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7 PixaBay Alternatives For Unique And Eye-Catching Images | 2024

Pixabay is a collection of millions of photos from where users can download their required images for free. There is no doubt that Pixabay has considerable popularity, but for some reason, you are probably searching for some PixaBay alternatives. This article will cover a total of 7 sites like Pixabay.

I know that finding the best options is time-consuming. In this regard, I have reviewed the features of various platforms and selected some of the top alternatives to Pixabay. This discussion will be long, but you should read about each.

Hopefully, after this lengthy discussion, you can choose your desired platform.

What Is Pixabay?

Founded in 2010, Pixabay is a popular royalty-free stock photo-sharing platform allowing users to access free images. The photos of Pixabay have no copyright because they are entirely owned by Pixabay. 

Basically, the platform offers more than 3.1 million high-quality images, vector graphics, videos, and other content to meet the needs of many users. 

So, you can use this content without any permission whenever you need it. Also, using Pixabay is easy because you don’t need to create an account. Enter the website, search for the keyword in the search bar, and download the desired content after finding it. 

However, Pixabay is an ideal platform for those seeking digital content at no cost. Nevertheless, you have to learn more about it in the following sections.

Pixabay cost and features

CostIt’s free
Stock of ContentsOver 3.1 million.
Free imagesYes.
SpecialtyUsers can access all items freely.

Why Do You Need A Pixabay Alternative?

Does Pixabay really have any drawbacks that will force you to look for other options? Of course, there is. Despite its popularity, some disadvantages may make you opt for another option. As a user, I have found some significant cons to it. Now you will know about those reasons.

  • Poor filtration: The filters on Pixabay’s content aren’t great, as the slightest variation in a word search will return zero results. Maybe sometimes you think that picture or video is not there.
  • Lack of unique content: According to users, even if there is a lot of content, it is not unique enough. Almost similar images are available, and when you search, you can get confused because it is difficult to distinguish between them.
  • Quality is not always maintained: Pixa’s photos are sometimes questionable. You will undoubtedly find a lot of digital content here, but sometimes something irrelevant can distract you.
  • Bothersome ads: You must be prepared for some inconvenience on Pixabay to use the free content. For example, sometimes you may encounter annoying ads by searching for images or videos.

7 Best PixaBay Alternatives: Top Pics 2023 

Here is a concise list of the top PixaBay alternatives available at the moment:

1. Unsplash

2. StockSnap

3. RawPixel

4. Burst

5. Shutterstock

6. Pexels

7. iStock

1. Unsplash

A popular alternative to Pixabay is Unsplash which I will discuss first. It is a community of 293,995 photographers worldwide where artists upload their content and images. Unsplash offers a lot of content to meet your significant needs; even like Pixabay, you can use them for free. 

However, getting some premium content may incur a cost. There are a few serious reasons at work for choosing Unsplash over Pixabay. 

Unsplash can work on the web, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, but Pixabay is only supported on the web. Unsplash is ideal for free high-resolution images by photographers.

Unsplash cost and features

Cost4 USD/month.
Stock of Contents4 million
Free imagesOver 3 million.
SpecialtyFree high-resolution photos.
Unsplash Cost
Unsplash Cost (Photo By Unsplash)

2. StockSnap

If you’re looking for another completely free website like Pixabay that provides images in different categories to suit your needs, consider StockSnap. This is especially good for those looking for natural images. Like Pixabay, it caters to the personal and commercial needs of users. 

However, while it shares many features with Pixabay, one difference remains. You will find lots of unique content on StockSnap; its collection is updated daily with high-quality images. 

On the other hand, similar photos on Pixabay often confuse people.

StockSnap cost and features

CostIt’s free
Stock of ContentsMore than 5000.
Free imagesYes
SpecialtyUnique collection of photos.

3. RawPixel

Another great alternative to Pixabay is RawPixel, which caters to users’ needs for free and premium photos, illustrations, and backgrounds. Although it’s not entirely free like Pixabay, you’ll still find many unique images here. Also, it is effortless to search for the specified content.

You can use RawPixel for free as it has a free plan with limited features. To use the contents, the user must create an account; otherwise, access is impossible. However, every image on RawPixel is professionally created, so you can use these images for any need.

RawPixel cost and features

Cost8.99 USD/mo.
Stock of ContentsMore than 1 million.
Free imagesThousands of free photos.
SpecialtyAll images are professionally made.

4. Burst

If you are familiar with Shopify, then you have come very close to Burst because it is a subdomain of Shopify. eCommerce stores depend on Burst images as plenty of high-quality images are available. One widespread similarity Burst has with Pixabay is that it lets you use the content completely free

This platform is a top choice of people for unique pictures related to nature, people, outside, or animals. It offers users images from 20 categories, so finding the desired image is easy. No attribution is required; you can choose any image to meet your personal and commercial needs.

