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7 Turnitin Alternatives to Help You Catch Plagiarism | 2024

Plagiarism isn’t just a breach of trust; it tarnishes academic and professional credibility, posing dire consequences that could range from legal action to a damaged reputation. While Turnitin has long been the go-to tool for detecting content theft, it’s far from being the sole contender in the arena. In fact, there’s a plethora of Turnitin alternatives that might align more closely with your specific needs.

Dive into the world of Turnitin alternatives, each boasting its unique features and benefits. Not only do these tools help curb academic dishonesty, but they also champion original thinking and creativity in the learning environment.

Stay tuned as we journey through some of the top contenders in the plagiarism detection domain, evaluating their pricing models, standout features, and the distinct advantages they offer over others.

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a popular software used in schools and publishing houses to check for instances of plagiarism in written assignments. When a piece of writing is submitted, the software compares it to a massive library of published works and online materials, flagging any similarities it finds.

Turnitin does more than just detect plagiarized content; it also offers constructive criticism on aspects of a student’s writing such as grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Turnitin is used widely in higher education to combat plagiarism and verify that students are producing truly original work. Turnitin receives submissions of over 1,000,000 pages per day.

Turnitin Pricing and Features

  • No free trial is available
  • Turnitin costs $3 per student annually.
  • No individual license to check plagiarism directly
  • Must be integrated with an institution 
Turnitin Website_alternatives to turnitin
Turnitin Website

Understanding the Features of Turnitin

Turnitin is a popular tool used by academic institutions and educators worldwide, primarily for plagiarism detection. However, the utility of Turnitin extends beyond just detecting plagiarism. Let’s delve into some of its prominent features:

Plagiarism Detection

Turnitin’s key feature is its robust plagiarism detection. The tool checks for text similarity by comparing the submitted work against its vast database, which includes academic papers, essays, books, websites, and various other sources. 

If any parts of the text match something that’s already in the database, Turnitin flags it as potentially plagiarized.

Grammar Checking

Another feature that makes Turnitin a comprehensive tool is its grammar-checking capability. This feature, part of the ‘Feedback Studio module, reviews and provides suggestions for improvement on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors. 

It helps to ensure that the work is not only plagiarism-free but also well-written.

Peer Feedback

Turnitin also encourages collaborative learning through its peer feedback feature. It allows students to review and comment on each other’s work, promoting a constructive learning environment. 

This encourages students to critically analyze each other’s work, which can improve their understanding and writing skills.

Originality Reports

Once the plagiarism and grammar checks are complete, Turnitin generates an ‘Originality Report’. 

This report highlights the potentially plagiarized areas of the text, provides the sources of the matched content, and gives an overall similarity index — the percentage of the text that matches other sources. 

This feature enables both the students and educators to see exactly where potential issues lie and take the necessary steps to address them.

Why Do You Need a Turnitin Alternative?

You might be curious why you should look into alternatives to Turnitin if it’s so easy to catch plagiarism on Turnitin. 

The fact that Turnitin is the most widely used choice does not mean that it is without fault. When choosing a plagiarism checker, it is best to take your individual circumstances into account. There are a few reasons why someone might need a Turnitin alternative:

Cost: Turnitin’s price tag can be prohibitive for smaller schools or for users who may only need to assess a handful of documents. A cheaper alternative to Turnitin could be useful in these situations.

Functionality: Turnitin is a widely used plagiarism checker, but it may not be suitable for every situation. There are those who would rather use a tool with a different set of features, such as the ability to check for a narrower range of forms of plagiarism or a more robust system of providing feedback on drafts.

Privacy Concerns: Some people may be uncomfortable with the fact that Turnitin stores their submitted papers on their servers due to privacy concerns. Those who value privacy may find an alternative to Turnitin that allows them to keep their papers in a locally accessible repository.

Availability: Turnitin’s primary market is schools, so it might not be accessible to everyone. Individuals outside of academia who require a plagiarism detection tool may find one that is more easily accessible if it is not Turnitin.

7 The Best Turnitin Alternatives: Top Pic 2023

In this article, I will present a list of companies that I believe are formidable apps like Turnitin. Here are seven alternatives to Turnitin that you should seriously consider.

