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How to get Adsense Approval within 7 Days?

How to get Adsense Approval within 7 Days?

How to get Adsense Approval within 7 Days?

Every blogger wants to get Adsense approval, but day day it is going tougher to get approved. Today I’m going to explain some best technic That How to get Adsense Approval within 7 Days.

So let’s follow these given technics step step to Adsense approval within 7 days.

1- website language

If you want to get Adsense fast approval then write your contents in English, once you will be approved then you can use ad codes in any of languages on any websites or blogs.

2- make these pages

Google has some term and conditions, if you don’t follow those conditions you will never get approved, so make these given pages 1st.

  • about us:-  make a beautiful about us page and write proper information about you and your team.
  • Contact Us:- make a contact us page, and put your contact details, like your email I’d, contact no. and social links.
  • Disclaimer:- disclaimer page is also mandatory for Adsense approval and it is very easy to make you can use this given link and put your details in the form and submit, you will get disclaimer page for your website or blog and paste in disclaimer page. Generate Disclaimer form here.


How to get Adsense Approval within 7 Days?


  • Home:- Make a beautiful Homepage, where users can navigate on your other pages and categories.
  • Privacy Policy:- This is the last page you have to create, for generating privacy policy page you can use this link and it is very simple to make just fill your website URL and email address, don’t fill anything else. Privacy policy generator.

3- Unique Content:-

Google always maintain their quality, so if your content is not unique and are doing copy paste, or using google images, in that situation you will never get approved, write your own contents and you can use royalty free images using this link, Pixabay.

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Pixabay is the most popular website, where millions of royalty-free images are available so almost all kind of images you can find from here, and some paid images also there, if you don’t get your choice images you can use paid images.

4- Numbers of Content:-

Write at least 5 to 7 articles in 3 categories, 2 articles each category and your articles’ length should be more than 500 words. don’t forget to use heading and subheading in each article.

5- Other Ad Networks:-

There are some Ad Networks can be used along with Google Adsense but don’t use these Ad networks during Approval request and wait till revert of your request.

Once you will be approved after that you can use another network along with Google Adsense, but not all Adnetwroks can be compatible with Adsense.

Propeller Ads and Infolinks can be used with adsense without any risk.

Final words:-

Hope you like this articles, don’t forget to share this with your friends.

If you follow these steps then less than 7 days you will get Adsense approved very easily, if you need any support or any other help related to this article, feel free comment us.


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