Burts cost and features

CostIt’s free
Free high-resolution images.More than 20,000
Free imagesYes.
SpecialtyFree high resolution images.

5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock can be an ideal option for those looking for a premium replacement for Pixabay. The most significant difference with Pixabay is that you can’t use any content here for free. You must pay to download any image. Shutterstock is acclaimed for providing high-quality content as it updates its database daily with up to 1,000 images. 

Moreover, Shutterstock has some built-in tools for editing images. Once the content is purchased, you can use the tools to modify it as you wish. Basically, a massive collection of digital content is kept here to meet your vast needs.

Shutterstock cost and features

Cost29 USD/mo
Stock of imagesMore than one billion images and videos.
Free imagesN/A.
SpecialtyPremium quality photos and videos.

6. Pexels

One of the many competitors Pixabay has is Pexels which lets you search for tons of free images and videos. This is a famous collection of royalty-free content. You can use Pexels content without attribution. This website has more than 20 categories from where you can easily navigate to your desired image. 

You can download Pexels images anytime, as they usually come in a standard format (JPEG). All the images uploaded here are taken by photographers who have put their creations here to showcase. However, Pexels guarantees better-quality images than Pixabay.

Pexels cost and features

CostIt’s free!
Stock of photosOver 2.8 million
Free images,9.5k free photos and 1.3k videos.
SpecialtySupports 28 languages.
Pexels Website
Pexels Website

7. iStock

The latest Pixabay competitor on your list is iStock, which offers users millions of photos, clip art, illustrations, video, and audio files. Designers and photographers worldwide upload their creations here. Compared to Pixabay, it has significantly less number of free images, as you can download only 10 images for free. 

Next, you must subscribe. iStock offers 3 plans for users’ convenience, so you can subscribe to any of them. Moreover, free trial users can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

iStock cost and features

Cost29 USD/month.
Stock of photosOver 6 million.
Free imagesOver 4,552,100 photos.
SpecialtyProvides ready-to-use images.
iStock Pricing
iStock Pricing

How to Choose the Right Alternative

When it comes to choosing a PixaBay alternative that fits your needs best, there are a number of factors to consider. It’s important to remember that no two platforms are exactly alike, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

By identifying your individual requirements, exploring different features through trials and free samples, and implementing certain tips to maximize your chosen platform’s value, you can ensure the alternative you pick is the best one for you.

Understanding Individual Needs and Preferences

The first step in choosing the right alternative to PixaBay is to understand your specific needs and preferences. Are you looking for high-resolution images for professional use or casual, personal projects? Are you interested in a broad range of diverse content, or is a specialized niche more suitable? What’s your budget? These are all questions you should ask before beginning your search. 

For instance, if budget is a concern, free platforms like Unsplash might be more appealing. However, if the diversity of content is your top priority, paid services like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock could be more fitting.

Exploring Trial Periods and Free Samples

Many alternative platforms offer trial periods or free samples. This gives you a chance to explore the quality and diversity of their images, as well as understand their licensing agreements. 

For example, Adobe Stock offers a one-month free trial where you can download up to 10 images. Likewise, Freepik allows access to a limited number of free resources daily. 

This hands-on experience can provide you with valuable insights into whether a platform will satisfy your long-term needs.

Tips to Maximize Value from Chosen Platforms

Once you’ve decided on an alternative, there are several tips to ensure you get the most value from your chosen platform. 

First, always check the licensing details of each image you download – certain restrictions may apply to commercial usage or the need for attribution. Second, take advantage of any features or tools offered by the platform to streamline your workflow. 

For instance, many platforms offer lightboxes or collections where you can save and organize your favorite images. Finally, consider subscribing to their newsletters or following them on social media – these often provide updates on new content, special offers, or even free resources.

By understanding your needs, doing hands-on research, and making the most of the chosen platform’s features, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best PixaBay alternative for you.

Final Thought

People still have no doubt about the popularity of Pixabay, but sometimes the Pixabay alternatives may seem better to you. People search for quality digital content for marketing, blogging, or commercial purposes. Pixabay is a great place to get free images or videos. But to avoid its drawbacks you can choose any of the above options. 

You can get content with more advanced features even if you don’t mind spending money. However, if you stick to Pixabay, it will still meet your needs. Each competitor has unique features, which can be great for getting a different experience. So decide which one matches your preference.


Is Pixabay better than Pexels?

Pexels meets users’ needs more than Pixabay when considering features and benefits. If you compare the quality, Pixels will undoubtedly be ahead, as many users have positively reviewed it.

Which is more convenient: Pixabay or Unsplash?

What is Pixabay best for?

Can you earn money from Pixabay?


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