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9 Best Carvana Alternatives And Competitors In 2024

Searching for a used car can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. While Carvana stands out as a premier platform for hassle-free used car buying and selling, it’s not the only game in town. Enter the world of Carvana competitors, a universe brimming with sites like Carvana, each vying for your attention.

If you’ve dipped your toes into the Carvana experience, you might’ve glimpsed some room for improvement. This is where diving deeper into Carvana alternatives becomes invaluable. No more hours wasted on searches; I’ve done the homework for you.

After meticulous research, I’ve curated a list of platforms, each bringing its unique flair to the table. Dive into today’s article, and by the end, you’ll be armed with insights to pick your next go-to platform.

What is Carvana?

Launched in 2012 and operational by 2013, Carvana has revolutionized the online used car marketplace. With an inventory primarily comprising vehicles 5 years old or newer, Carvana covers a wide spectrum of automotive retailing services.

The digital age has transformed many aspects of shopping, but buying a car online brings its set of concerns, chiefly the inability to inspect the vehicle in person. Carvana addresses this by offering a virtual experience that feels almost tangible. Shoppers can engage with a 360-degree view of every vehicle, allowing them to scrutinize every angle and detail.

But what truly sets Carvana apart is its transparent approach. The platform is meticulously crafted to display vehicles authentically, with no hidden flaws. Furthermore, an essential ‘warnings’ section underscores any concerns with their used cars, ensuring an informed decision every time.

Carvana Fee and Features:

FeeUp to 1000 USD.
Best for Huge selection of cars.
Money-back guarantees7 days
Test driveNo
Trustpilot reviews3.9/5 reviews.

Why Do You Need a Carvana Alternative?

You already know that Carvana has several top options. Many people don’t know why an alternative to Carvana might be needed. There are reasons that may encourage you to look for something better. Below are the top reasons.

  • No way to negotiate: Buying a car requires a negotiation between the buyer and the seller. But Carvana gives you no such option, so you must buy the car without negotiating.
  • High delivery cost: Carvana charges for delivery without a defined border. Sometimes it can even increase up to 1000 USD depending on the much higher location.
  • Buying a car requires a higher cost: Carvana raises the price of all the cars it owns to cover the costs of the business model. In this case, you can buy used cars at relatively low prices from other platforms.
  • Buyers cannot inspect cars physically: This is one of the significant disadvantages of Carvana. It does not allow the buyer to test the desired vehicle physically. So if unfortunately there is any imperfection you have to buy with it.
  • No test drives available: It is very difficult to make a decision to buy a car just by looking at the pictures online. Carvana has no such opportunity. Also, it doesn’t let you do any test drives. 

The 9 Best Carvana Alternatives In 2023

Here are the best Carvana alternatives available at the moment.

1. CarMax

2. Vroom

3. Autotrader

4. Carwiser

5. Shift

6. TrueCar

7. Edmunds

8. eBay Motors


1. CarMax

CarMax is an excellent Carvana alternative and undoubtedly a major competitor in the US. It is available at over 220 locations across the US. A simple answer to why people choose CarMax over Carvana is that it allows you to test drive. Besides, you can return the car after 30 days of collection. 

CarMax can be the best choice for those frustrated with buying a car on Carvana because CarMax considers the things that customers need to know and enables them to do so. So far, the company has sold 9+ million vehicles. Besides, you can get the necessary financing for the car even though the price is non-negotiable.

CarMax Fee and Features:

Fee100 USD or more.
Best for Text driving is a low fee.
Money-back guarantees30 days.
Test drive24 hours.
Trustpilot reviews1.7/5 reviews.

2. Vroom

Founded in 2013, Vroom emerged as one of the key Carvana competitors, offering a streamlined process for purchasing used cars. Catering to both buyers and sellers, Vroom stands as a beacon of convenience in the complex car market. While some find Carvana’s buying process cumbersome, Vroom promises an ease that’s hard to match.

However, if you’re pondering financing options, it’s worth noting that Vroom doesn’t have its own financing division. Instead, they collaborate with third-party lenders. Though some buyers might be hesitant due to Vroom’s elevated delivery fees, the sheer convenience of the platform makes it a compelling choice among sites like Carvana, whether you’re looking to purchase a listed car or procure a pre-owned vehicle.

Vroom Fee and Features:

FeeThe fee may vary.
Best for People with strong credit.
Money-back guarantees90 days.
Test driveNo
Trustpilot reviews1.2/5 reviews.
carvana alternatives_Vroom Website
Vroom Website

3. Autotrader

Established in 1997, Autotrader stands as a pioneering online marketplace, drawing nearly 18 million car enthusiasts monthly. Serving as a Carvana alternative, the platform showcases both new and used vehicles from dealerships, as well as private sellers. Given its longevity in the market, Autotrader boasts a vast car collection that few car sites like Carvana can rival.

Purchasing here is devoid of hidden fees. If a private seller’s vehicle piques your interest, Autotrader facilitates direct messaging to the owner. For dealership listings, a simple email can kickstart your car-buying journey, making it a seamless experience similar to Carvana.

