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7 Best NShift Alternatives for E-commerce and Small Business Owners | 2024

The demand for dependable delivery management systems has increased along with the popularity of online shopping. NShift is widely used by companies who want to improve their logistical processes. On the other hand, its price and feature set may prevent it from being the best choice for all businesses. 

However, there are a number of NShift alternatives that provide similar functionality and advantages for online retailers and small businesses. Each platform has its own set of advantages that can help a company save money, make its customers happier, and expedite its procedures.

In this article, I’ll take a look at various viable NShift alternatives, such as Sorted, Sendcloud, FreightPOP, Scurri, and Veho. 

What Is NShift?

NShift is an all-inclusive software platform for managing logistics and shipments that helps companies improve their delivery processes with a total of 500 employees. Order management, real-time tracking, dispatch administration, route optimization, and delivery schedule creation are just a few of the functions it provides.

NShift is a delivery management tool that helps organizations monitor shipments, plan the most efficient routes, and centralize and standardize their delivery processes. Furthermore, the platform is highly adaptable, so firms may adjust their distribution strategies to meet their unique demands.

NShift’s software is created to be accessible to users with varying degrees of technical knowledge. It’s accessible via the web or mobile apps and is made to work with your current setup. As a whole, NShift is designed to aid businesses in their efforts to boost delivery efficiency, cut costs, and provide a better experience for customers.

nshift alternatives
Photo: Nshift Website

Nshift Pricings and Features

  • Offers custom pricing plans
  • Carrier management and selection
  • Automated shipping and label printing
  • International shipping and customs management

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Why Do You Need a NShift Alternative?

If NShift appears to be meeting your needs, you may question why you should consider alternatives. NShift’s dominance in the market does not guarantee that it is the best choice for your needs. NShift is a robust software platform for managing logistics and shipments, but it’s not the only option. Some causes include the following:

  • Cost: NShift could be too pricey for startups with minimal capital. NShift’s prices may be out of reach for smaller firms.
  • Limited features: While NShift has many useful features and functions, it may not be the best fit for every company. Some firms, for instance, may necessitate additional, more sophisticated capabilities, such as automated dispatch or predictive analytics.
  • Integration: It’s possible that NShift won’t work well with your current infrastructure, leading to extra effort and lower productivity.
  • User experience: NShift’s user interface may be too complex or frustrating to use for some customers, which can cause delivery delays and mistakes.
  • Customer support: It’s possible that NShift’s customer service isn’t adequate, which would cause frustration and add time to the process of fixing any issues.

NShift alternatives may be considered, but ultimately, a company’s decision to do so will be guided by its own requirements and preferences. It’s crucial to weigh all of the alternatives and settle on a service that is affordable, simple to implement, and well-suited to the demands of the company.

The Best NShift Alternatives

In this piece, I will provide a summary of organizations that, in my opinion, are strong alternatives to NShift. If you’re looking for apps like NShift, here are seven to think about.

1. Sorted

Whether you own an online store or a small business, Sorted is a fantastic alternative for NShift. Real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and smart routing are just some of the cutting-edge delivery management capabilities it provides. It’s simple to use, works well with most existing infrastructures, and has top-notch support services. 

Sorted is a great option for small enterprises on a budget because of its low price. Sorted is an all-encompassing delivery management tool that can improve efficiency and quality of service for any business.

Sorted Pricings and Features

  • Pricing upon request 
  • Different shipping options including air shipping
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of delivery
  • Various third-party websites integration

2. SendCloud

When comparing NShift and Sendcloud, the latter is a more dependable and affordable option for e-commerce and small business owners. Features like as automated shipping, real-time tracking, and individualized delivery options make this platform both useful and easy to use. 

Sendcloud’s seamless e-commerce integration makes it a great choice for web-based stores. In addition to providing access to a variety of shipping companies, it also has a helpful customer service team. In conclusion, Sendcloud is an efficient shipping and delivery management software that may help organizations save money and time.

Sendcloud Pricings and Features

  • Starts from €20.00/month
  • Customizable price and branding of a product
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
Sendcloud Pricings
Sendcloud Pricings

3. FreightPOP

If you run an e-commerce or small business and are looking for alternatives to NShift, FreightPOP is a great choice. It is a full-featured logistics management system that can automate your shipments, let you choose the best carrier, and provide you with real-time tracking. 

