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7 Parsec Alternatives That Might Just Outshine the Original! 2024

Parsec is renowned as a go-to solution for accessing gaming or working remotely. Many gamers swear by it when they want to connect their primary gaming PC to another device.

But did you know that there are other tools out there that might fit your needs even better? Dive into some top-notch parsec alternatives that could elevate your remote access experience.

Though Parsec has risen in popularity as a screen-sharing program filled with dynamic features – from facilitating office meetings to hosting your cherished co-op games – it might not cater to everyone’s needs.

Despite its capabilities, Parsec’s limitations deter certain users from fully embracing it. In this piece, we’ll delve into the leading parsec alternatives to guide you in finding the most suitable option.

What Is Parsec?

Parsec is a powerful software designed for remote access, allowing users to connect and control a PC from anywhere. It shines particularly for gamers who want to play without being physically near their computers. With Parsec, you can engage in gaming sessions, even if your machine is miles away.

But it’s not just for gaming. Frequent travelers find Parsec invaluable for handling work tasks on the go. Beyond the gaming realm, Parsec facilitates virtual office meetings and presentations, making it a versatile tool for various professional needs.

Parsec is primarily recognized for game streaming, but its applications extend to instant communication for diverse projects and collaborations.

Parsec Pricing And Features

CostStarts at 9.99 USD/mo
Free trial14 days.
Platform availabilityWeb & Android.
Best forGame streaming.
Parsec pricing and fee
Parsec pricing and fee (Photo Source: Parsec )

Why Do You Need A Parsec Alternative?

Despite the considerable popularity of Parsec, why do people look for a replacement for it? Of course, there are several serious reasons behind this. It is essential to know these reasons. If these factors seem very inconvenient, then keeping them in mind, you can choose a suitable option.

  • Parsec is only available on the web and Android: Parsec is not very convenient for iOS users because it does not support iOS. 
  • Difficult to access advanced features: There is no cost to download the Parsec app, but you must pay for a subscription to access advanced features. It does not offer any features for free.
  • Usage Limitation: You can do gaming and some official work with it through remote access. But you can’t expect more than that because this platform has set limits on your usage.

7 Parsec Alternatives

You don’t have to wait much longer to know about Parsec alternatives because now we will tell you about the best free and paid competitors that work like Parsec or are ahead of it. Then know what you want is here.

1. TeamViewer

The first Parsec substitute on my list is TeamViewer, accessed by over 320 million devices. It is a popular software application that facilitates remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, file transfer, and other tasks. It has much in common with Parsec, but some things make a big difference. 

Unlike Parsec, those who want to use TeamViewer from any device can because TeamViewer is available for almost all devices. So, it offers more than Parsec. Also, TeamViewer is one of the top cloud-based platforms for trusted global communication.

TeamViewer Pricing And Features

CostStarts at 18.90 USD/mo.
Free trial14 days. 
Platform availabilityWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.
Best forEnhancing remote control performance.

2. AnyDesk

Another great replacement for Parsec is AnyDesk. It’s a great alternative to get remote access to any device easily. Access to another device, such as Parsec, allows you to complete tasks virtually anywhere quickly. 

Even if you compare AnyDesk with TeamViewer, it is far ahead because AnyDesk has been downloaded more than 600 million times worldwide. 

Moreover, users can access from many devices, unlike Parsec. It is ideal for quick access to remote devices with low latency, like Parsec. Finally, AnyDesk’s straightforward interface makes it more acceptable to users.

AnyDesk Pricing And Features

Cost10.90 USD/mo.
Free trialN/A.
Platform availabilityWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi. 
Best forUser-friendly and easy to access.
anydesk alternatives
Anydesk pricing and fee

3. Moonlight

Now, I will talk about software that works like Parsec. You can think of Moonlight primarily as Parsec because it is mainly designed for gamers. This program makes it extremely easy to access and control your PC games from anywhere. Hey, now you’re wondering what features set Moonlight apart from Parsec. 

