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7 Pexels Alternatives: Free and Paid | 2024

Selecting the right stock photo provider is crucial for fulfilling both personal and commercial requirements. Pexels stands out as a popular choice, offering thousands of premium quality images at no cost. Yet, for a varied or potentially superior experience, exploring the best Pexels alternatives is worthwhile.

The market boasts several platforms comparable to, if not surpassing, Pexels. Even frequent users of the platform sometimes encounter limitations. This prompts many to explore other top-tier competitors of Pexels.

With a plethora of choices available, pinpointing the right fit can be challenging. In light of this, I’ll delve into the top 7 alternatives that emerged from my research. This insight should equip you to make an informed decision.

What Is Pexels?

Pexels is a popular website for getting tons of free stock images and videos. Pexels is ideal for those who want to download quality photos and videos for free for personal or commercial use. Just create a free account and start using the content. Pexels is a very simple platform that any user can access. 

You just log into your account, search for images, and download without any complicated process. Its worldwide network of photographers and videographers makes it easy for users to get royalty-free photos. Artists receive a modest payment for their contribution here. 

As a user, you have no limitations in using Pexels, as you can always meet your blogging or advertising needs with its free content. The images here are available in different sizes, and you can download photos from 1920×1080 to 6000×4000 pixels. However, Pexels being free is something great for you.

Pexels cost and features

CostIt’s free!
Stock of photosOver 2.8 million
Free images,9.5k free photos, and 1.3k videos.
SpecialtySupports 28 languages.
Pexels Website
Pexels Website

Why Do You Need A Pexels Alternative?

You may be wondering why you should choose one of the Pexels alternatives. Pexels indeed has some limitations that can drive you away from the platform. Also, you can look for an option to have a different experience. Whatever the reason, you should know about the following facts.

  • Offers only photos and videos: On Pexels, you will only find a collection of pictures and videos. But if you are looking for graphics or audio items, this is not the right platform; you should look for an alternative.
  • Limited filter options: Pexels doesn’t have many filters, so sometimes it returns the wrong search results. On the other hand, some of its competitors are praised for providing accurate search results.
  • Lack of uniqueness: Some images on Pexels are often used, so some images show the same content after searching. Therefore, Pexels lacks unique content.
  • Feature Limitations: Pexels content can be used without limits, but some features are limited. Experts, in particular, sometimes feel more constrained. Nevertheless, they may be enough for beginners.

7 Best Pexels Alternatives In 2023

It’s time to explore the top Pexels alternatives you’ve been anticipating. Remember, there’s no obligation to pick from these choices. Evaluate your requirements and select the one that aligns best with your needs.

1. Shutterstock

2. Unsplash

3. iStock

4. Pixabay

5. Adobe Stock

6. StockSnap

7. Freepik

1. Shutterstock

The first option on my list of Pexels alternatives is Shutterstock, a familiar name for online photo users. Both Pexels and Shutterstock cater to the needs of small and medium businesses. However, some significant differences set them apart. 

The most significant difference between the two options is that one is entirely free, and the other is paid. If you want to use Shutterstock content, you must pay a subscription, whereas Pexels is free. Moreover, Shutterstock has more stock content than Pexels. In addition, Shutterstock will meet your graphics needs.

Shutterstock cost and features

Cost29 USD/mo
Stock of imagesMore than one billion images and videos.
Free imagesN/A.
SpecialtyPremium quality photos and videos.

2. Unsplash

One of the many notable substitutes for Pexels is Unsplash. They both offer high-quality free stock images. Still, Unsplash guarantees you almost everything you want with an extensive database. It also offers a nice filtration that helps people find the prescribed content from this vast list. 

Another feature of this website is that moderators allow content before it is uploaded. Therefore you can rest assured that these contents are safe to use. Unsplash updates its database regularly, so if you look for photos from an event that’s currently going on, you’ll find them here. Unsplash is genuinely ideal for a wide range of uses.