1. Plagramme

2. Unicheck

3. PlagiarismSearch

4. PlagiarismCheck.org

5. Quetext

6. Plagscan by Ouriginal

7. Copyscape

1. Plagramme

When looking for a site like Turnitin, I highly recommend Plagramme. It’s cheap, can be used by anyone, and comes with a number of useful tools for detecting plagiarism. Texts are analyzed for similarities and plagiarized content, and a detailed report including citations and originality ratings is returned by the software. 

In addition to being easy to use, Plagramme also provides the option to keep data locally, which might be a relief for anyone worried about their personal information being transmitted over the internet. If you’re looking for a less expensive, more thorough, and simpler-to-use plagiarism detection service than Turnitin, Plagramme is a great option.

Plagramme Pricing and Features

  • The free option is available for a simple search
  • Subscription is a must for more deep search
  • Checks magazines, newspapers also
Plagramme Pricing_alternative to turnitin
Plagramme Pricing

2. Unicheck

Unicheck is an effective site like Turnitin that checks for plagiarism in the same way. Because of its speed, accuracy, and ease of use, it is a great choice for both academic institutions and individual users. The software provides a thorough report that indicates the degree of matching and highlights any plagiarized text. 

In addition, customers can enjoy a seamless experience by connecting their Unicheck accounts with a number of popular learning management systems. As an added bonus, the pricing is reasonable, making it a viable choice even for organizations and people operating on a tight budget. As compared to Turnitin, Unicheck is a competent and trustworthy plagiarism checker, but the catch is, it is owned by Turnitin.

Unicheck Pricing and Features

  • 200 words checking is free
  • 50-page checking for $10
  • Integrates with Google Docs

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3. PlagiarismSearch

PlagiarismSearch is a trustworthy alternative to Turnitin that can accurately identify instances of plagiarism in the text. Its intuitive design and rapid scanning speed have made it a favorite amongst academics and professionals alike. In order to produce reliable results, the software employs complex algorithms to compare the text to a database containing billions of other web pages and scholarly papers. 

In addition, it generates a comprehensive report that shows what proportion of the content is duplicated and what proportion is unique. PlagiarismSearch is also available at a variety of price points, making it a practical choice for both individuals and businesses. It’s a fantastic resource for writers who care about avoiding plagiarism.

PlagiarismSearch Pricing and Features

  • Free up to 150 words
  • Each submission of 5,000 words costs $7.95.
  • The monthly fee for access to 300,000 words is $29.95.
PlagiarismSearch Pricing
PlagiarismSearch Pricing

4. PlagiarismCheck.org

If you’re looking for an alternative to Turnitin that gets the job done just as well, try Plagiarismcheck.org. It has an intuitive interface and incorporates sophisticated algorithms to compare information to a database of billions of documents, including print and online resources. A full report, including similarity percentage, highlighted text, and citations, is generated by the tool. 

To check the originality of their work, students, professors, and professionals can all use Plagiarismcheck.org. It’s a great option for both individuals and businesses due to its low cost and scalable pricing. In conclusion, plagiarismcheck.org is a trustworthy and efficient resource for identifying instances of plagiarism in the text.

PlagiarismCheck Pricing and Features

  • A one-page review is free.
  • A 50-page check costs $9.99.
  • compatibility with a wide range of e-learning platforms

5. Quetext

Similar to Turnitin, Quetext is a plagiarism checker that can be used interchangeably. The software has a straightforward design that facilitates speedy document uploads for its users. The content is scanned with sophisticated algorithms to look for instances of plagiarism, and a detailed report of any problems is then generated. 

The many features offered by Quetext include contextual analysis, citation help, and extensive searching. The software’s flexible pricing structure also makes it appealing to a wide range of customers. All things considered, Quetext is a great alternative to Turnitin because it is a trustworthy and effective plagiarism checker.

Quetext Pricing and Features

  • 500 words checking is free
  • Premium Plans: Starting at $8.25/month per user
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $7.50/month per user
  • Faster plagiarism check
Quetext Pricing_turnitin alternative
Quetext Pricing

6. Plagscan by Ouriginal

An alternative to the widely used Turnitin, PlagScan is a reliable plagiarism checker. With the software’s easy interface and powerful scanning features, users can easily scan documents and compile in-depth reports. The software implements advanced analytics, such as deep searching and contextual analysis, to detect instances of possible plagiarism in the content. 

