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5 Reasons to Choose Blogging as a Career

5 Reasons to Choose Blogging as a Career

5 Reasons to Choose Blogging as a Career

5 Reasons to Choose Blogging as a Career, I’m Going to explain here because I remember when, I started blogging for passive income but for a long time didn’t earn a single penny, and I was investing some amounts every month for hosting.

I started to be frustrated with this work, but when I did a lot of searches and read many successful bloggers’ success story, I realise I was wrong.

I used to publish only 3 to 4 articles in a month and I had huge expectations. like most of the beginners do.

After doing these searches I changed my mood and now I work for passion. I don’t expect money But I earn more than my expectations.

So guys if you are a beginner and really want to make a bright career in this field, So let’s see some goodness of this work what we can’t get any otherwhere.

1- Work Freedom:-

Hope you have worked somewhere as an employee and you know well work timing of 9 to 5 and 6 days a week.

But in blogging, there is no time to work as per your comfort you can work at any time day or night. If you want to take a rest for the whole day you can.

Here is the freedom to go anywhere across the world and work from anywhere, when you feel free.

2- Being more popular on social media:-

If you work as a blogger you will get more followers and fans on social media, and of course, you will work on it for blogging profit. So if you will more followers you will get more popular on social media and along with you, your website will be more visible on social media.

3- Earn money from many different sources:-

basically, in the job, we get the only salary once in a month, but in blogging, we get money from many different sources and many times a month.

yes, you heard correctly, a blogger earn from Adsense, affiliate marketing, sale pdf and books, and many bloggers also work some freelance platform where they get much different work, to earn money via PayPal.

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4- Opportunity to learn new things:-

In jobs, we don’t get much time to learn new things daily but in the blogging career, we learn many new things daily.  When we work and face any troubles we find those things and learn something new.

5- Bloggers never get a boar:-

Sometimes we feel boring in Traditional jobs but we work for salary and promotions, But we never get boar in blogging.

It is a very interesting profession globally, millions of people working on this platform and they are happier than a traditional job.

Other than these all things you bloggers can faster than a job, that’s why more people are working here.

this work will never be slow down because day day Google and other search engines will get more searches.

today everyone has a cell phone where they can use the internet, and most of the people search one internet to anything, it is easier to ask someone.

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