7 Best FreshBooks Alternatives for Efficient Accounting | 2024

Engaging a professional bookkeeper can be a costly affair, especially when they charge hefty hourly rates. Enter FreshBooks: a highly-acclaimed software tailored for small to medium enterprises. Yet, while FreshBooks has garnered significant attention, there are other noteworthy alternatives that might be the perfect fit for your business needs.

I’ve scoured the market and curated a list of the top 7 FreshBooks competitors, each celebrated for their unique features and competitive pricing. These aren’t just any alternatives; they’re the most preferred by users when compared to FreshBooks.

Beyond FreshBooks, there’s a suite of powerful tools waiting for your exploration. Join me as we delve deeper into these alternatives and unveil what each brings to the table, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your business.

What is FreshBooks?

As mentioned earlier, FreshBooks is a business accounting management software that perfectly manages everything in your business. Those who own a small company or freelance business have many important things to maintain that make hiring a professional accountant quite expensive.


Freshbooks Accounting

FreshBooks simplifies all essential tasks, including keeping track of various accounts. 

Undoubtedly, it offers greater convenience, but the table below will clear your mind about it.

It’s effortless to use FreshBooks.Not suitable for big-sized businesses.
Suitable for a small business.Little customization options than other alternatives. 
The updated version offers outstanding. features
Suitable for use on Android or IOS.
It saves more time and makes payments fast.
Simple features and easily customizable.
Affordable to users.
Freshbooks Pro and Cons

Freshbooks pricing and fee:

FreshBooks offers users different pricing and fees with three packages. In case, you are a first-time subscriber, you will get a 50% discount for the first 6 months. Therefore, see the rest of the pricing and fees below.

Package namePricing and feeFeatures
Free30-days free trial
Lite15 USD/month (after a 4-month period of 6 USD/ month)Unlimited invoices for a maximum of five billable clients.
Plus30 USD/month (after a 4-month period of 12 USD/month)Unlimited invoices for a maximum of 50 billable clients, double-entry accounting reports. 
Premium:55 USD/month (after a 4-month period of 22 USD/month)Email templates customization, lower card processing fees, up to 500 billable clients
Freshbooks Price Comparison

Apart from these, you can enjoy the custom price.

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Why Do You Need a Freshbooks Alternative?

Why should you look for a FreshBooks alternative? There are several reasons behind this. These factors are a must-know as they will help you get the right software for your business.

For larger business benefits

You already know FreshBooks is the best bookkeeper for small and medium businesses. But the tool is only suitable for some companies. So when your business scope is considerable, you must look for a FreshBooks alternative. It has options that work great for many large-sized businesses.

To handle unlimited users

Since FreshBooks works well for new businesses, these packages are developed to manage limited users and billing clients. So more is necessary to keep perfect accounts and client management of big companies like e-commerce. That’s why the option to manage unlimited users and billed clients should be switched.

The 7 Best FreshBooks Alternatives In 2023

Here is a short list of the best FreshBooks alternatives available at the moment.

1. Zoho Books

2. ZipBooks

3. CloudBooks

4. QuickBooks

5. Wave Apps

6. Xero 

7. BigTime 

1. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another better alternative to FreshBooks. That’s why I put it at the top of my list. This highly preferable accounting software is an ideal solution for start-up businesses. Zoho Books has a significant role in keeping cash flow in check for new businesses. 

Moreover, you can use the software on Android, Windows, and IOS. Users can manage money on the go. Besides, other business solutions can be done very quickly with its help.


freshbooks alternatives
Zoho Books Dashboard

Zoho Books fee and pricing

Zoho Books offers 5 packages for users. So you can choose any one as per your requirement.

  • Free: It offers 14 days free trial for users.
  • Standard: $10/annually and $12/month.
  • Professional: $20/annually and $24/month.
  • Premium: $30/annually and $36/month.
  • Elite: $100/annually and $129/month.
  • Ultimate: $200/annually and $249/month.

2. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is one of the most powerful accounting software that has always been a favorite among professionals. ZipBooks users can design personalized invoices with messages, themes, and logos. Also, keep track of expenses efficiently with ZipBooks. 

Those who expect a strong account capacity can only go for this option. It also provides a simple interface and can be most convenient for those who want to start a new business with limited funds.

ZipBooks fee and pricing

Users can run this efficient accounting solution with any of the total 6 packages.