Unsplash cost and features

Cost4 USD/month.
Stock of Contents4 million
Free high-resolution photos.Over 3 million.
SpecialtyFree high resolution photos.
Unsplash Cost
Unsplash Cost (Photo By Unsplash)

3. iStock

iStock works similarly to Pexels but offers more advanced features. You already know that Pexels focuses only on images and video content. Therefore for those looking for illustrations and audio music, iStock can be the perfect platform. Pexels content is entirely free, iStock also has free content, but it is limited. Don’t worry because the paid plan is quite affordable. 

Each of iStock’s content includes licensing to use for any purpose. Moreover, iStock always returns accurate and quick results for your search subject. It has many categories to help people find the desired item easily, whereas Pexels creates confusion with only a few categories.

iStock cost and features

Cost29 USD/month.
Stock of photosOver 6 million.
Free imagesOver 4,552,100 photos.
SpecialtyProvides ready-to-use images.
iStock Pricing
iStock Pricing

4. Pixabay

An excellent and similar alternative to Pexels is Pixabay because they have some general similarities. Even suddenly, you will not see their differences. On Pixabay, you’ll find tons of images and some great music and sound effects that aren’t on Pexels. Most commercial images are uploaded on Pexels, with relatively few natural photos. 

Pixabay has more natural content that meets people’s more extensive needs. It will especially meet your graphics needs with many vector graphics and illustrations. Unlike Pexels, people can consider this platform a premium digital content stock.

Pixabay cost and features

CostIt’s free
Stock of ContentsOver 3.1 million.
Free imagesYes.
SpecialtyUsers can access all items freely.

5. Adobe Stock

Pexels and Adobe Stock have a special similarity for free stock photos, but Adobe Stock does not allow free content. Still, it offers more categories where you can find lots of audio and video content with font, editorial, etc. Here people can use 10 images for free. They must go for a paid plan if they need to use more than that. 

However, Adobe Stock undoubtedly allows you to get better quality content and even provides practical ways to use them efficiently. Moreover, it is an excellent platform for artists to sell their stock items. 

Adobe Stock cost and features

Cost29.99 USD/month.
Stock of photosMillions of photos but not specified.
Free images10 images.
SpecialtyMeets different organizations’ needs.

6. StockSnap

Are you looking to find another platform like Pexels? Then consider StockSnap. Here you can search and get free content as well. You can prefer StockSnap over Pexels because it constantly uploads new content. So, you can expect to find unique content every time you search. 

Pexels and StockSnap allow having tons of stock images in seconds. But StockSnap offers a unique feature that you can consider a significant convenience. It shows the most recently added images first that will come to your attention. Pexels does not have this feature that sets it apart from StockSnap.

StockSnap cost and features

CostIt’s free
Stock of ContentsMore than 5000.
Free imagesYes
SpecialtyUnique collection of photos.

7. Freepik

The last alternative to Pexels on my list is Freepik which gives you image search and editing features. Here you can find your favorite image and edit it as required. Freepik is an excellent platform, especially for graphics items. 

You don’t even need to own Photoshop because you can quickly and conveniently edit your photos, just like Photoshop on Freepik. Do you know how Pexels is different from Freepik? On Freepik, you will find mockup designs not included in Pexels. You can also print your items.

Freepik cost and features

Cost9.99 USD/month.
Stock of photosOver 24123000 photos.
Free images341.79k.
SpecialtyUploads images frequently.
Freepik Cost
Freepik Cost (Photo By Freepik)

Final Thought

Exploring alternatives to Pexels isn’t solely prompted by negative experiences. Many users, especially those in blogging and advertising, constantly seek immediate access to digital content. While Pexels is undeniably valuable, its inherent limitations might lead one to consider other options.

The digital space is filled with top-tier websites akin to Pexels. The preceding discussion highlighted 7 of the best among them. Armed with this information, you can now decide whether to remain loyal to Pexels or venture into alternative platforms.

Frequently asked questions

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