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7 StubHub Alternatives: The Best Ticketing Sites to Sell and Buy | 2024

StubHub has carved a niche for itself as a go-to platform for buying and reselling tickets for sporting events. Its efficient distribution mechanism ensures that tickets quickly reach enthusiastic fans. However, there are times when exploring alternatives to StubHub might be beneficial.

The perfect ticket booking app offers specific features that amplify customer convenience. While StubHub offers a lot, there are areas where it could improve, leading many to seek alternatives. If you’re on the lookout for other options, you’re in the right place.

In the sections that follow, I will delve into some leading StubHub alternatives, guiding ticket purchasers toward the best choices to meet their needs. So, dive in, and make sure you absorb every bit of information presented.

What is StubHub?

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, StubHub stands out as a leading online marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of tickets for an array of events, from thrilling sports matches and mesmerizing concerts to captivating theater performances.

The platform, known for its security and convenience, allows users to effortlessly browse through ticket listings, make purchases using various payment options, and obtain their tickets with ease—either digitally or via mail. One of the highlights of using StubHub is its steadfast guarantee that all tickets are genuine and will be delivered timely for the event in question.

Adding to its prowess is StubHub’s intuitive app, which not only lets users swiftly identify and buy tickets for upcoming events but also connects them with ticket resellers. While StubHub benefits from a commission on resales, it’s worth noting the app’s efficiency in these transactions.

However, it’s undeniable that StubHub occasionally showcases premium pricing, prompting some users to explore other platforms. But with its stellar track record of reliability and a user interface that promises seamless navigation, many find StubHub a hard act to follow.

StubHub Pricing and Fee:

Fee10% from the buyer and 15% from the seller
Best forBuying and selling tickets
PricesAccording to the ticket face value

Why do you need a StubHub alternative?

You may be wondering why StubHub should look for alternatives despite its popularity. Some severe reasons will force you to look for another option. Now I am going to tell you about those reasons. Hopefully, after reading these, it will be clear why you should know about StubHub alternatives.

  • StubHub has hidden fees: StubHub only notifies customers of specific fees once they have confirmed their ticket purchase. You have to pay a fee after confirming buying tickets, which is quite annoying.
  • Getting support is difficult: StubHub provides excellent customer service. But if you don’t have an account, it will be difficult. An account is required to search for any ticket-related information.
  • Sometimes wrong tickets are issued: StubHub has thousands of brokers and users, so fraud is not impossible. Customers often complain that they have been issued tickets for the wrong event when they have already paid.
  • No returns of money: Even if StubHub’s brokers sometimes fraudulently give you tickets for the wrong event, there is no chance of a refund. Then what you pay will be permanently spent.
  • Lacks reliability: StubHub somewhat lacks credibility compared to StubHub alternatives. Customers in various review sections mentioned that sometimes the purchased tickets did not reach them. 
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The 7 Best StubHub Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Here Is the Shortlist of the Best StubHub Alternatives Available at the Moment.

1. Ticketmaster

2. SeatGeek 

3. Vivid Seats

4. TickPick

5. Viagogo

6. Tixel 

7. Eventbrite

1. Ticketmaster

Another site like StubHub is Ticketmaster which can give you a better experience. Although it sells tickets to events like StubHub, it will still satisfy you relatively. Ticketmaster will always be ahead when you compare the two because the tickets are sold out quickly, whereas StubHub has many restrictions. 

Besides, there is no possibility of being cheated by the ticket reseller broker because when you buy the ticket from here, you will get it from the original seller. However, Ticketmaster’s ticket prices may seem comparatively higher than StubHub’s. 

Ticketmaster Pricing and Fee:

Fee10% for primary and 90% for secure monopolization. $1.00 for the query billing address. 
Best forInitial access to tickets.
PricesPrices may vary, but you need to pay more than the actual price.
Ticketmaster Website
Ticketmaster Website

2. SeatGeek 

Founded in 2009, Seatgeek is an online platform similar to StubHub where you can buy tickets for various events. Here, customers can see event locations on a map and view ticket prices through the app. It has sold millions of tickets since its inception. People can easily buy and sell tickets on this platform. 

Moreover, it has some unique features that set it apart from other options. It involves buying or selling tickets and provides accurate advice to customers so that you can watch events near your location. Seatgeek is also sometimes considered a cost-effective option.

SeatGeek Pricing and Fee:

Best fora great selection of tickets
PricesNo specific price.

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3. Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is a StubHub alternative that allows you to buy and sell tickets for various events or concerts. Although it works similarly to StubHub, it has a few differences that offer more benefits. Vivid Seats always allows ticket transfer reliably and securely. 