  • Free: Unlimited invoices, vendors & customers management, basic reports view, 1 bank account in Starter. 
  • Smarter: $16/month, get Everything.
  • Sophisticated: $35/month; get extra more.
  • Accountant: Here, you can enjoy custom prices according to your needs. 
ZipBooks Bank Connect
ZipBooks Bank Connect

3. CloudBooks

Looking for a much more affordable option? CloudBooks is undoubtedly a better alternative to FreshBooks. It offers more benefits than other contemporary software as it has a free package. 

However, users can purchase the team plan, which is quite affordable. This can include unlimited staff users with unlimited invoices. CloudBooks is a solution that offers excellent benefits to both small and large merchants simultaneously. 

CloudBooks fees and pricing

CloudBooks has three main packages with different price points.

  • Free: Free package for freelancers and small business owners. 
  • Team Plan: $10/month, Get more unlimited.
  • Agency Plan: $20/month, Everything is unlimited in this plan.
  • Lifetime Plan: $980/month, a significantly larger business solution. 

4. QuickBooks

Another popular accounting software is QuickBooks which has been ruling the accounting software industry for decades. It is a very convenient software for small business owners with many features.  

It’s an excellent alternative for users, unlike FreshBooks. FreshBooks is less popular than QuickBooks because FreshBooks focuses only on small businesses. 

QuickBooks fee and pricing

QuickBooks has 3 packages with a 30-day free trial to meet your more extensive needs.

  • Free: It offers 30 days free trial for users.
  • Simple start: $8.50/month and 50% discount for 3 months.
  • Essentials: $13/month and 50% discount for 3 months.
  • Plus: $18/month and 50% discount for 3 months.
Quickbooks Monthly Pricing
Quickbooks Monthly Pricing

5. Wave Apps

If you want something better than FreshBooks and QuickBooks, this software is good for you. Those who want to enjoy more features for free can opt for Wave Apps. Its main advantage is that the user does not have to submit any payment or credit card information. 

Offers unlimited features to manage small businesses as well as large businesses. Users can track and edit their invoices from any device. Do you know why it is so popular among users? 

Wave Apps fee and pricing

Wave has several plans that will attract users. Check out the fees and pricing below.

  • Free: Wave has 3 free plans that offer different benefits.
  • Payroll: $20 – $35/month + $6/ contractor or employee.
  • Payments: 2.9% – 3.4% + $0.60/transaction
  • Bookkeeping: $149+/month
  • Tax service: $899+/annually
  • Accounting: $329. 

Let’s check out the video guide How To Use Wave?

6. Xero 

Why did I put Xero on the list of top alternatives? Unlike FreshBooks, it will give you more than you can imagine. You may know that FreshBooks allows more than 110 app integrations, but Xero allows more than 440. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a user-friendly platform, it is also good because its interface is designed in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Xero fee and pricing

Xero has three packages with a free trial. You can choose one according to your business needs.

  • Free: 30 days free trial.
  • Starter: $25/month, invoice limitation.
  • Standard: $40/month, unlimited invoices, and other features.
  • Premium: $54/month, get Everything you want.
xero pricing plans
Xero pricing plans

7. BigTime 

The last option on my list is BigTime. It can manage multiple project accounts simultaneously with advanced features. Users can take the help of this software for both small businesses and medium businesses. 

However, you can expect much from BigTime compared to the 6 software above, especially FreshBooks. Moreover, pretty affordable packages can meet any user’s budget.

BigTime fee and pricing

In BigTime software, you will get a 14-day free trial and 3 packages.  

  • Free: 14-day free trial.
  • Express: $10/user, billed annually.
  • Pro: $30/user, billed annually.
  • Premier: $40/user, billed annually.
Bigtime Monthly Pricing
Bigtime Monthly Pricing

Final Thoughts

While FreshBooks has established itself as a go-to virtual bookkeeping solution for countless businesses, it’s not the only player in the game. Many seek alternatives to FreshBooks to harness diverse benefits and unique functionalities. With the user’s perspective at the forefront, I’ve curated a list of standout choices.

It’s worth noting that many of these alternatives not only match FreshBooks but even surpass it in aspects like pricing, features, and overall benefits. Dive into the options above, and you might just find a gem that aligns perfectly with your budget and delivers top-notch capabilities.


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