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Upgrade Your Payment Game with These 8 Google Pay Alternatives | 2024

Undoubtedly, Google Pay is one of the best-secured payment service providers in a cashless society. However, it is not accepted everywhere, and its operation is directly tied to smartphones and mobile apps. These dependencies may put people in a difficult situation. To ensure seamless shopping and payment experiences in every situation, it is important to find suitable alternatives to Google Pay.

The availability and compatibility of Google Pay may vary depending on the phone you have, and it may not always work on phones that do not have NFC functionality or only support the tap-and-pay method. Therefore, finding suitable Google Pay alternatives can save you time and hassle.

If you are looking for the best Google Pay alternatives, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through the best alternatives to Google Pay, helping you find the answers to any related questions you may have.

What Is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a platform developed by Google in 2011 that enables users to make legitimate payments through a digital wallet, allowing them to pay for in-store and online purchases on supported websites, mobile apps, and Google services using Android devices. To use Google Pay, users need to link their credit or debit cards to their Google Pay accounts. The platform utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology to interact with payment terminals.

While Google Pay is a popular choice for cashless and contactless payments on Android devices, there are many other Google Pay alternatives available for your transactions. Although its peer-to-peer functions and account access are also available on iOS devices, it’s always a wise choice to be prepared with alternative options for faster and safer transactions without any disruptions.

Why Do You Need A Google Pay Alternative?

As the world moves towards a cashless society, digital wallets, and online payment platforms are beginning to overtake traditional payment methods. It’s essential to be aware of the many alternatives to digital payments to ensure secure and fast payments. While Google Pay offers numerous benefits, it’s important to know about Google Pay alternatives to make payments more hassle-free, cost-effective, and flawless.

While Google Pay is considered one of the best digital transaction platforms, it’s worth noting that it may not be available in every region or country, and not all banks and cards support it. Therefore, international payments may face constraints when using Google Pay, making it unavailable to some people. This emphasizes the importance of finding Google Pay alternatives.

Venmo alternatives
These statistics show Apple Pay, and Google Pay users for POS in the U.S. 2019-2021, with forecast to 2026

In today’s world, Google knows almost everything about our personal information. Making payments through Google Pay can be uncomfortable due to the extent of personal information that Google handles. For instance, Google Pay cannot be used without turning off the payee’s location when sending or receiving payments.

In light of this, finding the best Google Pay alternatives is a timely demand, especially in situations where Google Pay is not feasible or if privacy concerns arise.

Google Pay Alternatives

In terms of easiness of use, security, and cost-effectiveness, people need to try to use google pay alternatives for digital and online transactions. Google Pay has a much more alternative payment app that people can use easily and conveniently.

Here we are talking about the 7 best google pay alternatives for digital and online transactions.

1. Apple Pay

It is one of the leading Google pay alternatives with its easy, secure, and private transactions in stores, in-app, and on the web. You may send and receive money using Apple Pay by massage (the U.S. only) 

Apple Pay is workable for wireless devices only. Due to its simple interface, people like it too much. Some lucrative feature of apple pay is getting back 2% cashback on all transactions. The security of apple pay is so high. Even if you lost it, you may disable the phone remotely to hinder the usability of others.

Apple pay allows benefits like storing debit or credit cards in the Apple Wallet for purchases, secured Connection, offline usability, no hidden charges, high privacy, and usability with Apple Watch.

Apple Pay gained 66 million new users in 2020. Noticeable that Six out of ten people in the UK used Apple Pay for point-of-sale transactions in 2021.

 It has acquainted with a 43.9% mobile payment market share in the US. It has no access in China. Apple Pay accounted for 92% of the mobile debit wallet market in the US in 2020. 

Apple Pay fee and pricing

  • Free of cost to use 
  • For Apple Pay, you need only the usual wireless carrier fees. Standard fees associated with the use of credit or debit cards.
  • Free: Bank transfer.
  • Credit fees: 3%
  • Debit card fees: Free (1% or $0.25 for instant transfer)
  • Transfer limit: $10000.

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2. MetaPay

MetaPay is a virtual payment system that meets the needs of fast peer-to-peer transactions with enough flexibility and security. This digital wallet was first known as Facebook Pay. Later the name was changed to MetaPay.  

MetaPay is widely prevalent among users as a viable alternative to Venmo because many people use Facebook. So its payment system is undoubtedly more convenient for them. 

MetaPay Pricing

  • There is no charge when you’re using MetaPay.

3. Skrill

Whenever you think about the Google pay alternative, the first name that might come to your mind is Skrill. Since 2001, Skrill has ceaselessly accommodated a vast range of online transactions. By using Skrill, the user may send & receive money, make online purchases (including betting sites), and sell, track, and buy crypto even.

With many user-friendly features, it also has an affiliate program to earn 20% of the revenue made. With a wider reach, Skrill is serving more than 200 countries and 30 million people with 40 different currencies.

Therefore, concisely, Skrill is one of the best-chosen popular internet highly reliable payment platforms with open and transparent payment systems and customer protection.

Skrill Pricing

  • It charges very low fees as follows:
  • Free: Money transfer and receive.
  • Send money: Up to 1%
  • Send money credit card: Up to 2.99%
  • Fee per transaction: Up to 4.99%
  • Withdrawing funds charged $5.50.

