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Best Youtube Alternatives for sharing videos to earn money

Best Youtube Alternatives for sharing videos to earn money


For beginners, youtube policy is very strict and very difficult to get monetized videos on youtube. So here are some best youtube alternatives where anyone can share and watch videos to earn money. Here I am going to explain the best alternatives for youtube, but before explaining it lets see why we should know youtube alternatives.

Till April 2017 youtube was awesome for publishers but after that, day day it is going tougher for new publishers.

When you can monetize your youtube channel?

For monetizing your youtube channel you need to achieve a task, minimum 4000hours watching duration, 1000 subscribers, no strikes of copywriting or anything else, within a year. If you are fit in this criteria then you can monetize your channel and your earning will be started.

But here are some video sharing website where you can monetize your channel after uploading your 1st video.

Dailymotion is growing very fast globally, like youtube where you can get all kind of videos easily. If you want to earn like youtube,  you can monetize after uploading your 1st video.

Features of Dailymotion which is not available on youtube:- Here you will not get a strike, so you can upload videos easily.

You can put any of videos (even which is not related to you means from any channel)  link on your blog and you will get revenue from ads.

You can share stream videos easily.

No need to verify custom thumbnails.

You can upload copywrite content without any interruption.


Revenue:- Once you reach 100$ threshold your amount will be redeemed


Those people who love and work on the games, twitch is the best platform for uploading games. here you will get broadcasting features and many more things which are not available on youtube. Twitch is not a perfect alternative to youtube but if you are a game developer you will stuck here.

like youtube you can monetize your channel and make money, here the pros and cons both options are available.


vimeo is the best video streaming alternative, here you can upload videos up to 500mb in a week, in a free account but if you want to upload more videos you can go for pro version where uploading limits will be 5GB in every week.

Check the website to get all information in details.

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