Autotrader Fee and Features:

FeeUp to 35 USD.
Best for Reliable car info. 
Money-back guarantees30 days.
Test driveAvailable.
Trustpilot reviews4.7/5 reviews.

4. Carwiser

Carwiser emerges as a standout among car sites similar to Carvana, streamlining the car-selling process with transparent pricing and ease. Tailored primarily for car sellers, this platform offers a plethora of advantages. Setting itself apart from competitors, including Carvana, Carwiser boasts entirely free services.

In contrast to Carvana’s purely digital approach, Carwiser marries online conveniences with physical locations, enabling sellers to have tangible interactions if desired. Initiating the selling process is swift and hassle-free: sellers can jumpstart the transaction within moments, requiring only basic vehicle details without the burden of a tedious verification process.

Carwiser Pricing and Features:

FeeNo fee.
Best for Car sellers.
Money-back guarantees30 days.
Test driveNot specified.
Trustpilot reviews2.1/5 reviews.

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5. Shift

Shift stands out in the realm of digital platforms for trading used cars, positioning itself as a strong contender against sites like Carvana. Wondering why Shift might be your go-to Carvana alternative? Unlike Carvana, which doesn’t facilitate direct interactions between buyers and sellers, Shift bridges this gap, assuaging concerns about purely online car purchases.

With Shift, the direct dealing empowers both sellers and buyers. Purchasers enjoy the added benefit of test driving their new acquisition for up to 200 miles, with the option for a refund if it doesn’t meet expectations. At its core, Shift simplifies the car trading process for all parties involved. And the cherry on top? A plethora of glowing reviews on Trustpilot attest to its stellar reputation.

Shift Fee and Features:

FeeFee varies.
Best for Direct buying and selling deals.
Money back guarantees7 days.
Test drive30 minutes.
Trustpilot reviews3.5/5 reviews.
Shift Website
Shift Website

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6. TrueCar

TrueCar, emerging as a prominent alternative to sites like Carvana, bridges the gap between various buyers and sellers. Established in 2005, TrueCar’s mission has been to simplify and de-stress the used car buying experience. Some Carvana customers have voiced concerns over inflated prices, a repercussion of their business model’s overhead costs.

Conversely, TrueCar promises not only a fair price for prospective car buyers but also a seamless, hassle-free journey. Armed with a dynamic car pricing tool and a network of certified dealers, TrueCar ensures you can find a vehicle that aligns with virtually any budget.

TrueCar Fee and Features:

FeeNo fee.
Best for hassle-free buying and selling.
Money back guarantees7 days.
Money-back guarantees15 – 30 minutes.
Trustpilot reviews4.1/5 reviews.

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7. Edmunds

Another addition to my list is Edmunds, known for selling both new and used vehicles. Edmunds has quickly become where people trust when buying a new or used car at a fair price. It does not finance the purchase and sale of any vehicle but determines the approximate price of the vehicle. Edmunds also offers all the other benefits related to car buying and selling

Before buying or selling any car, it reviews all aspects and ensures validity. Moreover, a buyer can contact the local dealer to get some cash offers. There will be detailed information about each car; even Edmunds has a collection of different types of cars. 

Edmunds Fee and Features:

Fee5 USD or more. 
Best for Buying new or used cars.
Money-back guaranteeAvailable with the condition.
Test driveAvailable.
Trustpilot reviews4.4/5 reviews.
Edmunds Website
Edmunds Website

8. eBay Motors

eBay Motors is an online marketplace where you can find used cars for sale. Even the parts required for car maintenance can be found in this marketplace. It is a convenient platform for both sellers and buyers. Sellers pay a fairly low fee when listing their cars. 

Besides cars, there is a wide range of other products that people worldwide are trading. If you want to choose among unique vehicles, come to eBay Motors. Autotrader was founded before eBay Motors and has dominated the market ever since.

eBay Motors Fee and Features:

FeeFree. Upto 18.56 USD. 
Best for Huge selection of vehicles.
Money-back guaranteesAvailable on condition.
Test driveN/A.
Trustpilot reviews2.5/5 reviews.
Should You Buy A Car From Carvana in 2022?!


Another great Carvana alternative is, one of the most popular used car buying sites. It helps customers by providing all kinds of data that lets customers understand which car to buy and how much to spend. Since provides reliable information on its responsibility, you can become more confident in purchasing a car on this platform. 

Although Carvana is a popularly used car-buying platform,’s extensive information and other helpful features make it a vital Carvana substitute. Its huge car collection will surely help you make the best choice. Fee and Features:

FeeNo fee.
Best for Unbiased research data.
Money-back guarantees30 days.
Test drive10 minutes.
Trustpilot reviews3.1/5 reviews.

To Sum Up

It’s evident from our exploration that the landscape is brimming with car sites like Carvana, each bringing its unique offerings to the table. Many of these competitors present notable advantages over Carvana, especially for those who value test-driving experiences.

I trust you’ve delved into the specifics of each platform highlighted. While Carvana commands significant attention in the market, there are alternatives capable of bypassing potential pitfalls. This curated list aims to equip you with choices, ensuring a smooth and optimal transaction.


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