4. Wise

Among the best alternatives to Google pay, Wise is used for convenience for sending money to around 100 countries internationally with many other features. It offers several ways to send money.

13 million people worldwide use WISE multi-currency accounts for work, travel, and transfer of money. It is one of the best no-hassle international business account maintenance platforms where you may do business at a low rate without hidden charges, and able to do employees’ payments and vendors, get paid, and manage cash flow overseas through one place.

Commonly, it is a free account but one needs to pay higher for faster transactions.

Wise Pricing

  • Free: Opening account, card cost, and receiving money.
  • Sending money: 0.41%
  • Spending with card: 1.75% to 2%.
  • Holding money: 0.55% annual fee.
  • Wire payments: 4.14 USD.
wise debit card
Wise Debit Card (Photo Credit: Wise)

5. Stripe

One of the well-known Google pay alternatives is Stripe. It has established in the year of 2011. It is a well-known payment processor. Stripe allows its business people to accept payments from both credit and debit cards. Using Stripe, payments might be accepted from mobile wallets and Stripe offers buy now, pay later services in multi-currencies. Stripe mainly furnishes APIs to web developers to integrate payment processing into websites and mobile payment applications 

Stripe allows payment globally and offers users the to accept over 135 currencies and a low-cost rate for high-volume merchants. It is popular for its advanced reporting tools and instant payout availability. It also offers several shopping carts with no hardware required. It has become an easy solution for e-commerce sites for payment processing.  

Stripe fee and pricing

  • Free: No monthly fee.
  • Transaction Costs: 2.7% to 2.9% + 5 to 30 cents per transaction for online sales.
  • There is an additional 1% fee for international and currency conversion. 
  • For in-person card processing, expect to pay 2.7% plus 5 cents per transaction with the same added 1% for any currency conversion or international card use.

6. Veem

Another google pay alternative is Veem. Veem is a vastly conversed way as a digital payment gateway. Nevertheless, it is trendy for domestic and international transactions.

Veem is a secure, less costly speedy payment network that uses multi-rail technology through a digital ledger of transactions. In addition to speeding up payments, Veem’s integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and NetSuite is a huge advantage over Google pay. It is a full payments management solution for businesses by adding invoicing, unlimited accounts payable & receivable management, and sophisticated workflows.

For its secure, cost-effective, and speedy nature of operation, it has won end-user appreciation vastly. 

Veem fee and pricing

  • Free: Bank transfer and receive. Also, for the international payment.
  • Fast transfer: 0.5% for the same transfer.
  • Check: $1.99 sent.
  • Credit card: 2.9% for global.
  • Debit card: 1% for global.
  • Instant deposit: 1% – min. $1.50.
Veem pricing and fee
Veem pricing and fee (Photo Credit: Veem)

7. Square 

If you want an ideal and secure money transaction solution for your small, large, or medium business, Square might be the best for you. Square is considered a trusted medium for startup businesses. Those who start a new business and do not want any initial costs can start with Square, as it is one of the important alternatives to Google pay. 

Square is a cloud-based service that processes payment for online and in-person sales, invoicing, business management, and much more. Using Square, you may process credit cards, and other payments ACH checks, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash App Pay.

It also supports mobile and retail point-of-sale (POS) software both in-person and in-store sales, and online and e-commerce stores. Wide range of services like Credit and debit card payment, mobile wallets payments, cash app, ACH payments, recurring payments, gift cards, buy now, pay later, record Cash, paper checks paid add-ons, payroll, email marketing, and advanced POS systems for retail and food service providers, Square is not expensive at all.

For its wide range, it is a worthy google pay alternative. 

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Square pricing and fee

  • Square offers three packages to its users as follows: 
  • Free: No setup or monthly fee is required.
  • Plus: $29+/mo with some advanced features.
  • Premium: Custom fees.
  • Mobile POS and Retail POS Checkout -2.6% plus 10 cents per transaction

8. WebMoney

WebMoney has been a popular digital wallet for online merchants since 1998 and is currently used by over 40 million people worldwide. You can complete business transactions through WebMoney from anywhere in the world. Users shall be responsible for all transactions relating to their accounts.

WebMoney fee and pricing

  • Free: No charge for receiving WM units.
  • Merchant service: 1.5 to 2.5%.
  • Transact tool charge: up to 0.8%.
  • Settlements: 1% commission.
  • Transferring funds: 6% fee.
  • Minimum fee: 0.01 WM/transaction.


Google Pay is a highly popular payment platform with impressive statistics. Over the past 12 months, it has gained 67 million monthly active users and facilitated transactions worth over $110 billion with hundreds of thousands of offline and online merchants.

Despite its success, Google Pay is not available in all regions and on all digital platforms. Therefore, many digital and online payment users are looking for alternatives that enable seamless transactions everywhere.

Google Pay alternatives are essential for those who prioritize personal information security, smooth worldwide transactions, and fast payment processing. These users can choose from a range of options, such as Skrill, Wise, Stripe, Webmoney, Veem, Square, and Apple Pay, based on their specific needs and preferences.

By selecting the best alternative, users can benefit from secure and low-cost payment processing, hassle-free transactions, and touch-and-pay convenience all over the world. If you are looking for a payment solution, consider these alternatives to find the one that suits you best.

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