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7 best Mailgun Alternatives for Powering Your Email Marketing | 2024

Email marketing is an effective way to promote your business. As a popular email marketing tool, Mailgun is trusted by 100,000+ businesses worldwide as a top email API service. Although it has received considerable praise for providing quality email API services, you may need to know about Mailgun alternatives.

Mailgun offers many eye-catching features, but it may only sometimes satisfy you. Because there are some other options in the market that can fill the shortcomings of Mailgun. 

Know the different options for getting the right tool for the proper progress of your business. This article is for you because I will discuss some of the best Mailgun alternatives selected here. Therefore pick your preferred option from here.

What is Mailgun?

Mailgun was founded in 2010 as an excellent email delivery service. It helps users or businesses receive, send, and track emails efficiently. This platform is quite simple and reliable because developers can incorporate smartly automated-emails in their developed applications or websites. 

It provides essential business services like Email API, Inbound Email Routing, Sending Time Optimization, Logs, Analytics, and Verification. Small businesses can communicate information about their business and products to many potential buyers with Mailgun. 

Mailgun Pricing – Best For Developers and small businesses

EmailsFoundationGrowthScaleFree Trial
10,000-50000$35$80$9030day(5,000 emails/month included)
Mailgun Pricing

Mailgun Features Highlights

  • Drag-and-Drop Template Builder
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  • 30 Days of Log Retention
  • Dedicated IP Pools
  • Live Phone Support
  • Email Tracking and Analytics

Why do You Need a Mailgun Alternative?

You may want to know why you need to know about Mailgun alternatives. Knowing the exact reasons, you can choose a preferred option in less time. Mailgun has some serious drawbacks that will undoubtedly keep users away from it.

  • Mailgun is expensive: Those looking for a cost-effective option or if you have a tight budget should consider something else instead of Mailgun as it is pretty expensive.
  • Support is not satisfactory: Mailgun’s paid subscribers are always given high priority. On the other hand, free users cannot get 24/7 support according to their needs. 
  • Suitable for only developers: Mailgun is probably not for you if you are not a developer. Since it depends on the code, the user must have the necessary knowledge. 
  • Emails may be blacklisted: Mailgun IPs may sometimes be blacklisted. There are some servers that flag Mailgun. If you are unsure that the IPs are blacklisted, the emails go as spam.

Top Mailgun Alternatives

Just naming Mailgun alternatives is not enough because you still don’t know their advantages or disadvantages. There is no substitute for knowing the details to make a sound decision. So now get a clear idea about each. Here are the price differences of each and some essential features.

1. Moosend

If you are searching for a cheap Mailgun alternative, then definitely consider Moosend, as it provides you with a great deal at an affordable price. Although many think it is a poor option, it has received a lot of praise from users. Initially, there was a free version of Moosend, but it was discontinued. 

Here you can choose pre-designed templates from the library and customize them according to your choice. However, one major drawback of Moosend is that the designed templates you get are primarily unsophisticated. But the platform is a better choice for those on a tight budget.

Moosend Pricing – Best For Users with a tight budget

Its pricing based on the subscriber you have, The more subscriber you have, it’s will cost you more.

SubscribersFree TrialMonthly CostAnnual Cost
0-50030 days
Moosend Pricing
  • Free emails: 30 days 0-500 subscribers
  • Dedicated IP
  • Priority Support
  • Automation Workflows
  • Enterprise Plan: Account Manager
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Landing Pages / Forms

Moosend Features Highlights

moosend alternatives
Moosend email templates

2. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue is the leading option, with more than 400,000 users from 180 countries. It was initially designed to handle high-volume emailing and maintain this seamless automation workflow. The platform provides many features and benefits for small to all medium-sized businesses. 

One of its main features is the free version for users. This platform is suitable for you when you need to send a few emails daily and have a tight budget. Besides, you will also be able to send emails with third-party applications.

Sendinblue Pricing And Features

Sendinblue Pricing is the same as Mailgun based on the email subscriber you have. If you have 500K email subscribers you have to buy their business plan that’s will cost you $349/month.

