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7 Amazing Webflow Alternatives For Building Websites | 2024

With over 3.5 million active users, Webflow is a formidable online design and development platform. While Webflow makes it simple to produce visually appealing and fully responsive websites without the need to write any code, there are a number of alternatives available. 

Website-creation platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Elementor, and Bootstrap Studio are some well-liked options. All levels of users can benefit from these systems’ comprehensive set of design and development tools, which includes everything from simple drag-and-drop editors to powerful scripting languages. 

In this post, I will explore seven fantastic Webflow alternatives, highlighting their major features and capabilities, so you can make an informed decision on which one to use to create your website.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a platform for designing and building websites that let users make responsive websites and web apps without having to write code. It has a visual editor that lets users design their websites with a drag-and-drop interface. It also has tools for managing and creating content and connecting to other services and platforms. 

Webflow also has a CMS (content management system) that lets users manage and change the content of their websites after they’ve been published. Webflow also hosts the websites made on its platform and lets users set up custom domain mapping. Web developers and designers like (approximately 600k websites) because it is flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

Webflow Pricing 

Plan Price Billed Yearly
Starter Free 
Basic $14/month
Business $39/month
webflow alternatives_Webflow Pricing 
Webflow Pricing (Photo Credit: Webflow)

Why Do You Need a Webflow Alternative?

You may be questioning why you should look into other options if webflow is already doing so much. In spite of its widespread acceptance, Webflow has a number of significant limitations. These are a few of the key reasons people want webflow alternatives.

  1. Cost: One of the primary reasons to look into Webflow substitutes is its price. Although Webflow is an effective platform, not many companies or individuals can afford its pricing plans. Possible cheaper alternatives to Webflow may provide the same or similar functionality.
  1. Limited Functionality: Although Webflow is a powerful platform for creating websites, it may be lacking in the functionality required by some companies and individuals. There may be more features available on alternative platforms, such as e-commerce tools and app integrations.
  1. Complex Learning Curve: Webflow’s comprehensive interface might make it challenging for anyone without prior experience in web development to pick up and use efficiently, especially newbies. The UI of other platforms may be more intuitive, making it simpler to build and customize websites.
  1. Limited Design Customization: Though Webflow provides a wide variety of design options, it may not be flexible enough to meet the needs of some companies and people. Possible improvements in design flexibility could be found in switching to a platform that allows for things like the use of custom code or even just premade templates.
  1. Limited support: Webflow’s manuals and tutorials are helpful, but the platform’s support may not be sufficient for some users. If this describes you, you may want to look into other options that provide more in-depth assistance and consultation.

The Most Amazing Webflow Alternatives

We have compiled the best 7 Webflow alternatives after careful consideration and study of the platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

1. WordPress

When it comes to building websites, WordPress is a common site like Webflow. WordPress is a free and open-source CMS that simplifies the process of making and updating websites. Developers and designers have made a variety of themes and plugins for it, allowing for a site’s appearance and functionality to be altered to suit the user’s preferences. 

In addition, WordPress provides a wealth of plugins for incorporating e-commerce and other complex features onto a website. WordPress, on the other hand, lacks Webflow’s emphasis on design and may be more difficult to use for individuals without coding backgrounds. For individuals with more particular design needs, Webflow’s sophisticated design modification features make it a superior choice.

WordPress Pricing 

Plan Price Billed Yearly
Personal $4/month
Premium $8/month
Business $25/month
eCommerce $45/month
WordPress Pricing
WordPress Pricing

2. Zyro

When looking for a site like Webflow, consider using Zyro, a website-building platform. Users with little to no experience in website design will find the drag-and-drop interface to be intuitive and simple to use. Zyro provides a wide selection of customizable templates to meet the demands of any organization or person. Moreover, it has e-commerce capabilities, a contact form, and the ability to connect with social media. 

In addition, Zyro has a tool called the “AI Website Builder” that uses artificial intelligence to rapidly build a website. However, Zyro may not have as many options for design customization or web development as Webflow, while it is a suitable option for individuals seeking a simple website builder.

