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7 Unique Uber Eats Alternatives for Your Food Cravings | 2024

Uber Eats is well known as a great food delivery service, and its service is accessible in several countries worldwide. But people can also consider some Uber Eats alternatives, as there are still some similar platforms. Moreover, if you are dissatisfied with any feature of Uber Eats, any other option may be sufficient for your satisfaction.

Choosing the right alternative to Uber Eats is difficult, as many alternatives are in the market. I have already spent a long time trying to find the best ones. Based on this, I have made a list that contains the top 7 options. This list may contain a platform that meets your needs.

I would suggest you pay attention to the entire article as it will help you to have the best decision based on your choice.

What Is Uber Eats?

Powered by Uber, Uber Eats is a meal delivery website and app that delivers food ordered from restaurants of your choice to you within a specified time frame. You may anticipate meal delivery from Uber Eats at any moment. It recently started delivering by the robot in Miami. Besides, this platform is simple to use

On your device, you must download and install the app, then start using it. In this case, first, select your location and search for the desired restaurant. Locate the restaurant and choose the cuisine of your choice from the menu and complete the order. 

This excellent service of Uber has spread to several cities and countries, and people have adopted it as a very helpful service to satisfy hunger by delivering food from some great restaurants.

uber eats alternative
Uber Eats Website

Uber Eats fee and features

FeesStart at $2.00.
Subscription cost$9.99/mo.
AvailabilityOver 500 cities from 24 countries.
Minimum order10 USD
Free deliveryYes for over 15 USD orders.
SpecialtyAvailable in more countries.
Uber Eats fee and features

Why Do You Need A Uber Eats Alternative?

Undoubtedly, Uber Eats is highly appreciated by many foodies, but this may not be the right service for everyone as it also comes with some downsides. So now know the reasons that encourage you to know about several apps like Uber Eats.

  • High fees: Uber Eats users sometimes have to pay high fees. This feature is quite disliked by users as some of the top services still do not charge such high fees.
  • Not good for instant delivery: You might be a good candidate for Uber Eats just if you don’t need immediate food delivery as sometimes the driver is late reaching you.
  • Food quality is not always maintained: Restaurants sometimes take more time to check orders. Besides, customers complain about getting cold food as the delivery person spends a long time finding the house.
  • Poor Customer Service: Uber Eats’ customer service is extremely poor. You need to have to wait a long to get their support for any problem.

7 Uber Eats Alternatives

To understand which option will be the most user-friendly and easiest to use in your area, you must know about the top services. Below I go into a detailed discussion about the popular Uber Eats alternatives I discussed earlier.

1. DoorDash

The first collection on my list is DoorDash which you might think of as more than Uber Eats because it doesn’t just focus on restaurants but also delivers helpful something to your door. Although it focuses on local eateries, you will also find desirable places to enjoy various local dishes. 

Basically, any meals and fast food can be found in restaurants listed on DoorDash because it prioritizes people’s needs and helps them find what they like or can do. It also includes stores and groceries near you. 

DoorDash Pricing and Features_doordash alternatives
DoorDash Pricing and Features

DoorDash fee and features

FeesStart at 0.60 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
AvailabilityOver 7000 cities across US, Canada, and Australia.
Minimum orderN/A
Free deliveryFor the first order.
SpecialtyDelivers both food and groceries.
DoorDash fee and features

2. Grubhub

Grubhub is another site like Uber Eats, yet it has some unique features to satisfy users. It has considerable popularity as a top service that delivers food. Your preferred meals can be ordered from any of your nearby eateries. 

Alternatively, you can pick it yourself. Besides. Newyork University students can enjoy great facilities with its Campus Dining feature. Grubhub basically provides users with an easy way and enhanced ordering experience. Just download the app in the right way.

