grocery shopping app. It is a perfect platform for customers who want to shop for groceries as required by a personal shopper. Here you place the order of what you want to buy, and a shopper makes all the purchases and delivers them to your doorstep within 1 hour.

Through it, you can shop 500 million products according to various catalogs. When you place an order on Instacrat through the app, you are told how long it will take for the purchased groceries to be delivered. However, in case of faster delivery than the scheduled time, you may have to add an additional fee.

Instacart alternatives
Instacart Website

Instacart is very convenient, and you can use their promo codes from time to time to save on online delivery.

Instacart fee and features

Cost$9.99/month and $9.99/year
FeeStarts at $3.99
Locations availability5,500+ cities of U.S. & Canada.
Free trial14 days
Best for Grocery shopping
Instacart fee and features

Why Do You Need A Instacart Alternative?

Do not think that Instacart is above all disadvantage. It has both advantages and disadvantages. So it’s good to know that you might need an Instacart alternative for any reason. These will probably help you figure out if Instacart is really the right option for you.

  • Lacks availability: It is available in some cities in the United States and Canada but its service is not available in rural areas.
  • Costly: Instacart is a very expensive grocery shop service. Some of the Instacart alternatives on the market can be relatively less expensive.

7 Instacart Alternatives

Now it’s time to learn more about Instacart alternatives. Each option works a little differently. I’m not insisting that you must use a replacement for this, but knowing about them can be useful.

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is designed to enhance people’s shopping experience powered by Amazon. Amazon Fresh offers its grocery delivery service in over 2,000 cities in the United States. The reason for keeping it as an alternative to Instacart is that Instacart is unlikely to offer any free services other than a free trial. 

But being a Prime member of Amazon Fresh, you can get free two-hour or even 2-day product delivery. It also has locations in cities that Instacart has not yet reached. As such, it can definitely be considered an ideal alternative to Instacart.

Amazon Fresh fee and features

FeeStarts at $3.95
Locations availability2000+ cities in the US.
Free trialfor 30 days.
Best for2 days free delivery.
Amazon Fresh fee and features

2. Walmart+

If you don’t want to miss out on great things like free delivery, then Walmart+ can be an ideal choice for you as opposed to Instacart. Here you get a premium membership. Since it has an app, you can compare prices before shopping and even make a list so that no item is missed. 

Besides, you can see the place you want to shop with the help of the map. Similar to Instacart, Walmart+ delivers your essential groceries right to your doorstep, but cost-wise, Walmart+ will definitely be more affordable to you as it offers several benefits.

Walmart+ fee and features

Cost$12.95/month and $98/year.
Fee$7.95 for non-membership.
Locations availabilityUS and Canada
Free trial30 days
Best forLong time free trial.
Walmart+ fee and features

3. Shipt

Another option on my list is Shipt which works a lot like Instacart. You can get your favorite items fresh and with quality without leaving home. Shipt’s services are available in more than 5,000 cities. But you can check if its service is available in your area before ordering. 

In this case, create an account on the website and download Shipt’s app. Then check by zip code in your area to see if the product is available in your area. Moreover, this platform is also quite popular for providing excellent customer service whereas many complain about Instacart’s customer service.

Shipt fee and features
Shipt Fee And Features (Photo By Shipt)

Shipt fee and features

Cost$8.25/month and $99.00/year.
Locations availabilityOver 5000 locations in US.
Free trial30 days.
Best forOffering service in more locations.
Shipt fee and features

4. FreshDirect

If you’re looking for an Instacart alternative that offers flexible membership, FreshDirect may be ideal. It is a US-based company that provides groceries to homes. Since 2006, the service has been providing essential food and snacks to fuel office workdays. Its services are not limited to grocery delivery but also include catering, restaurant delivery, and food shopping services. 

Basically, FreshDirect predates Instacart, and they offer more services in quantity. That’s why they are more reliable in the market. It offers excellent flexibility in purchasing as the minimum order is relatively low.

FreshDirect fee and features

Cost$79.00/six months
FeeStarts at $5.99.
Locations availability21 counties of the US.
Free trialfor 60 days.
Best forDelivering ready-made foods and groceries.
FreshDirect fee and features

5. DoorDash

DoorDash partners with local restaurants and delivers the food you order right to your door. DoorDash has service available in many areas of the United States and Canada. But you can check once you place an order if it is serving your area. It is easily known from their app or website. 

As it has partnerships with a wide range of restaurants, you can get any food delivery you choose. It’s a great alternative to Instacart if you want to enjoy free delivery sometimes. Also, the minimum order amount will meet most customers’ budgets.

DoorDash Pricing and Features_doordash alternatives
DoorDash Pricing and Features

DoorDash fee and features

Cost$9.00/mo and $99.00/year.
The feeStarts at $1.99.
Locations availability4000+ cities in US and Canada
Free trial30 days.
Best forNo fee for a $15 order.
DoorDash fee and features

6. Peapod

Unlike Instacart, Peapod offers a wide range of product options to meet the needs of large customers. Another primary difference it has with Instacart is that it first offers you 60 days of free delivery, which has attracted most customers. Peapod’s delivery fee may seem a bit high, but you’ll probably feel lucky to have free delivery for a long time. 

Instacart only delivers grocery items whereas Peapod also offers meal kits ready to cook. Another specialty of Peapod is that here you will get scheduled delivery and pick-up service.

Peapod fee and features

The feeStarts at $6.95.
Locations availabilitySeveral US cities.
Free trialfor 60 days.
Best forLonger time free delivery.
Peapod fee and features

7. Thrive Market

Thrive Marke is the last platform on my list that I will talk about now. It is an online grocery store focusing on healthy products and offering products according to the customer’s needs. Especially those who want to diet can find an excellent plan and items here. 

You may have questions about why this is an Instacart competitor. Well, Instacart offers groceries but doesn’t offer anything in terms of diet plans. Additionally, Thrive Marke is available in areas where Instacart is not yet available.

Thrive Market fee and features

Cost$12.00/month and $59.95/year.
The feeStarts at $5.95.
Locations availabilityEntire contiguous US.
Free trialN/A
Best forDelivering diet foods.
Thrive Market fee and features


There are still plenty of Instacart users who don’t think about its substitutes. But when there are some of the best Instacart alternatives available in the market, why not learn about them in case which of them might be ideal for you? Apps like Instacart have different specialties, so these options may have what you’re looking for.

So you already know about 7 top alternatives to Instacart. Each is told differently. So you now know which one will meet your needs perfectly. However, go with your choice and have a wonderful online shopping experience.

FAQs On Alternatives To Instacart

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