FreightPOP is simple to use and adapt to your business needs. It is the best option for companies seeking to improve their shipping processes because of the powerful analytics and reporting feature it offers. The price is low, and the customer service is great, making FreightPOP a great choice for startups. In sum, FreightPOP is an effective and trustworthy shipping and logistics management platform that may facilitate streamlined operations and enhanced client satisfaction.

FreighPOP Pricings and Features

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Easy interface with a lot of features
  • Manage overall supply chain operations

4. Scurri

Scurri is an excellent option for online merchants and startup companies seeking a NShift alternative. It provides a full suite of tools for managing deliveries, including real-time tracking, smart labeling, and flexible routing. Scurri is simple to use and adapt to in new environments. It offers several different carrier options and has great support staff. 

Scurri is great for companies that want to streamline their delivery processes because of its sophisticated reporting and analytics features. Overall, Scurri is a trustworthy and inexpensive delivery management software that can aid organizations in optimizing operations and improving the client experience.

Scurri Pricings and Features

  • Pricing is available upon request and there is a subscription plan
  • Integrates with most ecommerce platforms
  • The real-time tracking and control on the seller’s hand.

5. Metapack

If you own an online store or a small business, you may consider switching to MetaPack as it is a site like NShift. It’s a one-stop shop for managing deliveries, with tools like automatic packaging, carrier choice, and real-time tracking. MetaPack is simple to implement and works well with most infrastructures. There are a number of different network providers to choose from, and it also has powerful data analysis and reporting features. 

MetaPack is a great choice for small businesses because of its low price and high-quality customer service. In general, the delivery management platform known as MetaPack is dependable and comprehensive, and it may assist businesses in improving customer happiness as well as the efficiency of their operations.

Metapack Website
Photo: Metapack Website

Metapack Pricings and Features

  • Custom pricing after request
  • Return the management system and offer analytics
  • Flexible delivery options and automated shipping


For online retailers and startup entrepreneurs, Veho is a preferable alternative to NShift. It provides an all-inclusive system for managing deliveries, with functions including automated dispatching and smart routing, as well as real-time monitoring. Veho is simple to implement and works well with other programs. Deliveries can be made by a variety of carriers, and the service allows for individualized arrangements. 

Veho’s sophisticated reporting and analytics features make it a great fit for companies trying to improve their delivery processes. Not only is Veho affordable for startups, but its customer service is top-notch. In sum, Veho is a dependable and potent delivery management software that may aid organizations in improving efficiency and the satisfaction of their clients.

Veho Pricings and Features

  • Pricing upon request
  • Easy and uncomplicated routes
  • Live delivery support

7. Rose Rocket

If you own an online store or a small business, Roserocket is a dependable site like NShift. It is a full-featured system for managing deliveries, with options including automatic shipment and carrier selection, real-time tracking, and more. Roserocket is simple to implement and may be adapted to work with a wide variety of platforms. The system’s sophisticated analytic and reporting features make it a great fit for firms trying to enhance their delivery processes. 

Roserocket has a wide variety of carrier options and delivers first-rate assistance. And the best part? It won’t break the bank for a startup. Overall, Roserocket is an effective delivery management software that may help organizations optimize their processes, cut expenses, and boost customer happiness.

Rose Rocket Pricings and Features

  • Starts from $200.00/month
  • Carrier management is a breeze
  • Real-time tracking of delivery

Bottom Line

Now, NShift isn’t the only option for e-commerce and small business entrepreneurs seeking full delivery management software. In addition to standard capabilities like real-time tracking and automated shipment with carrier selection, other options exist, such as Sorted, Sendcloud, FreightPOP, Scurri, Rose Rocket, Metapack, and Veho. 

Each solution is intuitive, simple to incorporate with the current infrastructure, and backed by first-rate support staff.

In addition, these systems allow for in-depth analysis and reporting, making them perfect for companies trying to enhance their delivery processes. A company’s ability to cut costs, streamline processes, and enhance the customer experience all hinges on its selection of delivery management software. 

It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each choice and pick the one that’s tailor-made for the business’s demands.


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