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Which Ad networks can be used with Adsense?

Which Ad networks can be used with Adsense?

Which Ad networks can be used with Adsense?

Do you want to get more revenue from your website, Adsense is enough for it!, No issue, Here I am going to explain that which Ad networks can be used with Adsense, without any risk.

Adsense is the best Ad network, no doubt. If you want to earn more money, want to use other ad platform so here are some best Ad networks. I already have used these Ad networks. So I know well that you can double your earnings.

Propeller Ads:-

Propeller ads are best for beginners, who don’t get Adsense approval, Propeller ads give very fast approval and once you approved you can place ads on unlimited sites.

If any of your sites will not be compatible in term and conditions, in that situation only that particular website will be rejected for ads serving. Your account will be safe.

Very simply you can add unlimited sites in Propeller ads, you just have to put HTML code in your header for verifying and within few seconds you can put ads.

Ad types:-

There are many kinds of ads, and you can put all ads with Adsense. there 5 types of ads you can put on your sites.

  • native banner:- in the banner section, you can choose how many ads you want.
  • native subscriptions:- Its a new ad format in this industry, your users will get a popup in the corner sidebar for allowing notification, It doesn’t look like an ad.
  • one click:- I recommend you don’t use this ad on your website, once you will place this ad and click anywhere page will be landed on ads section, looks like a virus, it is not user-friendly.
  • interstitial:- it is a full page ad.
  • smart link:- Here you can make a button and place anywhere, and write anything on the button, like download game, or anything else,  if users will click on it they will land on ads section.


Once you made 100$ in your account after that amounts will be transferred in your bank account.

Quality of ads:-

Ads quality is good there is no virus on ads, I already have recommended, which is not good to use and other 4 ads are awesome.


Infolinks is the very popular Ad network in the world, most of the people already using this with Adsense.

lacs of websites are using this network, 240 million monthly unique users, and it is 3rd larget publisher marketplace. To get Approval of infolinks is a little bit difficult but lesser than Adsense. Write at least 5 unique articles before applying, they revert within 2 days.

Once you get an approval of on website after that you can send approval for other websites from the same account. You will need to approve each website for placing ads.

Ad type:-

Infolinks is just like Adsense, where you can customize your ad units, there are 5 types of ads.

  • Intext:- This ad type is very interesting, once you will active this ad code, some words in your articles will be converted in links and you can choose the colour of those links, users will never know, these are ads!
  • Infold:- it will appear in footer side during scroll the page.
  • Intag:- it is like intext format, under the article some tags with links will be shown.
  • Inframe:- 2 large banners on both sides, left and right.
  • Inarticle:- small banner/ video between the article.


Infolinks pay lower amounts just 50$.

Final words:-

I published here 2 best Ad networks, which can be used with Adsense. These both ad networks also best for beginners because of easy approval and good revenue.



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