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9 AnyDesk Alternatives: Free and Paid | 2024

In a 2022 survey, a staggering 91 million Americans were given the opportunity to work either part-time or full-time from the comforts of their homes. This shift has supercharged the demand for reliable remote desktop software. While AnyDesk stands out as a popular choice, venturing into AnyDesk alternatives can provide a fresh perspective and potentially better-suited features for diverse needs.

With over 100,000 companies globally singing their praises, AnyDesk has proven its mettle, especially across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Yet, there might be some functionalities you yearn for that are found on other platforms. So, let’s dive deep and explore some of the best AnyDesk alternatives that might just be the perfect fit for your remote working needs.

What is Anydesk?

AnyDesk stands tall among the leading remote desktop applications globally. It is renowned for its seamless remote access capabilities across devices. One of its crowning features is its intuitive interface, making it a breeze for beginners to navigate. Users often express a preference for AnyDesk over other apps, citing its user-friendly design.

While there are other prominent applications out there, some fall short because of their intricate interfaces. What sets AnyDesk apart is its adaptability, particularly in remote regions with sluggish internet connections.

The application is small in size and requires less space.At first, users find it complicated.
It has a simple and intuitive interface.It is unable to work without an internet connection.
It gets automatic updates during downtime.
Users can easily transfer files.
Allows identifying the computer by custom name.
Users can use it on full-screen of computers.
Along with remote access, there are options for chatting.
Allows discovery of clients present on the local network.
Easily connect from one device to another.
Anydesk Pro and Cons

Anydesk pricing and fee

Anydesk offers several other packages, including a free package for its users. You can choose one according to your needs.

FreeN/AAllows managing 3 devices. 
Solo$10.90/month, annual billingfor managed devices up to 100.
Standard$21.90/month, annual billing
Managed devices – up to 500.
Advanced$57.90/month, annual billingManaged devices – up to 1000.
EnterpriseNot specifiedManaged devices – up to 2000.
Anydesk price comparison
anydesk alternatives
Anydesk pricing and fee

Why Do You Need an Anydesk Alternative?

AnyDesk, despite its plethora of advantages, isn’t without its drawbacks. Here are some reasons why users sometimes seek alternatives:

Limited free policy

While individual users can enjoy AnyDesk’s features for free, institutional usage comes at a cost. This often means organizations have to allocate a considerable budget for remote access.

Ambiguous Renewal Policy

Paid AnyDesk subscribers often find the renewal process to be murky. A common grievance is the last-minute renewal notice — usually dispatched just a day before the contract expiration. This can be quite a hassle for many.

Challenges with Customer Support

Feedback on AnyDesk’s customer service has been less than stellar. A cursory glance at major forums reveals a pattern of users voicing their discontent with the responsiveness and efficiency of their support team.

Given these concerns, it’s clear why some might look beyond AnyDesk for their remote desktop needs.

Top 9 Anydesk Alternatives In 2023

Here are the top 9 AnyDesk Alternatives available in 2023.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop: A Free AnyDesk Alternative

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

3. Parsec

4. Teamviewer

5. Zoho Assist

6. VNC Connect

7. RemotePC

8. GoToMyPC

9. AweSun

1. Chrome Remote Desktop: A Free AnyDesk Alternative

When on the hunt for an anydesk alternative free of charge, Chrome Remote Desktop is a strong contender. Given its myriad advantages, it comfortably earns a top spot on our list.

Designed as an extension for Chrome, you can easily integrate it into your browser. Its simplicity of use is commendable and boasts compatibility across various operating systems. However, being free, it does have some limitations – for instance, the absence of a chat option.

Chrome Remote Desktop pricing and fee:

Chrome does not launch any packages for Remote Desktop users. They have limited functionalities. So those who always find all the familiar features suitable can use it completely free.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

For those using Windows and searching for an anydesk alternative free of cost, Microsoft Remote Desktop emerges as a formidable choice. Being a no-cost application, it naturally has some functional constraints compared to AnyDesk.

Ease of setup for remote access is one of its strong suits. While Microsoft Remote Desktop offers a streamlined experience for remote connectivity, its limited features mean users might miss out on customization options.

Microsoft Remote Desktop pricing and fees:

If your computer has a Windows operating system, then use this option to set up remote access, but it does not cost you anything. Not much is even known about the application’s security plans.

3. Parsec

Parsec isn’t just a remote access software; it’s a gamer’s delight. Users can seamlessly stream games via an internet connection or even experience those streamed video games on another device.

While its primary appeal might be to gamers, professionals too have found value in its offerings. Though it follows a freemium model, the paid tier promises a slew of features that ensure good value for money. If you’re exploring an alternative to AnyDesk, especially with gaming in mind, Parsec is certainly worth a look.

Parsec pricing and fee:

Parsec offers a total of 4 plans to users that cater to the needs of individuals and professionals.

  • Free: You can choose the free plan for personal use.
  • Individuals: 8.33 USD/month per user, annual billing.
  • Teams: 30 USD/month per user, annual billing.
  • Enterprise: Users can enjoy custom features and pricing.
Parsec pricing and fee
Parsec pricing and fee (Photo Source: Parsec )

4. Teamviewer

TeamViewer stands out as a renowned alternative to AnyDesk, especially as we head into 2023. One of its standout features is the convenience of file sharing between PCs without necessitating an installation, making it versatile across various operating systems.

Not only is TeamViewer a dependable solution for remotely overseeing IT departments, but it also offers a unique way for friends to connect and interact, irrespective of the distances that separate them.