In addition to detecting plagiarism, PlagScan provides tools like citation help and LMS integration. The pricing plans are adjustable to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. In conclusion, PlagScan is an excellent alternative to Turnitin because it is both dependable and effective as a plagiarism checker.

Plagscan Pricing and Features

  • 6,000 words for $5.99.
  • For classrooms $899 for 10,000 pages
  • For 200 pages, $19.99/month for business.
  • Checks 14 billion pages

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7. Copyscape

When you need an alternative to Turnitin, try the services of Copyscape. The software’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s so straightforward. Users can submit work and immediately receive reports detailing any instances of plagiarism that may exist. Other than comprehensive searching, URL tracking, and CMS integration, Copyscape provides a wealth of additional features. 

The software is widely used by bloggers and online publishers concerned about plagiarism. There is a wide range of pricing plans available to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses. Overall, Copyscape is an excellent alternative to Turnitin because it is a trustworthy and simple plagiarism checker.

Copyscape Pricing and Features

  • Fees of 3 cents for the first 200 words and 1 cent for each additional 100 words per search.
  • website-wide searches can be performed in bulk.
  • Compatibility with the WordPress platform

Considerations when Selecting a Turnitin Alternative

When it comes to choosing an alternative to Turnitin, several factors should be taken into consideration. Here are the five major ones:


The cost of plagiarism detection tools can vary greatly. Some offer free limited usage, while others require monthly or annual subscription fees. It is crucial to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the tool, taking into account your budget and the level of features provided. Not every expensive tool guarantees the best service, and not every free tool lacks advanced capabilities. Therefore, consider your specific needs and decide on a tool that offers the best value for the money you are willing to invest.

Range of Features

Turnitin comes with a host of features, from plagiarism detection to peer feedback. A good alternative should provide a similar or even better range of services. This could include robust plagiarism detection, grammar checking, citation assistance, and peer review features. Some tools may also offer additional features, like translation support or mobile applications, which could be beneficial depending on your specific needs.

Ease of Use

The user interface and overall usability of the tool a critical factor. A tool may offer a plethora of features, but if it is not user-friendly, those features may be underutilized or even completely ignored. Therefore, it’s important to look for a tool with an intuitive interface, clear instructions, and easily accessible customer support to facilitate a smooth user experience.

Robustness of Plagiarism Detection

Not all plagiarism detection tools are created equal. Some may only check your work against internet sources, while others have extensive databases that include academic papers, books, and more. The accuracy and depth of plagiarism detection can greatly influence the credibility of the tool. It’s important to choose a tool that offers a comprehensive and accurate plagiarism-checking process, ensuring that both common and less obvious instances of plagiarism are caught.

Data Privacy Policies

In the era of digital information, data privacy is of paramount importance. The tool you choose should have strict policies on data privacy and confidentiality. It should not store, share, or sell the data input into it. Always read the privacy policy of any tool you are considering to ensure your or your student’s work will be protected.

Bottom Line

Navigating the vast sea of plagiarism checkers beyond Turnitin might seem daunting, but each tool offers a unique blend of features tailored to various needs. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or a business professional, there’s likely a tool that perfectly fits your requirements.

Consider platforms like Quetext, Unicheck, and PlagiarismSearch, which not only promise robust plagiarism detection but also come with diverse pricing models. PlagScan and Plagramme stand out for their impeccable integration with learning management systems and their advanced scanning prowess. Meanwhile, the simplicity of Copyscape and plagiarismcheck.org makes them favorites among online publishers and bloggers.

Beyond mere plagiarism detection, many of these tools come with added features to refine and enhance content quality. Dive deeper into these Turnitin alternatives and discover the perfect companion for ensuring content originality and quality, no matter your profession or purpose.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free alternative to Turnitin?

While there are several free Turnitin alternatives, they are not all comparable. They are not as effective at detecting plagiarized content as services like Turnitin, which cost money.

Are the Turnitin alternatives as good as Turnitin?


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