Free emailsFree 300 daily emails in a free plan.
CostStarts at 25 USD/mo to 1000 USD/mo
Best forTight budget users and those who want premium features.
Free trialNo free trial, but there is a free version.
SendinBluee Pricing
SendinBluee Pricing

3. Mailshake

Looking to get an advanced email marketing tool for your B2B business instead of Mailgun? Then go ahead with Mailshake. It is known to users as a sales engagement platform for cold email outreach. If you have a big budget to send emails with advanced features, this is your only preferred platform that works better than Mailgun. 

Especially B2B business owners enjoy the benefits of Mailshake more. It allows you to send mail to your potential customers effectively. Also, when you are a receiver, you can contact the person who sent you the email. 

Mailshake Pricing And Features

Free emailsN/A (30 days money-back guarantee)
CostStarts at 58 USD/mo and 83 USD/mo (annual billing)
Best forB2B businesses
Free trialN/A
Mailshake Price And Features
Mailshake Price And Features

4. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is always on the list when users talk about the top 10 email marketing tools in the world. Mailerlite is truly unique as an affordable alternative to Mailgun, as it offers a free version with some great features. Any small to medium or big business can rely on this platform. 

So, it is the right choice for you to fulfill such needs. Although the free version has some feature limitations, it will be more than enough for your small business. One can go for one of the upgraded plans to get more will also meet the user’s budget. 

Mailerlite Pricing And Features

Mailerlite pricing depends on the subscribers you have If you have 100K subscribers it will cost you monthly $360

Free email12,000 monthly emails with a free plan.
CostStart at 9 USD/mo, and 19 USD/mo. (there is a custom pricing  plan)
Best forAll sizes of businesses.
Free trialNo free trial but a forever free plan.

5. Campaign Monitor 

Are you waiting to learn about any straightforward emailing tools? Now your wait is over because Campaign Monitor offers you the benefit of customizing a template to show your brand effectively. It allows businesses to grow their email list as per requirement, along with customization features. 

You can also get real-time information about email performance. At the same time, you can know how the audience behaved after receiving the email. Although there is no free version, some affordable plans will meet your budget

 Campaign Monitor Pricing And Features

Free emailsN/A
Cost9 USD/mo to 149 USD/mo
Best forEvery personalized campaign.
Free trialavailable

6. GetResponse 

Founded in 1998, GetResponse is an easy-to-use email marketing tool with plenty of pro features. When looking for a better alternative to Mailgun, switch to GetResponse. Users from more than 183 countries worldwide appreciate this tool as it meets their needs and budgets. 

Besides, the tool claims to add more than 1 billion subscribers every month. Also, there is a custom pricing option to get the features you need with customized pricing. There are few platforms in the market with such essential features at affordable prices. 

GetResponse Pricing
GetResponse Pricing (Photo Credit: GetResponse)

GetResponse Pricing And Features

Free emails2500 newsletters per month
CostStarts at 15.58 USD/mo to 97.58 USD/mo, and custom price.
Best forGetting more pro features.
Free trial30 days

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Mailgun Alternative! Top SMTP Service Providers in Go High Level

7. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is a well-known and trusted name in email marketing. You can also consider it as a free alternative to Mailgun. Mailchimp is a traditional emailing tool that offers a CRM solution with comprehensive marketing. 

Mailchimp is a good option, especially for those new to email marketing, as it allows you to create and send emails easily. You can also integrate this tool with various CMS, especially for WordPress users. Trust Mailchimp when you expect a pocket-friendly platform.

Mailchimp Pricing And Features

Free emails2500 per month
CostStarts at 13 USD/mo to 350 USD/mo.
Best forcreating professional email at a low cost.
Free trialN/A. There is a free plan. 

Ending Thought

There is no doubt that Mailgun is a well-known marketing service provider. But sometimes Mailgun alternatives can give you a better experience. First of all, Mailgun is an expensive tool; it also lacks several features. From that point of view, there are options in the market that offer affordable prices and excellent features. 

Even for those on a tight budget, some tools provide free versions that cater to a limited audience. Above I have discussed the top 7 options from which you can undoubtedly choose one. Moreover, you can also recommend them to others if they still need to select a suitable platform.

FAQs on Alternatives to Mailgun

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