Grubhub fee and features

FeesStart at 10%.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
Availability4,000 cities 50 U.S. states
Minimum order10 USD
Free deliveryFor 12USD+ orders.
SpecialtyIncludes lots of restaurants 
Grubhub fee and features
Grubhub Pricing and Features
Grubhub Pricing and Features

3. Caviar

Caviar is a US-based service that you can consider as an affordable option. It charges a lower service fee from customers, differentiating it from more expensive alternatives. Also, unlike Uber Eats, Caviar delivers the ordered food to you relatively quickly with real-time GPS tracking to find your location easily. 

Caviar includes an extensive restaurant, so you can expect to find your favorite restaurant to order food from. Another nice feature is that when people search for dishes on the menu, they will find a picture of the food next to it that is consequently on offer.

Caviar fee and features

Fees1.99 USD.
Subscription costN/A
Availability28 cities in the US. 
The minimum orderDepends on the restaurant.
Free deliveryYes, for the first order.
SpecialtyReal-time GPS tracking.
Caviar fee and features

4. Postmates

Postmates can be a great replacement considering that it is not limited to food delivery but also focuses on more useful things. Do you need groceries or any items from retail shops? Simply place an order on the Postmates app, allowing you to connect with everything from eateries to retailers. 

Postmates has a monthly subscription plan where you can enjoy free delivery. Another advantage is that you can pre-order and schedule your required item, which will be delivered on time. Postmates is ready to serve you 24/7.

Postmates fees and features

FeesStart at 1.99 USD.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
Availability3,500+ US cities.
The Minimum orderN/A
Free deliveryYes, for over 12 USD orders.
SpecialtyExtensive reach with 24/7 deliveries.
Postmates fees and features
Postmates Pricing and Features
Postmates Pricing and Features

5. Delivery.com

You know that you prefer to go with affordable options when it comes to delivering a meal because you are possibly not in the mood to spend extra after spending on the food. In this case, Delivery.com can be an ideal option for you. It will even deliver the beers to your doorstep if you want them.

Not only that, Delivery.com includes almost all the things you need daily, which makes it stand out from the rest. Get other useful services like cleaning with the help of Delivery.com. Another great thing is that it doesn’t charge for all services. It is a lot of things in one.

Delivery.com fee and features

Subscription costN/A.
Availability100+ cities in the US.
Minimum orderN/A
Free deliveryYes. 
SpecialtyAvailable at lower costs.
Delivery.com fee and features

6. GoPuff

Undoubtedly, you often find a food delivery company that will be a little different from the others and will meet your pleasurable needs. GoPuff is the platform that is always ready to meet your versatile needs since its establishment in 2013. 

Here you can find more than a thousand items from different restaurants and shops, especially for those who like to have their favorite alcohol or drinks close at hand, I recommend GoPuff. Apart from food, it includes other items; you can even get your beauty and health products through it. 

GoPuff fee and features

FeesStart at 3.95 USD
Subscription cost7.99 USD/mo.
Availabilityof 1000+ cities in the US.
Minimum order12.95 USD.
Free deliveryFree shipping for specific products.
SpecialtyIt offers some unique products.
GoPuff fee and features

7. Slice

Are you a pizza lover looking for a site that delivers pizza from your preferred restaurant to your doorstep? Then Slice can be your favorite app that includes the best pizza makers near you. Activate the app, input your address, and choose either home delivery or pick up from within the two options.

Not only the app, but you can also order using Slice’s website. Slice has over 17,000 pizzerias listed, so it’s easy to search for your favorite pizza, and you can even earn rewards on pizza orders.

Slice fee and features

Fees1.5% on the entire value.
The subscription cost9.99 USD/mo.
Availability50 States in the US.
Minimum orderUnder 10 USD.
Free deliveryYes, temporary.
SpecialtyLower fee and in some cases it’s free!
Slice fee and features


People always search for the best on-demand food delivery service because they are not happy with any platform. Uber Eats is undoubtedly good, but not everyone may be satisfied with it. That’s why knowing the best Uber Eats alternatives and finding the right one is a good idea.

I have already discussed the top options in this article. Hence, if you read the entire article, then thank you because now it can be simpler to decide on the right on-demand food-delivery service for you. Now continue with your desired service.

FAQs On Uber Eats Alternatives

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