Zyro Pricing

Plan Price 
Website $2.90/month
Business $3.99/month
Zyro Pricing
Zyro Pricing

3. Wix

Wix is one of the popular alternatives to Webflow that provides a similar but distinct set of features for creating websites. Offering a simple drag-and-drop interface, it allows even those with no prior knowledge of web design to quickly and easily build and modify a website. Wix provides users with a large selection of editable website designs, as well as a number of additional tools and services, such as contact forms, e-commerce, and social media integration. 

Wix also provides a free plan in addition to a selection of paid plans that may be tailored to the specific requirements of each customer. Wix is a popular option for people seeking a simple website creation experience, but it may lack Webflow’s extensive design flexibility and robust web development tools.

Wix Pricing 

Plan Price 
Combo $8/month
Unlimited $12/month
Wix Pricing
Wix Pricing (Photo Credit: Wix)

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4. Squarespace

In place of Webflow, you may like to try Squarespace, another website builder platform. It has several features including e-commerce, contact forms, and social network integration, and it has a broad selection of themes that may be readily modified. Many companies and individuals have found success with Squarespace because of its easy-to-use interface and polished aesthetic. 

Squarespace additionally provides a number of pricing tiers to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements and budgets. Squarespace is a great choice for people in search of a user-friendly, design-centric website builder, but it may lack the robust web development tools offered by Webflow. In addition, Webflow’s design possibilities may be more versatile than those offered by this platform.

Squarespace Pricing

Plan Price 
Personal $16/month
Business $23/month
Commerce basic$27/month
Commerce advanced$49/month

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5. Shopify

Shopify, an e-commerce and website builder, is another replacement for Webflow. Its many capabilities, which include stock management, payment gateway integration, and delivery choices, make it a popular choice for e-commerce sites. Shopify also offers a wide range of pre-made themes and design tweaks for use by merchants in establishing polished online shops. 

Shopify also has a number of price tiers to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and budgets. Shopify is a solid choice for anyone wishing to create an online store, but it may lack the features and customization options offered by Webflow. Considering its primary use case, e-commerce sites, it might not be the greatest choice for other sorts of websites.

Shopify Pricing

Plan Price 
Basic $19/month
Professional $49/month
Advanced $299/month
Shopify Pricing
Shopify Pricing (Photo Credit: Shopify)

6. Weebly

Website creation platform Weebly is another Webflow alternative. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and many free, editable templates to get you started. Weebly also has e-commerce capabilities, as well as contact forms and social network sharing buttons. Weebly also provides a free plan along with several paid options to accommodate a wide range of businesses and budgets.

If you’re searching for a simple website builder, Weebly is an excellent alternative. However, Webflow offers more flexibility in regard to design customization and website development. When compared to Webflow, the selection of design elements and premade themes are also lacking.

Weebly Pricing 

Plan Price 
Basic Free 
Connect $10/month
Pro $12/month
Business $25/month

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Webflow Alternative – Webflow vs… with Paul C. from WpTuts

7. HubSpot 

In place of Webflow, you may choose to use Hubspot, which is also a website builder but also helps with marketing, sales, and customer support. Blog, form, and landing page development, as well as e-commerce connection, are just some of the capabilities available on the website-building platform it offers to businesses. Hubspot also provides a number of other useful tools for organizations, including marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Hubspot also offers multiple price plans for different requirements and budgets. When compared to Webflow, Hubspot is a good choice for individuals in need of an integrated marketing, sales, and support platform; but, it may not provide quite as much flexibility in terms of design customization or website creation. While Hubspot excels at inbound marketing and customer relationship management, Webflow is more concerned with web design and development.

Hubspot Pricing 

Plan Price 
Basic Free 
Starter $45/month
Professional $800/month

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Bottom line

Webflow isn’t the only website builder out there; there are others that are just as good or better. Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, Shopify, and Elementor are just a few of the webflow alternatives out there. Each of these systems has advantages and drawbacks that make it well-suited to particular users and purposes. 

Accordingly, before settling on a web development and design platform, it is crucial to assess your unique requirements and preferences. You can choose an option among these that works for your requirements and budget to help you make a site that looks great and performs well.

FAQs on Alternatives to Webflow

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