The answer is that Parsec is available for a few devices, whereas Moonlight allows people to access it from almost all devices. Another significant factor that makes it ahead is that you do not have to spend any money to utilize this software. It is entirely free. 

Moonlight Pricing And Features

CostIt’s free!
Free trialN/A.
Platform availabilityWindows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
Best forGame streaming to any device.

4. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC can be a better option if you want a simple and safe tool with a considerable discount. Its main difference with Parsec is that people get more performance in GoToMyPC. It is more than a remote PC access clone. Besides, this software includes some other special features. 

If you want to choose GoToMyPC over Parsec, you need to know a few crucial things first. GoToMyPC costs more than the options you’ve learned about above so far. You should consider both your needs and budget before switching to it.

GoToMyPC Pricing And Features

Cost44.00 USD/mo.
Free trial7 days.
Platform availabilityPC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Android.
Best forEffortless remote access.
GoToMyPC Pricing And Features
GoToMyPC Pricing And Features


Consider Pulseway as a dependable remote access tool. This is even one of the best Parsec alternatives. It incorporates several excellent features to improve the efficiency of IT teams and MSPs. People can access any computer device from anywhere quickly and easily with low latency. 

Especially Android and iOS device users can access it for free through an application. Users can even ask for a demo to know what services or features Pulseway offers. Moreover, you do not have to go through any trouble with the tool setup; you can start your activities within minutes. It gives you more benefits than Parsec.

Pulseway Pricing And Features

Cost22 USD/mo.
Free trial14 days.
Platform availabilityWindows, Android, and iOS.
Best forReducing downtime and easy setup.
Pulseway Pricing And Features
Pulseway Pricing And Features

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-free Parsec substitute, Chrome Remote Desktop is perfect. Most users have expressed satisfaction in using it, especially beginners who want to avoid all expenses. Your work PC can easily be connected to another computer or smartphone through it.

No need to go to other options to do everyday tasks such as screen share and remote access when using Chrome Remote Desktop. You just need to create a Google account. Besides, you can do the work by adding an extension of this platform to your Chrome browser

Chrome Remote Desktop Pricing And Features

CostIt’s free!
Free trialN/A.
Platform availabilityWindows, OS X, Linux, and ChromeOS.
Best forFree use and screen sharing.

7. Shadow

The last option on my list is Shadow, designed to provide you with a better gaming experience. It may initially seem the same to Parsec, but some differences exist. Any device one can use to access high-resolution games remotely. While Parsec is similar to its intended purpose, it also offers the best quality graphics. 

Besides, you will get a chat box for immediate need for conversation. Shadow is undoubtedly suitable as a cloud platform but never offers free usage. You don’t even get a free trial and money-back guarantee.

Shadow Pricing And Features

Cost29.99 USD/mo.
Free trialN/A.
Platform availabilityWindows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.
Best forGamers and businesses.

Final Thought

Parsec stands out as a premier tool for remotely hosting and diving into video games, positioning itself competitively among apps like Parsec and other Parsec competitors. Beyond its gaming capabilities, it’s a stellar software solution for maintaining connections with colleagues and peers from distant locations.

However, there are moments when alternatives to Parsec, or a Parsec alternative for gaming, might align more closely with your unique needs. It’s crucial to remember that selecting any tool should hinge on your specific requirements.

If Parsec seamlessly addresses your demands, there’s no compelling reason to switch. But if you feel it falls short in some aspects, exploring other options is worthwhile.

Having read the above, you’re now well-versed in the leading Parsec alternatives. Evaluate your needs and steer in the direction that best suits you.

FAQs On Parsec Alternative

Is there a better alternative to Parsec?

People can use better substitutes than Parsec for remote access. These include AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Moonlight, GoToMyPC, and more. Choose the one that meets your needs.

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Which software is best for gaming: AnyDesk or Parsec?

Which is better: AnyDesk or TeamViewer?


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