If you’re seeking a remote desktop connection AnyDesk alternative, TeamViewer undoubtedly deserves your attention.

Teamviewer pricing and fee:

It offers 3 plans for customers, especially those who want to use TeamViewer for institutional needs.

  • Free: TeamViewer is always free for personal use. For personal needs, you can connect with your friends or family for free.
  • Single User: 42.90 USD/month, annual billing (business license).
  • Multi User: 79.90 USD/month, annual billing (premium license).
  • For Teams: 164.90 USD/month, annual billing (corporate license).

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5. Zoho Assist

Recognized by many for its robust remote support capabilities, Zoho Assist emerges as an ideal solution for businesses, regardless of their size. For those seeking an affordable open-source alternative for AnyDesk that’s feature-rich, Zoho Assist stands out as a commendable choice.

Where many platforms limit users to text-based interactions, Zoho Assist takes it up a notch, enabling voice and video chat while giving control over the monitor.

Additionally, its user-friendly approach means you can access its functionalities without the need to download a separate desktop application.

Zoho Assist pricing and fees:

You can choose a plan depending on what features you want, as Zoho Assist offers several.

  • Free: No free plan exists, but you can use a 15-day free trial before moving to a paid subscription.
  • Standard: 10 USD/month, annual billing.
  • Professional: 15 USD/month, annual billing.
  • Enterprise: 24 USD/month, annual billing.
AnyDesk Review – Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

6. VNC Connect

VNC Connect secures its place on our list as a standout AnyDesk alternative, renowned for its rich array of features. Unlike many remote desktop tools, VNC Connect offers multilingual support, setting it apart in terms of accessibility.

Perfectly tailored for both personal and professional applications, VNC Connect’s efficacy is influenced by the quality of your broadband connection. However, with a robust network, its performance can outshine many of its competitors.

VNC Connect pricing and fees:

The software offers several packages to the users. You can choose a plan according to your feature needs.

  • Free: You can use the 14-day free trial to test the performance.
  • Professional: 3.39 USD/month, 16.99 USD/month for instant support.
  • Device Access: 4.59 USD/month, 33.49 USD/month for instant support.

You can also enjoy custom features and pricing.

VNC Connect pricing and fees
VNC Connect pricing and fees

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7. RemotePC

Stepping up as a formidable AnyDesk alternative, RemotePC offers secure and seamless access to multiple devices. It empowers users to connect to all their organizational devices from any location with internet connectivity.

Particularly favored by small businesses, RemotePC addresses their critical operational needs efficiently. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality, cost-effective AnyDesk substitute, RemotePC should certainly be on your radar.

RemotePC pricing and fees:

RemotePC offers several plans to suit the different needs of users. So they can choose one according to the features they want.

  • Free: You can try its 7-day free trial.
  • Consumer: 24.50 USD/year, 18.38 USD for the first year.
  • SOHO: 79.50 USD/year, 159 USD for the first year.
  • Team: 299.50 USD/year, 224.62 USD for the first year.
  • Enterprise: 599.50 USD/year, 449.62 USD for the first year.
RemotePC pricing and fees
RemotePC pricing and fees

8. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC shines as an adept AnyDesk replacement, providing seamless access to both mobile devices and desktops. It’s particularly effective for businesses of various scales. While some view its starter plan as a pricier option, the advanced features it offers justify the investment.

If you’re prepared to allocate a higher budget for top-tier functionalities, GoToMyPC should be high on your list of considerations.

GoToMyPC pricing and fees:

GoToMyPC offers three packages for customers with unique features and benefits. Choose one according to your needs.

  • Free: Start with a free trial to test the service.
  • Personal: 35.00 USD/month per computer.
  • Pro: 33.00 USD/month
  • Corporate: 28.00 USD/month.

9. AweSun

Boasting a whopping 40 million user base, AweSun isn’t just another remote access software — it’s a revolution, compatible across an array of platforms. For those scouting for a reliable and robust free alternative to AnyDesk, AweSun might just be the jewel they’re searching for.

But that’s not all! For those hungry for an unparalleled gaming experience via remote access, AweSun is a game-changer, quite literally. Widely lauded as an elite choice for both personal and professional spheres, it offers the capability to manage 3 to 5 devices, all without breaking the bank. Dive into the AweSun world, and discover the future of remote connectivity!

AweSun pricing and fees:

It offers three plans to customers that best suit your business needs.

  • Free: Users will get a free plan with more necessary features.
  • Pro: 33.35 USD/year.
  • Game: 50 USD/year.
AweSun pricing and fees
AweSun pricing and fees

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Final Reflections

And there we have it, a comprehensive journey exploring the finest AnyDesk alternatives. With a plethora of choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, after meticulous research and hands-on testing, I’ve distilled the list to these top contenders, crafted to guide your decision-making.

Each selection has been made with a keen eye on benefits, features, specifics, and value for money. If AnyDesk hasn’t hit the mark for you, rest assured, there’s a world of alternatives awaiting your exploration. Venture forth and discover a new horizon in remote connectivity!

Frequently Asked Questions About AnyDesk Alternatives

Are AnyDesk alternatives equally secure?

Security levels vary from one software to another. While many AnyDesk alternatives prioritize user security, it’s essential to research each software’s encryption standards and security protocols to ensure your data’s safety.

Why would I need an alternative if AnyDesk is already popular?

Are there free alternatives that match AnyDesk’s capabilities?

Does using an alternative mean I have to compromise on performance?

How do I determine the best AnyDesk alternative for my business?

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