You can rest assured that you will get valid tickets from this platform for the event. As it offers maximum promise to customers, you will get your money back if it fails. Customers have often had some troubling experiences with purchasing tickets on StubHub. 

Vivid Seats Pricing and Fee:

FeeOver 20%
Best forTrustworthy and reliable deals.
Prices$81 to $87 for each ticket.

4. TickPick

When looking for affordable StubHub alternatives for purchasing tickets for various events, TickPick can stop you as it is one of the most affordable alternatives. Established in 2011, this platform is known as one of the legit and safe websites among customers. Also an excellent platform for those who usually think of buying tickets with zero to no fee

Compared to StubHub, TickPick offers a lot to customers. On TickPick, you can get frequent discounts and promotional offers, whereas StubHub has no senior discount policy. Besides, one of the main differences is that TickPick always maintains a commitment to customers by providing 100% guaranteed tickets.

TickPick Pricing and Fee:

Fee$5 delivery, $10.99, 2 days shipping, and $15.99 overnight shipping fee. (No fee for some specific events)
Best forAffordable price and no hidden costs.
PricesSeller determined face value.
RefundNot available.

5. Viagogo

Viagogo is one of the world’s largest and most trusted secondary markets that allow the resale and exchange of event tickets. Moreover, the platform is an excellent StubHub alternative that gives you a better experience. It regularly gives you some promotional offers for tickets, whereas StubHub doesn’t give discounted offers. 

StubHub and Viagogo have almost the same features except for minor differences. Both of these tickets are managed by professional resellers. But the ticket fee will cost a bit more on Viagogo. But it’s okay to get some regular offers Viagogo can give you.

Viagogo Pricing and Fee:

Fee15% as a seller and 20%-30% as a buyer.
Best forGetting regular promotional offers
PricesDepend on the sellers.

6. Tixel 

If you are concerned about the validity of tickets for concerts or events, Tixel will clear all your doubts. Tixel always uses advanced technology that scans the tickets uploaded on the platform to ensure 100% validity. So you can consider it as a legit platform, unlike StubHub. 

But Tixel won’t let you down like that. Tixel also has restrictions on charging high fees. There are many top platforms where even after buying the tickets at a fair price, the customers either fail to attend the show or get tickets for the wrong show. At Tixel, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay unreasonable fees or fall victim to scamming.

Tixel Pricing and Fee:

FeeUp to 10%
Best forGetting 100% valid tickets.
Prices110% of the face value.

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StubHub REVIEW: Is it Legit and Safe to Use?

7. Eventbrite 

The last Alternative to StubHub on my list is Eventbrite which allows customers to get tickets for any festival, including conventions and concerts. This will help you discover the desired events precisely as you want them. Eventbrite helps customers find any event, no matter what. 

You also have to pay a fee for buying and selling tickets in this field. Undoubtedly, this platform will offer you much more than StubHub because, like Ticketmaster, it is also a global event ticketing platform. You may also get some discounts on special events if available.

Eventbrite Pricing and Fee:

Fees3.7% + $1.79 Service Fee, 2.9% (Free events do not require any fee)
Best forManaging global events.
PricesTicket face value.

Ending Thought

Securing tickets for sought-after events is just the beginning—there’s a world of added advantages and experiences waiting to be explored. While StubHub holds its ground as a premier ticketing platform, its limitations have driven some users to explore other avenues. The alternatives to StubHub we’ve explored above were chosen with the discerning customer in mind.

Many ticket-buyers prioritize loyalty rewards and discounts, while others are on the hunt for platforms offering genuine tickets without the hefty fees. Rest assured, the curated list of seven platforms I’ve provided is the result of thorough research. Each of these alternatives to StubHub stands poised to cater to your unique preferences, ensuring a seamless ticket-buying journey.

FAQs on Alternatives to StubHub

Are tickets on StubHub legit?

Whenever you buy tickets from any secondary market, there is a possibility of fraud, but StubHub takes measures to verify the authenticity of the tickets sold on its platform.

To ensure the legitimacy of tickets, StubHub collaborates with event organizers, venues, and ticket providers to obtain tickets from trustworthy sources. Additionally, StubHub has a mechanism to supervise and identify any fraudulent activities.

If you purchase tickets through StubHub, you can benefit from their FanProtect Guarantee, which assures that you will receive valid and genuine tickets on time for your event.

If the tickets are not authentic or if they fail to arrive on time, you can receive a full refund or replacement tickets of equal or greater value.

Does StubHub offer discounts?

What is the difference between StubHub and Ticketmaster?

What are some best StubHub alternatives?


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